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Where are the ethics in this? Barack Obama, in the U.S. Presidency — a public office, supposedly a representative of our nation’s population, sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution — using that office to lobby for a mosque to be built adjacent to Ground Zero in New York’s Manhattan.

The pain and suffering experienced by those who lost loved ones is unimaginable. So I understand the emotions that this issue engenders. Ground Zero is, indeed, hallowed ground.

So said Barack Obama to a group of Muslims meeting for purposes of one of their religious holidays. Sounds theatrically moving on face-value. Delivered, I’m sure, by Obama with somber stares and booming voice.

But what does that statement actually say? It’s a statement of nonsense, that’s what it says.

He first identifies “the unimaginable.” Then he claims he understands it. Then he declares that Ground Zero “is hallowed ground” and goes on to declare he supports violating it (“build the mosque”) (despite the many objections). Not a hallowed statement, hardly hallowed retort about so-called hallowed ground and hardly a reverant, respectful statement about any and all things “hallowed”.

Obama, like others persisting in pursuing this “Ground Zero mosque” plan, frames his defense of this plan (perhaps, insincerely) as an issue of “the Freedom of Religion” as set forth in our U.S. Constitution, while yet ignoring if not denigrating the more significant aspects to this plan (and others of similar offense to the public): ‘because we can, we will.’ This type of obstinance may be “allowed” but it does not make it ethical, moral, right or by that “religious” so much as it simply identifies cruel and unusually harsh refusal of a civilized consideration of others.

Freedom of Religion means possibilities are available to every citizen, but it does not erase social responsibility, a conscience of civilization or other interpersonal responsibilities. Hijacking a plane and taking the lives of passengers onboard that plane and many others on impact may be an exercise of someone’s “religion” but it does not mean that there is some entitlement there as the opinions of other are ignored or silenced.

Also, in many an attempt to pursue building Christian churches, courts have consistently upheld challenges by groups/locales/whomever to those attempts by maintaining that “building a church is not a protected act of worship.” How is it, then, that Muslims are being swept along nationwide — and at Ground Zero in Manhattan particularly — with their mosque constructions? Are these mosques not “houses of worship” (and therefore not, indeed, an exercise of their religion), and if not such, then, they are something else entirely. And therein is why most of these mosques are referred to as “cultural centers” (as is the Ground Zero mosque) — they’re cultural-socio-political locations for cultural-socio-political purposes.

Barack Obama, like the Imam responsible (Feisal Abdul Rauf) for this attempted fiasco of an offense upon the American people, are lobbying if not threatening the public (and I believe that Obama using the U.S. Presidency to make these statements about the mosque represents “undue pressure” upon the nation, which can be interpreted as a threat) in their persistence in pursuing this Ground Zero mosque plan. The particular site, the intent to proceed despite overwhelming disapproval by a concerned American public, an ongoing attempt to both shame objections and ignore complaints, all this Obama is ignoring as is the Imam and his “associates” such that we even know who they are. As to Obama, he is ignoring and now petulently insulting the objections of the very population he is supposedly in office to represent, “defend and protect.”

Instead, he’s defending, protecting and representing sentiments and intents that are barging all over the sensibilities and concerns of the American people, in lieu of pressing forward on behalf of some who continue to illustrate their disregard for these sensibilities and concerns.

Ground Zero — at or near or adjacent to, all the same — the association is the issue what with the history of 9/11 being intrinsically associated and rightfully so with Islam as responsible for the most destructive act of war ever committed upon this nation. Americans are correct to object to a mosque at or near-to Ground Zero and trying to tweak this issue and these concerns to be one of objecting to someone’s “religion” is barbaric and very misleading, in fact, misleading to a point of being intentionally undermining.

This attempt by Obama to intercede with his own, individual opinion — biased, we all by now know this about him, his lack of objectivity about the Nation of Islam, if not his own association with such — into such a plan that affects our entire nation, and his use of the Presidency to do so, this is indecent to a point of monstrosity. An indecent man advocating for yet another indecent plan, the American public be damned.

Where have we heard that before? By the Muslim hijackers who took Flights 93, 11 and 77 and flew them into buildings and into the ground on 9/11 — they ignored the public objections to their plans, too, and deemed their obstinance their exercise of their ‘freedom of religion’.

Barack Obama is intentionally acting abusively toward our nation. It’s not only not “Presidential,” it is craven.


Ground Zero Imam Tied to 9/11 ‘Truthers,’ Jew-Haters
— by Alana M. Goodman on Big Peace, August 07, 2010

Feisal Abdul Rauf
— from, learn who the Imam behind the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ is.

Note the social justice crowd interrupting, yet again, with the claims that evil is good and good is evil if we’ll only “tolerate” it — and my prayer is that “Sister Simone Campbell” and others of her state come to repentance (this issue is but another in a long history of Campbell pitching for the dark side, an example of such, her patent lies as she advocated for the Obama “healthcare” legislation that does publicly fund abortion while “Sister Campbell” “swore” she was “anti-abortion,” another incident of the Leftwing, feminist Democrat wearing the facade of religion…):

Offer Rejected to Move Mosque Away From Ground Zero to ‘State Property’
— from Fox News, August 11, 2010

And why is Barack Obama even so much as making public statements and using pubic funds/resources (err, the Presidency, for starters) to assist these:

An Iranian Connection to the Cordoba House Ground Zero Mosque?
A Cordoba-Iranian connection? What exactly is “Islamicity”?
— from Dangers of Allah, August 13, 2010

‘Ground Zero’ imam makes stunning terror comments
Claims to support peace but refuses to condemn violent jihad groups
— from World Net Daily, June 20, 2010

Summing things up — I’ll paraphrase — Obama’s doing what he thinks polls of the Leftwing advise him to do, and that is, go Islam:

Obama on the Ground Zero mosque: Sounds like a plan
— by ALLAHPUNDIT at Hot Air, August 13, 2010

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  1. Obama adds himself to the list of dhimmies for sake of Cordoba mosque at Ground Zero…

    I can’t say this was too surprising, but now, Barack Obama has come out on the side of imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his company of thugs who’re building the mosque near Ground Zero…

  2. dangersofallah says:

    Hi Suzy: A great site, great comments above. I left you a link to an article on my site that shows that there is nothing in the Constitution which compels that another mosque gets built in America. Feel free to grab anything you like from my site. I’m up to the minute with my feeds. I’m getting you RSS as well now. Check me out at I’m Jim