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Michael Bloomberg calls 70% of Americans “un-American” — if you oppose the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, which 70% of Americans do oppose, then according to Bloomberg, you’re “un-American.”

“Intolerance” has become the war-cry of the intolerant as they continue to defame the United States and “Americans” specifically; they are using the Ground Zero mosque fiasco to try to again push their own demands to condemn this nation instead of the Ground Zero mosque plan being about what it is: an inconsiderate, cruel attempt to impose extremely bad taste upon the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans who revere their lost loved ones and our nation’s worst day of terrorism, September 11, 2001. We oppose exploiting Ground Zero, and a mosque at Ground Zero — or anywhere associated with it or any other location affected by September 11, 2001 — represents an insensitive-to-a-point-of-brutality upon the sensibilities of this nation.

Most of America continues to ask — and receives no response — why this one location in Manhattan is the affixed, determined spot for a mosque: why this particular location at 51 Park, why not somewhere else not associated with Ground Zero. Muslims and the socio-political Leftwing have appeared in media claiming that they “only want to pray” so why the opposition to the mosque at Ground Zero, as if opposing a mosque at Ground Zero prevents Muslims from “praying”.

If they “only want to pray,” why do they insist on that spot and only that spot for their praying? If who they’re praying to only hears their prayers at that spot, then it’s not a very substantial statement about whoever they’re praying to, implies they’ve got an extremely tenuous connection to an extremely evasive or unreliable entity. If they “only want to pray,” then do so but do so somewhere else.

And, insults such as Bloomberg’s are shared with others among his wavy positions to include Mz. Daisy Khan, wife of Faisal Abdul Rauf who is behind this Ground Zero mosque plan, who whines: “if you oppose the Ground Zero mosque, you’re ‘Islamophobic” and you “hate Muslims.”

Opposing the Ground Zero mosque is not about “fear of Islam” or “religion” — nor is it an opportunity for Islam and it’s various helpers in the political Left to exploit our nation’s worst tragedy for their purposes of promoting Muslims as the latest victim class, as also, as in the Left’s case, to exploit the issue of 9/11 (and our very Constitution) to suddenly discover the Freedom of Religion, as if it’s an entitlement to drop tons of buildings on the heads and hearts of this nation’s population. Being “free” to engage in one’s religion is not an entitlement to be free of personal responsibility in behavior, nor does that Freedom provide anyone with an entitlement to do anything they want in the name of religion.

Michael Bloomberg’s ridiculous performances and denouncements of “Americans” as being “un-American” represents what is actually un-American: Bloomberg and his undertow misleadments, insults and efforts to make something happen by any indecent insult or city government denial of the voters’ opinions as can be said and done.

The very idea of building a mosque at Ground Zero is what is “un-American.”

Moreover, additional deceitful positions maintained by Bloomberg and others of his state of mind in their intents to get this Ground Zero mosque established, is the lie that “the location isn’t part of Ground Zero.”

The Burlington Coat Factory (51 Park) *IS* a part of Ground Zero. The location is the spot where the landing gear and wheel from the hijacked plane that hit the South Tower (Flight 175) fell, and, the engine from that plane landed just outside the location, right beside it. Worse, much worse, is the fact that human remains were found atop 51 Park as also in the pulverized debris all around that building and those in the area, both closer and farther from the Twin Towers. To even TRY to rationalize the park 51 location as being acceptable for a mosque “because it’s not part of Ground Zero” is a wretched, horrible lie.

The following video shows the impact by Flight 175 upon the South Tower; note the debris field dispersing immediately after impact — that is the debris much of which landed at and atop 51 Park.

I don’t know what kind of mental and/or intellectual corruption besets Michael Bloomberg but he is obviously not speaking from a lucid perspective, nor from within a credible universe of information. If 70% of Americans — who oppose the building of a mosque at Ground Zero — are “un-American,” as Bloomberg contends, then Micheal Bloomberg is an insipid, insulting and treacherous monster for maintaining such an irrational, ugly position.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s approval rating is below 50% for the first time in five years, and a majority of voters say they disagree with the mayor’s support for a proposed mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero, a poll released Tuesday shows.

The new poll comes amid controversy surrounding a proposal to build a mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The mayor has passionately defended the organizers’ rights to build there. (— Continued).

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The dust clouds from the collapsing South and North Towers rapidly rolled out in all directions. Papers from the World Trade Center landed in Brooklyn and many homes and businesses there also had to be decontaminated. Human remains were found as far away as the East River. The streets were inch-deep with debris the length of Wall Street, which terminates at South Street near the historic Sea Port.

The Burlington Coat Factory is less than 400 feet from World Trade Center Tower 7 which also collapsed. Those who say a mosque there would not be at Ground Zero are just plain wrong. (– Continued).

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