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One Christian guy in Florida, Mr. Terry Jones, who is the pastor of a small church (membership is fifty persons) declares he’s going to burn copies of the Koran/Quran this Saturday, September 11, 2010 (the upcoming anniversary of the Nation of Islam’s terrorist attacks upon the U.S. on September 11, 2001 — which is the point of Pastor Jones’ Quran-burning ceremony, to express his individual disdain for Islam and their responsibilities for 9/11), and today Muslims the world over are burning U.S. flags and screaming “death to America” and “death to Christians” to add to their litany of death-to threats upon other human beings, namely “the Joooos” and the U.S.

Nothing’s been burned (yet), no Christians have rioted in the streets of Florida (or anywhere else), but today Muslims are rioting at the mere idea that this fellow in Florida may burn copies of the Quran and objects to Islam (for reasons he explains). Pastor Jones plans his ceremony for Saturday, to burn books owned by him on his own property. Nothing illegal there but certainly contrarian as to the objects he plans on burning. But nothing life-threatening, no humans used as objects to destroy, nothing threatened upon the public.

And, lo, though this has not yet occurred, Muslims today are rioting. Muslims rioting and destructing property, threatening others…what else is new?

What else is new? As in, what do Muslims do on a seemingly perpetual basis the world over, in response to ideas, suggestions, crickets chirping or the wind blowing? They riot, they maim, they burn things down and blow things up — including themselves and other human beings — they murder, maim, stone people (including other Muslims), disfigure, destroy, they ruin archaeological records and defame Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, they demand, they demand, they demand special conditions, special arrangements, special (and separatist) rooms, fixtures, clothing, bypass of laws, they are even now demanding that time itself be readjusted to Islam — reset your watches, lower your eyes, don’t complain or you’ll be stoned, maimed, destroyed, your family will be ruined, your opportunities depleted, the President will go before the world and ridicule you…

Making matters far worse, many a politician and even General Patraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, spoke out to condemn Pastor Jones’ plans, claiming that this lone act by this lone fellow and all fifty of his massive congregation would cause upset to Muslims:

Gen. David Petraeus said he is outraged by the pastor’s decision to burn the Quran, which, he said, could “endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here.”

“It puts our soldiers in jeopardy very likely,” he told ABC News Tuesday. “And I think, in fact, images from such activity could very well be used by extremists here and around the world.”

Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Jack Keane, an adviser to Petraeus, called it “outrageous” and “insulting to Muslims.”

“It’s also insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what their commitment is to this country and to the Muslims in this country,” Keane told ABC News.

Patraeus — and his adviser — were wrong to speak out as they did and them doing so as they did in this regard represents a weak position of leadership.

Additionally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims “it’s disgraceful” though the Saturday-Quran-burning hasn’t happened yet, Barack Obama predictably decries it (going so far as to proclaim, “call it off” in contradiction to his Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution), Atorney General Eric Holder of course eagerly lurches forward to condemn Americans yet again (Mr. Jones is “idiotic” so claims Holder-the-Coward), the FBI issues a foreboding warning that “retaliation” is “likely” (retaliation has already begun though the Quran-burning hasn’t happened yet).

Even Sarah Palin jumps in claiming the Saturday Quran-burning is “unnecessary provocation“. At least Palin made a point beyond reiterating the obvious but my contention is with all these public persons using Mr. Jones’ lone plans which has fanned the issue into one of international proportions.

To Palin’s credit, she did add the following remarks which, I anticipate, are unfortunately lost on the Nation of Islam:

“People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation — much like building a mosque at Ground Zero,” said the former Alaska governor.

Any act is provocative to Islam. The point being that the Quran-burning for Saturday by Mr. Jones and his fifty church-goers is merely another incident whereby anything done contrary to Islam’s dictatorial suppression — if not also their condemnation and destruction — of human beings is cause by Islam to maim, destroy, riot and destruct in various doles of the same goal: to destroy others.

Muslims don’t need “provocation” even the “unnecessary” sort, they are provoked because of their ideology, not by the rest of us and that’s the key point that these politicians and celebrities (and certainly Barack Obama) refuse to admit.

What has made things worse is these various politicians and individuals chiming in, as if in service to the suppression itself: their naysaying of this one incident (that hasn’t happened yet) by this one individual and all fifty of his church group has taken an isolated incident (that hasn’t happened yet) (and that doesn’t harm human life nor threaten it) and promoted it into one of international proportions. I question the mismanagement involved to point out the obvious.

