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Please be patient with the site appearance as it undergoes design updating this morning.

UPDATE: three hours later, all done, interspersed with some gardening chores (also) accomplished.

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  1. Kini says:

    Something funny to watch while you’re getting back online

    1. -S- says:

      Ha, even theatre can’t contort Obama into believable…

      “Critics say my ideas are too grand…” (err, something like that in the video)…

      Which is ^^ just about the last thing anyone observing the Obama Administration would ever say about Barack Obama’s ideas, ideals and/or goals.

      Also, it’s quite a Boogey-Man Ploy Obama uses with that “I avoided economic ruin for the country” line. It’s like saying he’s responsible for preventing the collision of the local gradeschool with the Planet Neptune. Whew, that was close!.

      P.S.: thanks for the link and for stopping by during my site’s downtime, which I’m expecting is now over.