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Many a speech and statement otherwise by Barack Obama capture him proclaiming to any and all how we/they/you should have your money spent for you. By Obama. He knows how your money “ought to” be used and it isn’t up for debate: he’ll decide, not you.

We could simply say he’s a madman or crass Marxist but that’s letting Obama off too easily. Because what Obama is is a snarly dictator who wants you to feel sorry for him — if not “feel his pain” (too) — because deep down, he protects and preserves his unhealed wounding: resentments about all that he assumes he should be given that he wasn’t or isn’t now and why it is he’s going to persist in grabbing what he thinks is his due, and don’t you try to stop him (or, say, “the Republicans” don’t, or John Boehner, Obama’s latest target of jealousy and resentment).

Don’t say “no” to the hungry Obama. Don’t assume your money belongs to you. Don’t tell Obama he has to do any work – as in, actual labor, not labor as in “union organizing” — because Obama’s resentment fuels his greed and justifies to him his presumptions upon the individual: everyone owes him. Thus, numerous, ongoing vacations aren’t a problem to Obama (don’t you dare tell him ‘no’), gluttony isn’t a problem to him (don’t you dare tell him ‘no’), snarky, disrespectful snipes at other persons isn’t a problem to him (don’t you dare tell him ‘no’)…your money isn’t a problem to him because, you know, he deserves it, he deserves your money, he’s smart, you aren’t, he won, elections matter.

From Parma, Ohio, yesterday, Barack Obama used an audience of “young voters” (high-school and college-age persons) to wage his political theatre. I felt sorry for the audience despite their somewhat tepid applause because they clearly were listening closely while being enitrely misled by a man who does not have their best nor this nation’s best interests at heart. No, instead, he has his own political ideas at heart and they are contrary to what is best for this nation’s future, including those young voters’.

Obama said:

I…believe that government should do better for people what they cannot do for themselves.

Dreadfully, hidden in that rendition of false-piety is the pivotal point — unrevealed by Obama in any direct fashion but perceptible if you pay close attention to what he formulates: the pivotal point to Obama is that he, his, determine what is “better for people” and “what they cannot do for themselves.”

If you remove possibilities and prevent opportunities, much of what is possible (“can be done for themselves”) disappears. And Obama deems himself the guy to remove those possibilities and prevent those opportunities by various rigging here and there of the economic, legislative kind.

If a man with a business can “only” hire union workers for the jobs the business needs doing, then that erases opportunities and possibilities of development for many an American. It benefits Obama’s plans of controlling what opportunities exist and how for whom and it levels possibilities to a one-note dictatorial hand: his.

Because Barack Obama with other Democrats’ at his bidding has made that control mechanism as to “union only” hires a law recently. If you are in college or are a recent graduate with student loans and are not a member of a union, tough, no job for you at a higher wage in construction for a summer or longer. Obama knows better than you how much money you deserve to earn and at what wage, he won, elections matter.

Obama said:

…that means providing a hand up for middle class families.

If you’ve declared yourself in Obama’s favored, protected class (the “middle class”), you’re safe because Obama’s going to better manage your money for you, he knows best, he’ll take care of it, he’ll make sure you have the opportunities he thinks you should have, he won, elections matter.

Obama said:

…that’s what we Democrats believe, a vibrant free market and an opportunity for everybody.

But, wait a minute, he just said he’d provide a “hand up for (the) middle class families,” so what about the poor, the wealthy, the in-between who end-up after expenses and taxes having less of their money in their pocket than the “middle class”? Obama’s not concerned about you, especially if you’re deemed to be outside “the middle class” by Obama and particularly not if he’s assumed you are “wealthy,” then you get the penalties. Not in a union? You, too, get shut-out from Obama.

The “wealthy” are generally the “class” that create jobs for others. That means, a poor person and most in the “middle class” are not the people who create the jobs (nor pay the benefits) that the rest of us Americans need to survive. But aside from this critical point, what-who-owns-is-not-Obama’s-business, nor his property to control or penalize. His entire frame of reference as to intruding by some entitlement privilege he assumes to posses is indecent.

All these wishy-washy subjective terms by Obama push his Marxism assumptions: people are not individuals, they/we are “classes”. We are “classes” based upon the money in our pockets — private property, not his property — that he deems is his right to control and “redistribute” if he doesn’t care for how you manage what you own. He’s President, he’ll decide what you do with your money, what you “deserve” to own or not.

Just don’t expect any admissions of fault from Obama, he’s not responsible for anything that’s created what he’s, uhhh, he’s created: he’s assumed the Presidency — done you a favor — he’s ready-to-rule, you among the “classes” are his audience, listen to the lecture, don’t you dare tell him ‘no’.


Obama firm, won’t yield on tax hike for wealthiest
– by Julie Pace and Tom Raum, September 09, 2010

Shouldn’t that headline read, “Obama incompetent…”?

Tri-C students recruited to fill the seats for Obama’s appearance
– September 08, 2010

Obama Added More to National Debt in First 19 Months Than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined, Says Gov’t Data
– by Terence P. Jeffrey, September 08, 2010

( – In the first 19 months of the Obama administration, the federal debt held by the public increased by $2.5260 trillion, which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan. (— Continued).

Boehner Calls for 2-Year Freeze on All Tax Rates
September 08, 2010

(Boehner speaks admirably about “doing this together” [Republicans in Congress with the Obama Administation resolving our national deficit and decreasing taxation] hours prior to Obama’s tasteless snarls in Ohio (above referenced) attempting to blame Boehner for Obama’s problems.)

President, Boehner Step Up Battle of Barbs
September 09, 2010

(After Obama’s immature blame-fest in Ohio, Boehner responds.)


The Left ramps-up their emergency panic nomenclature about the Boogey-Man Republicans, Politico refers to Republicans, Americans, as (a) “ravenous base”.

To the Left, Americans are “ravenous” when we object to the massively burgeoned national debt and other irrational greed created by their wonder, Barack Obama and the Nancy Pelosi Swamp and Harry Reid BigSink.

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