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Problems on the internet with unwanted or offensive contact is a well-known experience, unfortunately.

In some cases — the issue of “bullying” has arisen lately in media — strangers create entire websites to threaten, harass, gossip about and demean someone or ones they target; these sites are impossible to understand as to why anyone would be quite so disturbed as to take such an action about others: it’s use of the internet to bully others, and very often relies upon false allegations about others for purposes of attempting to defame someone’s reputation or falsely identify a group of persons with beliefs that they do not maintain. It’s cruel, unusual, and entirely irresponsible behavior, usually written under assumed veil of user names and I.D.’s via proxies and using blogging sites that allow publishing that is anonymous to the public.

Worse, some of those problems include content — visual and written — that implies or directly threatens violence, all of that disgusting.

It is those latter situations that I write about today: in this particular case, the harassing content and actions by the following individual (and his “sockpuppets'” and/or his
“associates'” accounts — there appear to have been many in use) using, primarily, twitter. com, has affected most of us among the Conservative and/or Republican and/or Tea-Party-supportive citizens who use twitter. As to the related, harassing sites that spin-off from this, it has affected many a voter on the Right and Middle who has been targeted by this deplorably offensive harassment, as also, horribly, also family members including children.

The activity by this now-identified person (“Neal Rauhauser”) on twitter (and from other sites on the internet used to advance his twitter bad-deeds) has attempted to damage many a twitter user and, in other words, his activities have not been minor nor isolated to a mere few but have, indeed, been threatening, damaging and traumatizing to the general public:

Mr. Rauhauser, based upon his droppings all over twitter and the internet on various websites (identified later in this article), outed as responsible for infectious accounts (malware, trojan program infected profile/s on his many accounts as also his “associates”) on and disgustingly insane user of the internet — who was also a “consultant” to the Democratic Party and now hired by the Democrats. Does the DNC want to go all-out in being insane, disgusting, desperately despicable and infectious with all sorts of bad things to anyone hapless enough to stop by and try to read along with what they’re offering? If not, there’s no explanation for-to-hire-or-associate with any such person as Rauhauser, based upon what has been evidenced by Rauhauser as to the depths of his depraved postings, his (and/or sockpuppet accounts’ and/or associates’) disgusting attacks on other people — including children — and his efforts to demean and disparage the Tea Party as to group intent and objectives.

The story:

**WARNING** Extremely offensive content evidenced in video.

Please read other blogs who offer more about this story, starting with the post by Robert Stacy McCain on THE OTHER McCAIN:

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I watched a great deal of this depraved behavior by Mr. Rauhauser on twitter until I couldn’t stand the disgusting crud any longer — and saw in realtime how some of the children of my twitter “friends” were verbally threatened and those friends hideously abused…

So Mr. Rauhauser — among others — is now organizing within the Democratic Party (and from other websites, also related to that) to continue the online harassment of the American public. Rauhauser’s behavior as also any webite — any website — and any organization, Democratic Party, Democratic candidates included — that is depraved to the degree that they’d associate with this deranged behavior by Rauhauser, well, it’s difficult to understand just to what degree some people are this disturbed.

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