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RINO Revenge threatens hopes of GOP Senate Majority
– by Dean Chambers

…Now the mud merchants are digging and digging and digging for any more dirt they can find on Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. The mud they found before the primary didn’t stick, so the RINOs and their willing accomplices in the drive-by media have to find more. Let’s be clear about this. EVERYONE has baggage of some kind, scandals or personal shortcoming or mistakes made in life that could be trumped up in a political campaign to be MADE to look serious enough to question someone’s character and/or integrity. If we disqualify our candidates because they are the least bit short of being Jesus Christ himself, we will have no candidates to vote for. But it doesn’t work that way; Democrats are held by a vastly lower standard by the drive-by media.

Did someone DIE riding in Chritine O’Donnell’s car? Did she plagiarize a British politician? Did she get caught with 70,000 cold cash literally in her freezer? NO. NONE of those things. Those were all scandals of Democrats who failed to resign or be bounced out of office for those scandals. If O’Donnell did something like that, let’s hear about it. Otherwise, the rest of this tripe is a waste of our time. I refuse to mention the latest O’Donnell dirt. If you’re that hard up and have to know try Google.

The facts of Chappaquiddick establish that the late Senator Ted Kennedy was clearly guilty of vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of the crime if not a strong manslaughter charge for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Because of the cover-up his family’s money bought, he was a serious candidate for the presidency 11 years later in 1980. Joe Biden, running for president, blatantly plagiarized former British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock. He repeatedly got re-elected senator from Delaware and ran for president again in 2008, eventually being elected Vice President. And the cold cash man was Congressman William Jefferson of New Orleans. Caught red handed by the feds, the Democrats in Congress refused to expel him from the House. Only by close election did the voters toss him out in the next election. (— Continued).

Many of us on the Right have experienced the mud-slinging that ensues when any of us has and does veer away (if not run oppositional to) the specific statements maintained by people in established positions: elected office (the careerists in the government jobs) and the media that is an aspect of their grip on public opinion. If you write contradictions or about information that is perceived as not being towing their line/s, or, moreso, disagrees with any of their positions, the result is the predictable smearing on the internet and in other media by talking heads, other websites, groups among the federally-funded and/or political-action-committee-funded kind and generally a lot of nasty gossip.

It’s no longer unusual to me — which isn’t to say that it will ever be viewed by me to be acceptable — but that’s the way many a human being functions: offense is the best defense so they seek to destroy/discredit whoever they think is getting attention that just might deplete the focus on the established, or big site or whomever maintains that sense of power they don’t want depleted. What crosses the line is differences quickly become perceived as enemy positions, differences of opinions and views among people who mostly, generally agree quickly becomes an attempt to destroy the other.

The Tea Party in general has been very, very difficult for established politicos to even understand. Thus, candidates surging in voter support and popularity who have emerged from a good amount of Tea Party enthusiasm for them — as they represent views held by many a Tea Partier — have been difficult for establishsed politicos to understand, and that includes many of the “bigger bloggers” who maintain an elevated position on the internet (among both political degrees, Right and Left) and are accustomed to being snarky and condescending toward others (among both political degrees) because they can.

If you rock their popularity (write about views that run contrary to theirs, even if your views are “more” Right or “more” Left than theirs), you are attempted to be squashed like a bug. “Squashed like a bug” can involve being banned, having posts written defaming you as an individual, referring to you as an individual by way of some pejorative “special term” or all of that.

As someone on the Right, a Conservative here, I think it’s a reasonable statement to write that about 80% of that just described — the “squashing of” others — that 80% of that or thereabouts is done by the Left about the Right. But the Right has it’s squashers, too, and many a Conservative has experienced that bad behavior from among the Right as to issues and, indeed, it hurts more when it comes from the Right than from the Left: the Left, you expect it, can easily dismiss it, but from the Right, it’s a social experience I can only equate, hypothetically, as being excluded from your high school class or showing up at a Prom and no one will dance with you, everyone walks away and takes a big wagon that they tell the driver not to let you board even if you’ve paid for a ticket.

The Tea Party from the start has been a dividing involvement and association for many of us from the Right, and, mostly, a dividing involvement from the established political operation that carries on election after election via a party with which we register, that urges “followers” that it’s either one or the other.

So, it’s either one or the other or Independent and those Independents are growing in number because of what I’ve just described: being “squashed like a bug” by political classes and prevented from boarding a wagon — these are illustrations only, so, please, what I mean is as to events that feel like that.

When you don’t find friendship or moments of mutuality, you disengage, go throw your own Prom, rent your own wagon, invite other people, graduate anyway and let that other class do what they want while you do something else: register Independent (maybe), go draw a sign and attend a Tea Party to show it and meet others who’ve done likewise, because that other wagon has already left and didn’t offer you a seat, or, perhaps also, you didn’t want to board it after giving it a second going over.

Christine O’Donnell‘s win of the GOP candidacy in Delaware for the U.S. Senate election is evidence of that, as is Joe Miller’s in Alaska and as is Marc Rubio‘s in Florida, among others: they’re people other people think are being more responsive to issues as to government and who are speaking on behalf the elected and not on behalf of what they’re prescribed to via party association. Time will tell if they can and do what they are offering — speak on behalf of those who brung them versus what party politicos and the career politicians who populate that bunch — but for now, it is well worth the effort and opportunity of many of us voters to go with the real person with real wins and losses in their lives than with the candidates run through a media-machine and come out clean as a whistle but eking of a mess.

I don’t mind that Christine O’Donnell had bad debts in her life, that she took “ten years to pay off her student loans” — as Karl Rove said in criticizing O’Donnell recently, echoed by many a Libertarian-Liberal among the GOP who thinks likewise — and/or claims to have had very bad associations for a few years “in high school.”

What I do mind is the many on the Right (at least who claim to be there) who use these personal foibles in her life as somehow exclusionary aspects, like she’s not worthy a seat on their wagon.

At this rate, it’s their wagon and them on it that is the problem for many a U.S. voter. I’d gladly walk with O’Donnell (or Rubio or Miller or many a Tea Partier) and likely enjoy the conversation along the way than I would ride with any ole’ RINO or Leftwinger screaming solidarity on their wagon.

Aerial photograph from August 28, 2010, Washington, D.C., “Restoring Honor” Rally organized by Glenn Beck, attended by Sarah Palin and many others, including hundreds of thousands of Tea Partiers who got to D.C. on their own steam or watched the Rally by many hundreds of thousands more via the internet, live, or later taped rebroadcast on Fox News.

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