Angelina Jolie “condemns it” in a moving performance with her head duly covered. The Vatican says it’s “outrageous” though “it” hasn’t happened yet, people all over the internet scribe condemnations as to “Christians” somehow harming Muslims, yet no Muslims have been taken into slavery, no Muslims have been stoned, no Muslims have been butchered and harassed, no Christians nor Christianity as a theology has called for any of these deeds, yet these are deeds commonly engaged in by Islam the world over and have been by Islam for centuries now.

Christian nuns and other Christian missionaries have been butchered in South America by Muslims after cartoons of Mohammad were published in Denmark, Christian priests and ministers (and their churches) have been profaned by Muslims using them as latrines and then destroying them, children in many a Western country are taken into slavery by Muslims and sexually abused wretchedly while children, Buddhists have been slain and their artifacts destroyed by Muslims, not to mention the ongoing slaughter efforts waged by Islam upon “the Jooooos”.

The list of “outrage” by Muslims as they claim they are “provoked” is endless and their deeds under those claims are beyond humanity’s standards of acceptable behaviors. Yet here we have people in leadership positions marginalizing this lone Mr. Jones and his fifty followers in Florida while not speaking out against the depravity of Islam.

About that depravity, it is a deceit to claim that there are such persons as “moderate Muslims”. The ideology of Islam is extreme; thus, there are extreme Muslims when conditions run parallel to what their ideology advises of them. Some people associated with Islam may go about their lives daily as observed by our Western civilization, behaving “moderately,” but given the conditions, they do, indeed, act-out and “go off” or switch-on as per what their beliefs advise them to do.

So the ideology itself is extreme, the body of beliefs is beyond reason. To claim Islam is “a religion of peace” is obviously, as proven time and again, not the truth — burning the U.S. flag and yelling “death to America” over one guy in Florida planning to burn copies of the Quran is an excessively, irrational reaction by Islam. How many human deaths and horrors must be committed by Muslims to prove to hapless politicians that this is so? Worrying about “upsetting Muslims” is beyond the pale — they are already upset and thus, they associate with an aberrant, “upset” ideology. And, worse, if questioning that ideology for obvious reasons, are too threatened by that ideology to depart from it.

Recurring from yesterday, Muslims burn the U.S. flag and threaten the very existence of America (yelling, “death to America”). Has Barack Obama come forth with an emergency press conference and “condemned” that? No, no he has not. Have any of these other politicians or celebrities (or the Vatican) condemned that? No, no they have not.

Being one who services evil does not assist the good — and in my individual opinion, Islam is, indeed, evil and not a religion but a dictatorial governmental entity. One cannot advise as to assume weakness and engage in an appeasement process with cretinous, irrational people nor their organizations and not be a part of (or, “in service to”) that evil.

Mr. Jones in Florida would have come and gone this Saturday with his burning of his copies of the Quran and his “protest” would have remained the isolated, local, lone act it is planned to be, per Mr. Jones’ statements about those plans. Enter many a hapless, careless if not reckless politician, celebrity and otherwise, and you have an ongoing excuse to exploit media yet again by Islam, aided and abetted by people easing their vanity while assisting this corrupt process called Islam.

I don’t think Mr. Jones’ plans make sense within Christian theology. However, they are not “idiotic” they are understandable from an American citizen perspective. He’s using his own property without threatening his neighbors or other people’s lives and/or property.

So although I object from a Christian perspective, I understand what he’s planning from a human perspective as to the symbolism of what he’s planned. It may be crude but it’s certainly not “unprovoked”.

Closing decision: bow to Islam’s ongoing “outrage” by assuming blame or advise Islam that they are responsible for their behavior, not anyone else.

I favor the latter.


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Obama just called the Koran burning a “Hate Crime” — funny how he notices 200 Muslims protesting 4,000 miles away, but ignored a Million Tea Partiers less than four miles from his home.


They protest buring of the Koran by burning something else. The funny thing is, no one has actually (burned) any Koran’s yet. What hypocrites.

So basically if you even say you will burn the Koran, they burn a Bible, an American flag, and then go beat their wife/cousin until she runs away, then they label her an (adulterer) and stone her to death. What great religion and a greater society. Or a bunch of heathens (whose) most sophisticated weapon is in fact a stone.