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VIDEO: Town Hall Questioner To Obama: “I’m Exhausted Of Defending You”
– Real Clear Politics, September 20, 2010

INSERT/UPDATE: an individual who tweets (anonymously, of course) to and about me, maligning me with their allegation that I am “ridiculing the disabled” by describing Barack Obama with the term (accurately, as per my observations of BO) as “mentally retarded” (headline, this post); note that I describe Barack Obama as he, himself, proving he, himself to be “mentally retarded” so there is no use by me of that term in a pejorative sense but only in a descriptive sense — he does reinforce time and time again about himself that he isn’t functioning with an entirely up-to-average mental capacity; my use of that term in his regard is, again, not pejoratively but in an effort to accurately describe whatevertheheck is negatively affecting his functional and integral capabilities in the Presidency. The last people on the planet that I would ever want to nor will “ridicule” are those with disabilities.

Here he is proving that he was born in Dumbass and is insipid — also, not familiar with (or, perhaps, dismissive of) the U.S. Constitution, particularly with the Declaration of Independence — as he presumes he is of royal personage present to dole out (“reward”) certain individuals using the public’s money (that means, the money isn’t his and note that he never relates any permission granted to him to “redistribute” other people’s money). But the woman may want to buy a pair of shoes, his acknowledgement of her tiny, meager presence, lo, though he “wants to reward” that.

The most emergent aspect to Obama’s wandering avoidance non-response response to this woman’s statement (she is “tired of defending [him]”) is how desperately he maintains his non-response to the point she’s made: he is indefensible, though likely she voted for him due to the color of his skin and hers, the public realizes that by this point, and now reality has sunk in to her that despite the appeal of skin color (his and hers), the man she voted for is indefensible because he’s, well, he’s a dumbass, he’s wrong, he’s a big-talker non-starter dumbass.

The hard copy news about Barack Obama is that he is very much out of touch with reality. He presumes to “reward” some individuals (that he selects, his whim, his wave of his hand, his attitude, his desire) while violating, yet again and again, that Oath of Office he supposedly swore to (“to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…” — it doesn’t say anything about any individuals being “rewarded” because a President selects them for “reward,” it says (from our Declaration of Independence, since incorporated into our Constitution):

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…

God (“Creator”) bestows the equal provision, no rights flow from any President, nor ever should. Even when it’s a new pair of shoes a woman may want in her humble servitude in the eyes of a rankly spoiled little brat in the U.S. Presidency such as Barack Obama.

VIDEO: Obama: “Even If I Was Purple” People Would Be Frustrated
– Real Clear Politics, September 20, 2010

Shhhh…don’t rock the cradle and wake Baby Obama from his egomaniacal speech, let the Baby Obama remain clueless to reality, shhhh, don’t speak harshly or raise your voice or wake him from his land of spoiled unicorns and clueless rainbows, shhhh…

Nay, let the Baby Obama roam in his dreams of himself as spotless amidst a world of spotted, speckled bad Capitalists, leave the Baby Obama to his basketball and golf imaginings where his stature grows minute-by-minute into a giant sports figure who just may sign you an autograph and ask you to thank him, shhhh…

Oh, look, he’s waking! He begins his cry for more attention again: the world is spotted and speckled and does not recognize his magnificence. Maybe a louder cry about the color of the crib, maybe another cry…

Let us all labor more intensely to find the Baby Obama his very own crib-in-special-color-room housed out of Washington, D.C and take away from him all these bothersome interruptions that the dawn of reality brings to his gargantuan vagabond hunger for bland, mushed, spoon-fed presumption upon so many, from so many, of so many who dare to recognize his dirty diapers.

So, go back to your deep slumber, Baby Obama, so, shhh, soft tones, soft tones, and yes, just keep believing it is all about skin color, race, race, skin color, don’t bother your Baby head any more, just believe in your cute-colored magnificence and sleep well.

Our Declaration of Independence also states:

…In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

UPDATE, September 25, 2010

Our Boy-President
– byPedro Primavera, September 25, 2010

From the comments section:

Posted by: Miss Marple – Sep 25, 06:31 AM — …I don’t think he (Obama) believes his policies will work. Some of the Congress and some of the advisers might, but Obama doesn’t. I think the pyromaniac analogy is a good one. A pyromaniac knows the matches will cause flames, and he knows the flames will cause damage and perhaps total destruction. He strikes the match because he likes to see things burn. For 18 months I have watched all sorts of experts appear on television saying, “Doesn’t he understand that this won’t help? Why is he insisting on doing something that has been proven ineffective? Why won’t he do something that we know will work?” The answer is that he wants to watch the flames. His goal is not a more vibrant economy, or a stronger America. He wants destruction and a reduction of this country’s power and wealth, to the point of pain. He is not naive or idealistic. I don’t even think he cares about the Democratic Party, except as a tool to facilitate his goal.

Woodward’s book seems to indicate an example of this. When told that what he wants to do in Afghanistan won’t work, he apparently pushed ahead with it anyway. Why would he do that? Three economic advisers have left. Two major advisers are leaving. A general has been forced to resign. An impartial observer might conclude that something isn’t right inside the Oval Office. What are we going to do if what isn’t right is the man himself? What if the man elected is truly mentally disturbed?

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