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Shirley Sherron was hired by the USDA in 2009 to the position of Georgia Director for Rural Development; Sherron has enjoyed access and use of public funds since that time to exercise her various campaigns using public resources — racist or not (but many racially-motivated by her own admission). Shirley Sherron has had ample time to act-out and air whatever demons possessed her to harm others based upon race, to denigrate others by deprivation, or, to award them by funding and other resources when they were of Shirley’s favored racial type: her own.

Sherron’s job in the USDA at the outset was provided to her as part of an out-of-court settlement after she (and husband and others arranged to participate in it) sued the USDA based upon “racism” claims: Sherron got the job, about thirteen million dollars and all those benefits for life along with the use of the USDA and federal resources to dispense at will — apparently without much to any question about her racialist criteria since she was perceived as victim herself.

Exploitation at it’s best, perhaps.

The case is called the “Pigford-Vilsack” case (Pigford v. Vilsack) and it has been referred to ever since as one of the biggest taxpayer-ripoffs ever allowed to occur by the Plaintiffs: Shirley Sherrod, husband and others associating as a cooperative of “black farmers” calling themselves the “New Communities”.

Black farmers’ settlement is at the mercy of the Senate

Money to pay for a discrimination lawsuit brought against the Department of Agriculture by black farmers remains stuck in a legislative body described as a place where bills go to die.

In July, the House approved a war supplemental bill that included money to pay for the settlement. It now remains stuck as senators examine the bill.

The 1997 Pigford v. Glickman case against the U.S. Agriculture Department was settled out of court 11 years ago. Under a federal judge’s terms dating to 1999, qualified farmers could receive $50,000 each to settle claims of racial bias.

As a senator, Barack Obama sponsored “Pigford II,” a measure in the 2008 Farm Bill that reopened the case. In February of this year, his administration brokered a $1.25 billion settlement for Pigford II. But Congress missed two deadlines, one in March and the other in May. (— Continued).

Congressman: Sherrod’s Hiring Should Be Investigated

…the Pigford Farms case is a class-action lawsuit filed against the federal government on behalf of black farmers and black wannabe farmers, who say they were discriminated against in loan proceedings. The federal government settled Pigford Farms for an unbelievable $1.15 billion. An incredibly high percentage of those receiving awards under this settlement have done so fraudulently. (— Continued).

In Sherrod’s case — in her own statements made during that infamous NAACP speech and also recorded in numerous media comments yesterday — she says she experienced past, negative situations that she associates or defines by racial stereotypes — she didn’t experience any overcoming of those racial stereotypical prejudices she’d formed, she simply DISPLACED THEM onto others in a different fashion: “Bush” (President Bush) and Republicans and Conservatives and “the rich” and similar, concluding, wrongly, that economic class warfare was her preferred perspective later (in present time).

Her beliefs are now modified as to target and (some) nomenclature, but they are still prejudiced, still negatively stereotypical, clearly still a product of Sherrod, a person who remains under a negative perspective about a huge number of other human beings, condemning them based upon her negative stereotyping of who she assumes they are by way of negative generalities about races based upon achievements — not “all” of one race achieves, not “all” of one race doesn’t and not by their race are these made or not made and that’s what Sherrod and others like her refuse to understand.

But, what I believe peeks through Sherrod’s thinking as it is is that she alludes to a scheming that does occur among racially associating persons to both thwart and reduce others as also their property, based upon racial animosity and their aggression upon others of other races; what is peeking through there is a silent admission that they are engaged in taking from others because they feel justified in doing so, based upon racial prejudices, racial animosities (theirs) and their lack of respect or outright disdain for the “racial kind” of others.

So they rationalize what they’re engaged in by calling others names — it’s as simple as that: behind the name-calling is found the deceiver operating to deceive; pressure applied to people based upon fears of social harassment is the operating tool many an extortionist uses and unfortunately, extortion has become folded into our federal government where race and ethnicity (and gender) are concerned.

Worse, as to Sherron, in her numerous media appearances and comments made yesterday, literally all over Leftwing media (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC), she makes racialist slurs, racist statements and racial declarations — referring to her “own people” (that’d be “Blacks”), referring to “his own kind” (referring to a White farmer), “Blacks”-this and “Whites”-that tossed in with the predictably Marxist buzzwords as to economic classes (“Blacks” who she associates as “the poor” and “Whites” who she associates — bitterly — with “rich people” who she denigrates as oppressors or responsible for the ills of “her people”, etc.).

In one of her most outrageously cryptic snarks, Sherrod actually said that people who didn’t support the “Obama health care” are “racists”:

In the same speech given in March to the NAACP that initially got Sherrod fired by the Obama administration, Sherrod smeared Republicans as racists for opposing Barack Obama’s government takeover of healthcare:

(Sherron said), “Some of the racism we thought was buried, didn’t it surface? Now we endured eight years of the Bushes, and we didn’t do the stuff these Republicans are doing because you have a black president.”

(— Continued).

This site has many times in many posts attempted to point out that disagreeing with political behaviors, views and/or legislative acts — when and if there is so much as one “person of color” associated with the pro-side of such — does NOT represent ANYone on the disagreement side as being “racist”; the point is, people disagree on politics, how to redistribute public dollars (or if they should be redistributed) and far more.

