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The story:

A man got into the rear of a New York cab and asked the driver (“Ahmed Sharif”) if he was Muslim. The Muslim driver answered that he was. The passenger proceeded to slash and stab the driver and was eventually arrested by local police after the wounded driver contained the violent passenger in the back of the taxi pursued the violent passenger as he tried to flee the scene; the wounded, traumatized cabbie was then ushered off for medical care.


Cabbie: ‘Are You Muslim?’ Leads To Night Of Horror
Wounded Ahmed Sharif Tells Of Alleged Knife-Wielding Attack, August 25, 2010

…The attack happened around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday in a busy commercial area on 40th Street and Third Avenue. The passenger, police said, was 21-year-old Michael Enright, an honor student from Putnam County who has spent time overseas in Afghanistan working as a reporter. Sharif said the young man began ridiculing the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and then started a bizarre, belligerent rant.

“This is checkpoint [expletive]. I have to put you down. You have to bring Abdullah to this checkpoint, I have to bring him down, too,” Sharif said.

He said Enright lunged through the cab partition with a knife, and the men struggled as the cab rolled for a block and a half.

“The knife came here and when he knife like this by his right hand then I back up like this, then it come here,” Sharif said, showing the wound on his arm.

Enright was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. (— Continued).

The cab driver, Mr. Sharif, while receiving medical care for his injuries, was immediately invited by the saltphobia-stricken Micheal Bloomberg as a very convenient guest to a press conference and a meeting with Bloomberg.

It is a given that Bloomberg will continue media coverage of the victim’s experiences in ongoing attempt to defame any and all who oppose the Ground Zero mosque; Bloomberg will wrench an untruth out of the story, count on it.

Leftwing media, not to be outdone, publicized Mr. Sharif’s “press conference” as arranged by Bloomberg in which Sharif cried amidst his medical recovery for “an end to violence against Muslims.” Now Mr. Sharif is many, he’s plural, it’s a crime-wave.

Leftwing media, more, twisting-mode: Mr. Sharif’s awful experience was blurted forth as a smear of “Republicans,” including Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, and “the Tea Party” and those they fantasize are otherwise engaged in “Islamophobia,” as *somehow* responsible for this violent crime. That the perpetrator of this violent attack upon this cabbie is a Liberal, hardly a Republican and is an advocate FOR the Ground Zero mosque is being buried quickly by the Leftwing media like unclaimed, embarrassing baggage.

Whatever the crazed knifer, Michael Enright, meant by declaring the taxi “a checkpoint” is anyone’s guess, but it sounds like a reference amidst Enright’s deranged war cry to some sort of Saul-Alinsky-inspired Leftwing agitprop sparking point, the sneaky “lies-flipped-as-truth-and-truth-cast-asunder”. It’s similar in method to a firefighter who is an arsonist: start the fire then swoop in to “rescue” victims and then lecture as authority (pose as righteous with the public face) on the wrongs by “whoever” started it. In this case, agitpropping Michael Enright was arrested soon after the crime but Mayor Bloomberg and the Leftwing media were there on-the-spot ready to court this political-arson spark on Enright’s captured behalf.


Left: The NYC Muslim cabbie stabbing was right-wing ISLAMOPHOBIA!…oh, wait a minute…
– by Michelle Malkin, August 25, 2010

As you may have heard, a Muslim cabbie was stabbed in a terrible incident in NYC today.

The reportedly drunk perpetrator worked/volunteered for a liberal interfaith film company and there is zero evidence that he is a Fox News fan, Glenn Beck listener, Republican voter, or conservative blog reader.

No matter. The left-wing media couldn’t wait to indict the Right. (— Continued).

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Alinsky, Stalinsky, It’s Still the Same Old Agitprop
– by James Lewis, American Thinker, July 11, 2010


The attacker, Enright, is a filmmaker who has made films for and volunteers with…

Intersections International, “a permanent multi-faith, multi-cultural effort of the Collegiate Churches of New York,” dedicated to “justice, reconciliation, and peace.” The group supports the so-called “ground zero mosque.” (The Intersections International site refers to Enright as “a volunteer for Intersections’ Veteran-Civilian Dialogue program” working on his thesis film project.)

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