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This isn’t going to stop. It’s going to continue if unabated and unopposed: Islam impositions and demands upon the rest of humanity. Now Islam is attacking time itself, declaring that their determination of time will be reset to “Mecca time” which will replace Greenwich Mean Time. For Muslims, so the story is told. For now, for Muslims, even if, likely, they are in the U.S. or Europe or the U.K. or…

The clock will run on Arabia Standard Time, which is three hours ahead of GMT.

According to The Telegraph, the clock’s four faces will be illuminated by 2million LED lights along with huge Arabic script reading, “In the name of Allah”.

And when finished, it will be 2,000 ft tall, humongous compared to 316ft talk Big Ben.

Residents of Mecca will also be reminded that it is time to pray when 21,000 green and white lights, visible at a distance of 18 miles, flash five times a day.

The idea is to outdo its British rival in every way, because in the Islamic world the idea that GMT should be centred on a part of London is seen as a colonial anachronism.

“Putting Mecca time in the face of Greenwich Mean Time. This is the goal,” said Mohammed al-Arkubi, manager of one of the hotels in the complex. (– Continued).

I’m not resetting my clocks, watch, microwave, computer or television, cable-receiver and DVD. They’re sticking with Greenwich. Meanwhile, this ongoing encroachment by Islam on the world’s civilizations is not going to cease and whoever persists in deeming Islam “a religion” is not paying attention: it’s a global initiative to alter civilization, a cult of association, a form of government by those who won’t tolerate so much as the essentials of others’ as they are now, if they are not submitted to Islam.

The “Ground Zero mosque” is but an ongoing arm of this process, as are many of the “mega mosques” that have been built or are in the process of attempting to be built in the U.S.A. (and elsewhere).

Plans to Build Massive Islamic Centers Raise Concerns in Tennessee
— Fox News, August 09, 2010

…Muslims who now call Tennessee home are looking to expand their places of worship far beyond their need. What’s more, they say, the organizations building the Islamic centers have provided no account for how they received the massive funding their projects require.

Of even greater concern, some critics say, are fears that a radical Islamic agenda may be behind the planning for these large Islamic centers. (– Continued).

The public story — what the rest of us are told — is that these “mega mosques” are “cultural centers” and that they’ll be happy-fun-busy places to provide “community services”. They will or already do contain pools, study centers (“a place to do your homework” so says one as planned for Tennessee), shops, theatres and more, and, the inevitable “place for Muslims to pray” that we’re reminded are “private” “for Muslims”.

Architecturally (and, therefore, psychologically, the design that communicates the psychology of the builders), these “mega mosques” are “mega” structures that span many acres of property (see more as to what’s planned for Tennessee). If one is a little bit curious, the response to that would be: why? Why the “mega” (and closed or contained) building outlays that form compounds? Why the plans to “contain” “communities” and “culture” and doing so by way of bringing in people to the “mega” compound? Why not an isolated building if the purpose is to provide a structure in which Muslims can pray — why the “compound” with declaration of “culture”?

Allow me a moment to illustrate: it’s called setting up a parameter. It’s called establishing bases. It’s called defining a “cultural-wide” boundary that is expansive into activities that draw children, especially, in where they will enjoy relaxing activities such that they become increasingly familiarized with the actual intent of the area: Islam. And begin to associate “culture” with Islam as synonymous, or, “area wide”.

From parameters, enlarged bases grow.

Today it’s time, tomorrow it’s more “mega mosques,” and the day after it’s Islam ownership, of land, buildings, prayers, people.

History has shown that Islam as culture does not tolerate the religions of Christianity and Judaism and most of us by this date are well aware that as to Judaism, there is not only no tolerance but there is dedicated hatred, a compulsion to destroy the ethnicity. As to Christianity and Christians, I read and hear that my faith and me are tolerated by Islam but I also read up to some point where my life and my beliefs are cast afoot if not also destroyed for one complaint or another — certainly the values and beliefs of both are often held in denigration by Islam (though the West’s political Left is quickly catching up in that regard).

