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Following quotes are from Star Parker’s remarkable speech at a recent Tea Party Rally in Beverly Hills, CA.

Via (view video of Parker’s speech).

“Traditional values, limited government, free markets and a strong national defense…

“Traditional values because choice loses it’s meaning if it doesn’t matter what you chose.

“Limited government because the role of government is to protect private property and personal pursuits, not to exploit them or to plunder them.

“Free markets because profit is not only good, it’s moral. And without it, we don’t have the capital to invest in tomorrow’s inventions to create jobs.

“And a strong national defense because true justice is a rule of law that promotes civility and peace by judging tyrants and violators.


“Today I run an operation and organization in Washington, D.C. We look at market-based solutions to fight poverty and to help the poor realize their dream, but we have been hindered in our work because of this new Administration and those that are abusing the power of government that hold seats of power in Congress.

“I believe the…redistribution model of power unacceptable in a country so free, so rich and so bursting with opportunity.

“It is not only unacceptable it is inconsistent with our Constitution, which is based in freedom and personal responsibility.

“And it is a violation of the Scripture.

“The Tenth Commandment says, ‘Thou shalt not covet.’

And redistribution — Socialism — is rooted in covetousness: somebody has something somebody else doesn’t have so we go hire politicians that take it from them. That’s theft.


“There are now too many people in the wagon and not enough pulling it. What we need to do is encourage people to get out of the wagon.”


“I’ve dedicated my life to finding solutions to fight poverty so that the vulnerable can live free.

“When we think about what has happened with the engineering of the social welfare state in this country that those who now hold political power in Washington are trying to bring to the rest of the nation, we can look in any inner city or rural community to see where we are going if we don’t stop the hemorrhaging now.

“(Before this political process began in the Sixties that) targeted the Black community and started this social engineering…Black families were intact: seventy-eight percent of husbands were in their homes with their wives, raising their children.

“Today the out-of-wedlock birth rate in Black American is seventy-two percent. And when family life collapsed, the community collapsed and created what we call a Tragedy of the Commons.

“And these ideas of the Left’s Secular Socialism are equal opportunity destroyers.

“And if you look at what happened to the majority community, the White community’s out-of-wedlock birth rate during those same Sixties was three percent — today it is thirty-three percent.

“We can no longer go on against our core principles.”

Read Star Parker’s Columns at Townhall.

Visit Star Parker’s organization, CURE (Center for Urban Renewal and Education).

Visit and support Star Parker’s election to the U.S. House of Representatives this November 2nd from California’s 37th District.

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