To someone who IS racist, however, especially when they push racialist ideas and expect others comply or agree with them, then, I can understand how it is they assume others are “racists” but the reality is, they are (particularly with people who are preoccupied with their own race), and/or they use name-calling (“you’re a racist if you do/if you don’t, you’re a racist…”) oftentimes as a bitter, resentful retort: you didn’t give them what they wanted, so you’re “a racist” generally — the Obama health care fiasco is fraught with persons making similar racialist slurs as Ms. Sherron’s about others while the issue of “health care” as public dollars now are demanded to fund it remains mysteriously associated with race and no one actually knows what, how, why, just that it is (otherwise, “you’re a racist” if you oppose it; the public health care massive taxpayer redistributive spending by the Democrats has never been explained in terms of race, yet it’s an accusation many Democrats make about anyone who opposes it [whatever it actually is, waiting to find out]).

Shirley Sherron’s many statements about race, via race, based upon her racial assumptions about entire populations of human beings, are the utmost of racist statements from a person saturated in racial stereotyping of others (and of herself and her “people” — it indicates she holds them, racially, in low regard as she also does herself, racially): that’s racism, that’s who a racist is, that’s how racist speak. Shirley Sherrod, the racist, engaged in racial stereotyping.

Even moreso worse, Sherrod yesterday called for entire media organizations to be “taken down” and “removed” (from public access, from engaging in business) as also the condemnation and silencing (!) of individuals such as Andrew Breitbart with whom she bears a grudge against, AND his websites, to be “removed.”

Sherrod Wants BigGovernment Shut Down, Thinks She Should Sue Breitbart

This is not an acceptable way — not by a hundred miles — for anyone in any public office to behave, speak or even think. Opinions are one thing but in Sherrod’s case, she’s openly calling for government condemnation of Americans.

So the question becomes, just who does she ask to do such a rotten deed as that? To what government does she refer should take such actions against it’s citizens based upon her individual (and warped) demands?

Sherron hasn’t abandoned her racism, she’s simply amplified it by incorporating her promotions of Marxist “wealth redistribution” justifications into her notions of government.

The NAACP has decried the Tea Party as “racists” (by that, they mean “white people”) as also can be found on the internet by many a Leftwinger ridiculing the Tea Party in despicable curses including generalizing participants as “old white people.”

The NAACP as also persons such as Sherron formulate opinions based upon racial criteria (favoring, sympathizing with their own, resenting and maligning mostly “White people”) yet they dare to allege that the Tea Party movement is “racist” and that the “party” should “denounce it’s members” who are “racists”.

To the contrary, the Tea Party is not nationalized in any formal sense, there is no “head” of “it”, there are only individual Americans who have taken to participating in public protest to share opinions, complaints and to make our voices heard to a government we have sadly concluded isn’t listening, is not representing many of us if not all of us. TEA Party, “Taxed Enough Already”: Americans are increasingly outraged and out of patience with an ever burgeoning national debt growing because too many Liberals among both the Democrats and Republicans won’t listen to taxpayer complaints, and, ever-increasing taxes to fund a great deal of discretionary spending. So, TEA Party, “Taxed Enough Already.”

Taxes aren’t a race. Tea Partiers aren’t a race. There are Americans of all races and ethnicities, ages and of both genders who participate in Tea Party protests. In fact, here’s an interesting response to the NAACP by ~other Black people~ who do not ascribe to racial politics as the NAACP does:

Black Conservatives Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Patriots.

— by Dan Riehl, July 22, 2010

This site, however, does not think Breitbart needs defending — he’s done nothing wrong that needs defending; in fact, he’s done something right in releasing the tape as he did that revealed the NAACP members so enthusiastically responding to Shirley Sherron’s offensive racism. The later tape that contains her additional comments only serves to show she is determined in her corrupt opinions.

Andrew Breitbart Defends Sherrod Story
NAACP blames Breitbart, Fox News for USDA official’s ouster
— from Fox News, July 21, 2010

THE STORY that exposed the racism of the NAACP — as leaked to the public by Andrew Breitbart to expose the racism of the NAACP in their smearing of the Tea Party — from whence the following ensued:

— USDA’s Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack asked Sherron to resign;

— Shirley Sherron resigned and *magically* captured national media coverage hours later in which she aired her complaints;

— Barack Obama moments later grabbed media attention supporting Sherron’s resignation and “decrying racism”;

— Next morning, NAACP released “the full tape” of recorded portion of Sherron’s speech to the NAACP from March 2010, in which Sherron migrates her prejudice from “black” and “white” to “rich and poor”;

USDA’s Vilsack made a pitiable, sad speech about how he was responsible for “asking for Sherron’s resignation” and claiming Obama “wasn’t involved” — few believe him and everyone recognizes he’s tossing himself under the Obama bus;

— Obama is quick to issue another public statement, he is “reconsidering Sherron’s firing” — while the day earlier, it was said taht he wasn’t involved and she “resigned” — and he blames Vilsack, which was an utterly disgusting and weak thing for Obama to do;

Obama calls Sherron: “regrets” her “firing” and suggests Sherron be re-hired by the federal government and is now enthusiastic about her, suggests via Vilsack that she work in “civil rights” to the horror of reasonable persons everywhere; meanwhile, the news was she resigned and Obama “wasn’t involved” – I guess that needs apologizing for, too;


— Sherron tours Leftwing media and makes sure everyone listening understands to what extreme degrees she really is racist, repeating numerous racialist opinions, using numerous racist phrases, acting entirely irrationally as she calls for Fox News, Andrew Breitbart (and websites) to be “taken down” and otherwise eradicated because she doesn’t like them, so to speak.

Conclusion: Barack Obama is stuck with Sherron, Vilsack is hapless (and victim), Sherron is a deplorable racist, the NAACP are deplorable racists as they are also liars, and Barack Obama shall remain in history as an irresponsible indulgent of — if not participant in — Black Racism.


Shirley Sherrod Is Linked to Terrorist Bill Ayers
— by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod’s Disappearing Act: Not So Fast
— by Tom Blumer Special to The Examiner, July 20, 2010

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