I read, also, this term today here in the U.S. that there is this group called “moderate Muslims.” Since they’re defining by way of their beliefs, and those beliefs are not moderate, that casts aside any context that an individual maintaining those beliefs (and associations with Islam) could be moderate. Individuals can behave moderately, be moderately tempered, yes, but if they maintain beliefs that are not moderate, associate with a culture that is guided by ideology that is not moderate, then, they are not moderate but simply moderately behaved at some observed time. Eventually they will not be moderate as per what their non-moderate beliefs advise of them to be.

This phenomenon was seen in the behavior by Nadal Hasan. Deemed a “kind” and “quiet” person and “considerate neighbor” by others, he maintained his “moderate” composure until the moment that his not-moderate ideology — which he’d maintained throughout his apparent “moderate” episodes — inspired him to act accordingly: not-moderately. The state of his mind is questioned now, after the fact of his psychotic murder spree, but not before — before, he was “moderate” and “composed” and all the while, functioning in the acceptance of a radical set of beliefs. This story is told many a time now, and Nadal Hasan was but one among many similar individuals who were assumed to be a normal part of our Western society right up until the stage of their beliefs that rallied them to ‘more’.

So it is the ideology, the beliefs, the association with Islam that is the issue, and as long as this ideology is defined by an aggressive culture that seeks to replace (and does if left unchallenged) other cultures — often by violence — then those who identify by way of that ideology (as Muslims) should never be assumed to be “moderate” and of no issue to the rest of humanity.

The issue of “mega mosques” needs to be opposed increasingly by existing communities in the U.S. and in Europe. Though we have each and both fallen lax in our own ideas as to culture, Islam has grown more resolute and more extreme in their dedication to taking into their numbers the rest. If not taken in, then tolerated for usefulness. If no longer useful, then destroyed.

A story from Houston, Texas:

Baker has long roots here. His family named the road and when the new neighbors (Muslims with plans to build a mosque next door to Baker) moved in, he tells us, they asked him to move out.

“Basically that I should package up my family and my business and find a place elsewhere,” said Baker. “That’s ridiculous, they just bought the place one week prior and he’s telling me I should think about leaving” (– Continued).

The Ground Zero mosque troubled development is but one effort among others of what I believe is already being attempted nationwide by Islam and as it has already been taking place in Europe and the U.K. We the public (non-Muslim) are told the public statement and not the revealing truth of what is occurring, and, in our Western cultural set of responses, we try to be “considerate” and to make way for others — this is a decidedly standard response from among long-standing European, English and American cultures — to be polite, to be generous, to be considerate, to make others feel welcome, this is standard and required etiquette from among our mutual cultures, and when practiced routinely, an indication of good social awareness and decency.

Except that these good graces are being measurably taken advantage of by Islam, are being exploited. There may be “moderate” people among us who are Muslim, but their beliefs are not moderate, their ideologies, if enforced (either upon them or by them upon others), become radical. And radical Islam results in the demise of others who maintain “other beliefs”.

The “Saudi Clock” – note the swords.


An ongoing horror story as to a cultural nightmare, from the U.K. It is deemed “ongoing” because the news of this crime wave that has hit the U.K. continues as perpetrated by “Asian” males in the U.K. (in the U.K. papers, that means “Afghan/Pakistan” and oftentimes males we would call “Middle Eastern”) upon White female children — Caucasians (“Whites”) and/or Christians (and their families) are deemed to be of less value, of least consequence when used and terribly abused and therefore of no to little consequence to these males, their culture being that of Islam. Note that sexual use/abuse of children among many a Muslim population is not forbidden and — as in the case of these monsters identified in the U.K. — is silently accepted as they use White, Christian children to avoid the Muslim males having unacceptable sexual contact with their own child (and Muslim) brides.

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