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Take a look at that poll: if Glenn Beck runs for President — he says he isn’t, but just consider that if he did — he’d win by a whopping, huge percentage over Barack Obama, should Obama run for re-election or ever (meaning, there’s little support for Obama in the Presidency, now or ever again).

Americans — in increasing numbers as to speaking out about government — want people in public office who have both common sense and approachability; meaning, people who are accountable to Americans as individuals, to individuals. The whole “by party/establishment” process is no longer popular but not only no longer popular but no longer functional: it just doesn’t work, it (as those involved in it) have become by high numbers in their ranks people dedicated to their own group-think even when it is highly unpopular to the voters.

Worse, many times the voters themselves are the targets of ridicule if not abuse by such persons-and-party in public office (and their supporters such as they are), displaying an organized and organizational presumption upon We The People that is disgusting to our concept of what being a U.S. citizen is all about.

That explains Barack Obama’s disconnect from the voter-reality as it also explains the Democrat majority in today’s Congress in their (both, all) ongoing lecturing to the American people about what will be while denigrating, ridiculing, what is and what is expected to the contrary. And, as it explains the ongoing and growing frustration by Americans in the Middle and Right who are fed-up with a Leftwing profile to the Republican Party.

Allow me to bring this ‘home’ for this and the next paragraph: when certain “social issues” are the talk of the internet — usually motivated by the Left Congress (includes RINOs there) trying to wedge more taxes through by affixing to that some social issue that is controversial — and controversial because many Americans refute the issue from a variety of perspectives.

When sharing my, individual belief about that (whatever) issue, I’ve received a great deal of nasty snarls about me on a personal level and worse, by people who claim to be associated with the Republican Party (which does not excuse the expected snarling from the Left, that’s a given).

The people snarling from the Republican Party, so as they claim association, do so as Liberals pushing whatever social issue is up for debate and doing so in relatively same fashion as the Left: ridiculing any Conservative or even Moderate as their positions on issues that might dampen the Leftwing drift (if not endoresement) by Liberals-as-Republicans. Liberal-as-Republican or Liberal-as-Democrat (or, Liberal-as-Libertarian), the thing is, they’re still Liberal, they’re still advocating a Leftwing position that attacks Conservatives and Moderate beliefs.

Which returns me to Glenn Beck’s popularity (not that I compare myself to him, but my experiences are similar on issues and positions presented on certain social issues — if not also, then, political issues):

He’s popular because he’s courageous in presenting what he believes, curious enough to investigate his own questions and willing to ask others what their opinions and knowledge of issues are with the opportunity to modify himself and his information accordingly. Or not.

Meaning — as to that “or not” — that, once informed — even self-informed, which seems anathema to the top-down party-group-isolated people — one either reinforces one’s hunches with more knowledge and information or one revises the original opinions after both.

America loves Glenn Beck as the majority of us love the Tea Party movement: because it’s us working to solve our problems. Industry simply means that: energy expended to produce a beneficial result. When it’s the individual doing so, and the results benefit a good person, an accountable, decent, honest person — Glenn Beck comes to mind here what with his life story (and one I can associate with and understand) — then those beneficial results build outward by influence. To the contrary, when that beneficial result to that one person associate with that party-loyalist, it’s the party that benefits while the nation is oftentimes ridiculed. Just like the so-called “Republicans” who ridicule me on social issues as a Conservative, as, unfortunately, some of them are ridiculing the success of the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates. And why the party-hardy party-loyalists are utterly missing why Sarah Palin is so influential to the nation’s voters, but that’s for another thread.

P.S.: Congrats to Christine O’Donnell!

P.P.S.: Contrary to what DNC-head, Tim Kaine, says, there is no “civil war in the GOP;” however — there is an ongoing demand from the Right and the Middle for the GOP to represent less government, less Liberalization of the GOP by party platform and candidates, less voting by the GOP in support of the Left’s/Democrats’ ongoing march toward legislation about everything, usually to grab more taxpayer money, while eradicating taxpayer options both simple and grand; no “civil war” but more voter activism with the expectation that we will get results for this nation that discount the Leftwing ruin by both Democrat and RINO alike, both, Liberals.


(NOTE: I’m not keen on linking to or sharing POLITICO articles, but this following one at least announces the news, however the predictable word-barbs placing the GOP underfoot…) (same with the WAPO link that follows the Politico link, but, here they are):

Christine O’Donnell, Delaware winner, bashes ‘cannibalism’
– by Mike Allen, September 09, 2010

Christine O’Donnell upsets Mike Castle in Delaware Senate primary
– by Chris Chillizza, Washington Post, September 15, 2010

Last night was just the beginning…
– by Glenn Beck, September 15, 2010

=> SCROLL, SEE RIGHT HAND COLUMN < = Glenn Beck wins U.S. Presidency by a landslide vs. Barack Obama, September 15, 2010 Tea Party favorites win GOP primaries in Delaware, New York
– by the CNN Wire Staff, September 15, 2010

Local Tea Party: “We’re Not Trying to be a Third Party”
– by Tom Dempsey, September 15, 2010

…Members of the Tea Party say they are feeling their influence grow as Election Day gets closer.

However, some groups say they are anti-establishment and too radical for America right now.

While results went in the Tea Party’s favor Tuesday night, Democratic Party chief and former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine says there is a “civil war” brewing between Republicans and the Tea Party.

“We don’t want to have a third party. Third parties have notoriously failed just about every time they have ever been tried,” says Scott Batten.

He says overtaking both the Republican and Democratic parties is not the Tea Party’s goal.

“We just want to get the GOP to go back to what their basic foundations were. It doesn’t matter where the new blood comes from. We don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. It’s going back to the original Constitution that we are interested in,” adds Batten. (— Continued).

The Crash, Obama and the Disappearing Dem Majority
– by David Paul Kuhn, September 15, 2010

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