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The nomination and confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court — she was sworn-in today — represents ongoing disparagement of the Court by Leftwing socio-political activists. The process has been underway for a while now and the nation is familiar with the process: populate the Judiciary with people who are vehicles for socio-political activism (without much regard, if any, for the qualifications of the Judiciary that the nation expects, particularly, fidelity to the Constitution as it is written) for purposes of avoiding altering the Constitutition as it is written the acceptable way, and that is, by Amendment.

Amendments require voter support in order for their contents to become integrated into the Constitution; the Left generally can’t obtain their desires by popular support, so they’ve instead developed the termite-tunnel method of use of the Judiciary to eat past the legitimate, Amendment process, of changing the Constitution. The Left munches one Constitutional segment of integrity at a gulp and emits what remains: they’re declared ‘interpretations’ of the Constitution, oftentimes that counter the original intent. Left: Constitutional residue, “change” of the Constitution one judiciary activist bite at a time.

Elena Kagan was not so much as challenged by any Democrat after her nomination. Their hive method of hoisting another biter upon the Judiciary and then assisting the munching forward is beneath contempt, to this voter. Not so much as a challenge to Kagan’s weighty socio-political biases, not so much as a query made of Kagan as to her qualifications for the Judiciary, which Kagan was gleeful in allowing to sit as her mere socio-political trendiness to and among the Left. It was the nomination, consideration (“hearings”) and now placement on the Supreme Court of one whose qualifications are so far Leftwing in the realm of attitude and social issues without so little as a modicum of judicial ability as to make a blatant mockery out of the Supreme Court.

I venture to suggest that in little more than two years from now, Elena Kagan will become the mulch of what it means to ridicule our Constitution, that even the Democrats and five hapless Republicans (“…the five Republicans were, as expected, Senators Snowe, Collins, Graham, Gregg, and Lugar…“).

A terrible day for our Republic, and worse, the Democrats — and this untrustworthy Republican Trio — are happy to comply with ongoing efforts to make more of this happen: the Constitution as mush re-mashed within the walls of history, refuse of what it once was when written, rehashed covertly, persistently, by buggery in the dark.


Abundant information that documents the lack of qualifications to the Supreme Court by Elena Kagan, found in the KAGAN PAGES on this site (updates in process), ELENA KAGAN, POLITICAL ACTIVIST, SOCIALIST, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONALIST

Kagan confirmed, decades of bad votes and opinions to follow
— by Paul at Power Line, August 05, 2010

“What, Democrats Worry?”
Elena Kagan Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice
— from CBS, August 05, 2010

Inevitable: Kagan confirmed, 63-37; Video: Sessions’s floor speech added
— by Allahpundit at Hot Air, August 05, 2010

Senator Sessions makes too much sense for the Democrats who persist in happiness at the Zippity-Do-Dah-Diktat of the march toward Communism and mulching the Constitution into wads under the floorboards: Marxists on the Bench, socio-political Leftwing activists in the Judiciary.

Let their own incompetent if not deceitful statements long be used to remind these individuals — Snowe, Collins, Graham, the Democrats all — to what extent they are cowards, and, incompetent in office: Senator Collins quoted in the following (Graham’s and Snowe’s comments are similarly proven false by Kagan’s testimony — while the Democrats made little to no challenge if even inquiry of Kagan, appearing to regard her nomination as something akin to a fundraiser, with martinies).

Kagan’s very testimony before the Senate — and earlier in other venues — proved that she is not, indeed, all that Snowe, Collins and Graham claim she is:

following is a statement by Susan Collins, (Nuts/Maine), which statements are PROVEN FALSE by Kagan’s own testimony:

[Note: these statements PROVEN FALSE by Kagan’s own testimony]…“Based on my review of Ms. Kagan’s record, my assessment of her character, and my belief in her promise to adhere to precedent, Ms. Kagan warrants confirmation to our nation’s highest court,” Sen. Collins said.

Sen. Snowe said last week that she would vote for Ms. Kagan’s nomination.

[Note: these statements PROVEN FALSE by Kagan’s own testimony]… “I find that Ms. Kagan has met [the] standard with the strong intellect, respect for the rule of law, and understanding of the important but limited role of the Supreme Court that I believe is required of any justice,” she said last week…

While anyone can (and we all do) have opinions that vary, in the case of Kagan, it is utterly disappointing to continue to read such haplessly misleading and misled statements as Collins’ and others like her who occupy our Congress, not to mention now being piled on in the Judiciary by Elena Kagan. The nation will live to see how wrong she is on the Court, though I doubt Collins (or Graham, or Snowe, or the entire Democrat Senate) will ever admit it when those boards rot out.

Underneath and far below, Lindsey Graham tries to pin his deplorable behavior on Jesus Christ. And fails. Fails very badly:

Who Inspired Lindsey Graham to Vote for Elena Kagan’s Confirmation? Why, Jesus, of Course!
— by Doug Powers on August 6, 2010

…referencing this article from CNS News,
Republican Senator: Jesus’s ‘Golden Rule’ Inspired His Vote For Pro-Abortion Kagan
— by Terence P. Jeffrey, Friday, August 06, 2010

…As an associate counsel in the Clinton White House, Kagan was an architect of the legal and political strategy that President Bill Clinton used in vetoing the ban on partial-birth abortion. Her nomination by President Barack Obama in May was instantly endorsed by Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s leading advocates of legalized abortion. (– Continued).


  1. Kini says:

    Academia, with no Legal Experience, sits as a judge on the last stop of Justice.
    I’d rather be judged by Judge Dredd.