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NEW, ANOTHER CLAIM: “The goal is to promote moderate Islam,” so says Democrat Bernard Whitman about the Ground Zero Mosque

Aug. 2: Some critics of the planned mosque, including Linda Rivera, of Manhattan, claim it disrespects the memory of Sept. 11 victims. Photo and Caption: Fox News

On FOX News Live today — Meghan Kelly’s show — New Yorker Bernard Whitman (accredited as “Democratic Pollster”) proclaimed about the Ground Zero Mosque (“Cordoba Mosque”): “the goal is to promote moderate Islam.”

What was that the public was told earlier as to the goal or purpose of this mosque? It was: that it was to be “a cultural center”.

Now we’re told it’s going to “promote moderate Islam,” as if any of us (or Islam) knows what “moderate Islam” even is (there’s been nothing proven that is “moderate” about and from Islam — the theology itself is not moderate but extreme).

Be that as it may, this ongoing parsing of descriptions of Islam as to it’s “degrees” is misleading. It’s a theology, start to go, there aren’t “varieties” of Islam. Alleging there are degrees of fervor, degrees or varieties of participation of that theology, represents “Islamic propaganda” or, rather, sales pitches for purposes of attempting to influence populations. Say anything, whatever works, gets you through the door…

The selling points about this particular mosque project continue to change per the day or per the spokesperson and per the appeal. We’re told it’s to be “a cultural center” for “everyone,” then we’re told it’s focused on this particular plot of earth adjacent to Ground Zero in Manhattan because “it’s divine” and “divinely willed” (so said the wife of the Imam behind the project). Then we’re told there’ll be “a pool and boutiques” and it’s not a mosque, now it’s a mosque, now it’s “to promote moderate Islam” so it really is a vehicle for Islam’s theology to be promoted right there at Ground Zero.

The mosque, then, this particular project: for whatever Islam’s goals and methods are for mankind, the issue is reliability or lack thereof. When such big ticket issues as motive, function, funding and specific location determination are left unexplained or presented by duplicitous claims, then, it creates a concerning situation for others — theologies either address those concerns or they refuse to and in the case of this particular mosque “at Ground Zero,” many among the American public are offended by the duplicity of the mosque in relationship with this specific location of Ground Zero. That Islam is refusing to budge on location is a suspicious behavior, for starters — there’s not so much as any response from the Muslims involved with this mosque project that addresses why they “can’t” or “won’t” simply build this moque (err, “cultural center”) somewhere else other than Ground Zero.

Earlier this morning, I heard — also on FOX News — the head of CAIR yelling about how “three hundred Muslims died on 9/11” at Ground Zero as if that justifies constructing a mosque (“to promote…Islam”) at that specific location.

Muslims screaming, yelling and shouting over others is hardly new but it is in extremely bad taste, especially in reference to this mosque plan of theirs: they’re condemning those with questions and screaming at the suggestions of others, not even attempting to be polite in discourse. What does that tell the rest of us?

September 11, 2001

I never hear CAIR or any other Muslim address the fact that many thousands of people who were not Muslims were killed on 9/11 by a few dozen people who were Muslim. That the killers responsible for the terrorism events of 9/11 were Muslims — “moderate” or “radical” or just good Muslims doing what Muslims do, who can say at this point, we can only say what occurred and who was responsible — by no means justifies (per CAIR’s argument) building a mosque at that significant location. Islam wants to build a center whose purpose is to promote the very theology that motivated the killers on 9/11 (and at other times in other acts of violence upon our nation); Islam was/is involved in those events — whether some deem that “moderate” or “radical” or just “ordinary,” it’s still Islam that’s inspiring these dreadful behaviors.

My original position expressed on this site earlier in several posts/comments (referenced below/scroll) about this mosque idea for Ground Zero continues unaffected by the yelling and ongoing condemnation of America and many others coming from CAIR and Liberals, respectively, in New York: that if Islam genuinely WAS “a religion of peace” as Islam claims, they would recognize the trauma they are directly or indirectly responsible for and be sensitive to the pain and ongoing suffering they continue to create for others, and, they would relocate this mosque plan to another location.

As also, they would identify specifically why this particular location at Ground Zero is such a necessity for this Imam and for Islam, generally, radically, moderately or whatever. Describing the location as “divinely” given to this Imam and “divine” by location and opportunity, as the Imam’s wife has done (WAPO interview), is not them providing an answer to why this Imam and those involved in this construction notion are fixed on that one particular location, or, rather, on Ground Zero for this mosque. Move it elsewhere if the issue is “Freedom of Religion” and some “cultural center” desires, construct it where there are many more people on a 24/7 basis, construct it where the neighbors and the nation are not further traumatized by their insensitivity.

I remind everyone that the other times we as a nation heard Muslims proclaiming they were acting in the name of their divinity or by divine inspiration, was when a few dozen Muslims overtook the controls of Flight 77, Flight 93 and on Flight 11 on September 11, 2001. Those Muslims refused to consider the anguish and suffering of others, too, and persisted in their “goal” in dismissing the concerns of others. Of many, many others.

Footnote: The New York Port Authority is disputing the rebuilding of a Christian Church that was destroyed on 9/11; this poses many questions of why the New York City government is quite so eager to build a mosque at Ground Zero yet opposed to a Christian Church nearby.


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