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Not suprising but very disappointing that the NAACP would stoop to such deceit as this:


Media is rife with comments from the NAACP — a racist organization by concept and organizational principles — that are racist in reference to persons of races-other-than-Black-or-Brown.

The NAACP and other, similar organizations (race-based, racialist organized, racially-purposed) are organized upon principles that promote one race — theirs or in the case of the NAACP, “Black”.

Actually, “Negro” is the actual name for the race of issue as to the NAACP but emotional demands to use an inacurate word to define a race among others has taken hold. So “Black” is the going term, however inaccurate academically but trendy per the Leftwing. It’s called political indoctrination when entire cultures are renamed to suit a political perspective, such as that.

The principle of organizing upon and promoting one race and one race only (“Black” or any other) and which also condemn others for their racial differences — based upon the assumption that their racial differences represent “opposition” to the one race being advocated — is racism. It’s racialist in principle (just defined) as it is also a vehicle used for racist purposes.

The NAACP — National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (“colored people” seems far more a racialist term than does the actual racial type name of “Negro”), the NAACP organizes upon the principles as in it’s name — it seeks privilege based upon race, which, again, is racism in action. The very idea that one race and one race only should receive “advancement” — which means customized privileges in society and taxpayer funding to make that function, another racialist supposition upon our society — is racist. Note there isn’t any effort to seek “advancement” of people in general, of poor people or uneducated people or persons of other disadvantages, the “advancement” is demanded for some people based on and only on their race. Again, that’s racism: that’s a racist organization, that’s racialist organizing.

The NAACP and other racialist and racist organizations — “La Raza” is one (it means, in Spanish, “The Race,” which references and references only Hispanic-Latino” or “Brown People” as per the colloquial term for the general mix of ethnicities which comprise “Hispanic” and “Latino” persons) — are formulated upon selecting out and for one race (in La Raza’s case, one ethnicity) at the oftentimes denigration of all others.

La Raza, then, an ethnic supremacy organization, promotes privilege based upon their inaccurate assumption of (their favored) “race”: “Hispanic/Latino/’Brown People'” isn’t a race or group of races, it’s an ethnicity conglomerate or group of ethnicities associating by assumed “skin color” and only by such. Some from among the Aborigine race associate as “Brown people” (colloquial term, not one I use but that’s the colloquial term) with La Raza’s “Hispanic/Latino” ethnicity mix, and what this indicates is, again, racism from among those congregating as such because their organizational methods are, indeed, racialist and are not academically sound.

La Raza bases it’s organizational existence on sequestering one “race” (or ethnicity but La Raza means “The Race” however inexact that actually is) against others, in seeking privilege that is based upon ethnicity/race to exclude or supercede all others. Though addressing ethnicities in reality, the principles of La Raza are the same as those of the NAACP and both are engaged in racialism and racialist promotions of ethnic and racial separatism: if one or two are promoted as separate from the rest, then the rest is eventually if not immediately promoted as secondary (or “sub standard” or even “non human” when this sort of abysmal reasoning runs it’s course).

This is racism. That is racialistic organizaing and racialist method, that is what fosters ethnic-supremacy and racism that harms people outside the race and/or ethnicity being promoted, being held up as special within humanity, due some specific reward simply for “having (special or idealized) racial-kind or ethnicity-identifying DNA” versus NOT being some other/s.

Ethnicity is used here only because La Raza relies upon the “Hispanic/Latino/’Brown people'” concept as “race” while it is actually a conglomerate of ethnicities — referring to that ethnicity group as “a race” or “the race” is scientifically inaccurate. So “La Raza” naming itself as so (“The Race”) only serves to reinforce the group’s and associates’ general prejudices: that they are a “race” while not being one, that by claiming such they then demand racial privilege.

In Leftwing nomenclature and Leftwing perspective, what these groups establish (intentionally) and promote is a denigration of others based upon race/ethnicity. When people are viewed as not being “one of them” or are viewed as outside the “special group” — who assume that they are the “norm” or source, the “only” — then those not among the “special group” are secondary to their racialist standard and are deemed to be lessor-than: less privileged, less deserving, of lessor worth or even worse, to be excluded from civilization when ethnic-supremacy and/or racism runs it’s ugly course. So we have in La Raza, as also in the NAACP, organizations both that are exclusive by their very terms of organization, and, are exclusive based upon race/ethnicity: that’s racism, that means they are racialist organizations.

While Negro — “Black” — is scientifically a distinct race, by comparison, organizing upon racial separatism (the “I’m-my-race—-you-are-not-my-race—-therefore-I-make-a-distinction-about-my-race-that-excludes-you-and-your-race—-by-demanding-my-race-receives-benefit-by-my-race-that-excludes-your-race” principle) establishes and perpetuates racism. This is racism and racialist organizing.

The NAACP and La Raza — along with other Leftwing racist and ethnic-supremacy groups — now accuses the Tea Party movement for “being racist”.

This, after the Tea Party movement has been ridiculed and demeaned by the Left in media and in the streets and anywhere else possible as being “old White people” and various other pejoratives. Yet now the NAACP claims the Tea Party movement is “racist” and guilty of “racism” because they oppose many of Barack Obama’s (and the Left’s in general) socio-political fiascos.

Is it that Americans oppose Sharia Law, perhaps, and Communist collectivism that is actually bugging NAACP and La Raza?

But, according to the NAACP and La Raza, citizens who oppose what they conclude are political disasters and wrongs is “racist”. If you disagree with Barack Obama’s deplorable politics, you are “racist” according to these racist and ethnic-supremacy groups; these organizations claim that their racism and ethnic supremacists assumptions are not the problem, but, rather, that American taxpayers are their problem and not out of concern for the American taxpayers (“Taxed Enough Already” or the TEA Party). These organizations demand the taxes from Americans but seem quite determined to despise the American taxpayers from whence the money originates.

The TEA Party by majority also opposes illegal immigration. Most of that opposition is based upon the fact that American citizens oppose crime (we do support enforcement of our Constitution, which means, we expect the laws to be upheld and if violated, then we expect the Constitutional penalty to be applied to those who violate it) and, therefore, oppose amnesty for those who violate our national security. Illegal aliens violate our national security, commit crime and are a heavy load for taxpayers to fund and contend with as to public services and resources (again, that means, as funded by American taxpayers who find what they’re paying for oftentimes overrun by illegal aliens and other non-citizens who then displace the very American taxpayers stuck with the bills for those services) — without much ability to refuse to do so for the taxpayers. Illegal immigration is offensive to many Americans of all ethnicities and races and opposition and offense to it is not based upon race or ethnicity for most Americans but is based upon Constitutional and ethical concerns: laws violated, the intents of the Constitution so often ridiculed and abused by people who are not responsible for the liabilities they, themselves, create.

La Raza — an ethnic supremacy organization as already identified here — in similar disgusting terms as the NAACP fosters an anti-American, anti-Constitutional, socially offensive perspective: that they exist within some special privilege or position by means of their race or ethnicity and that others who oppose open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens are “racist”. Who they mean by “others” is usually “White people” (or, “Anglos” per La Raza, persons of mostly Northern European ancestry — peculiar prejudice from La Raza since they maintain a European language, Spanish, and are themselves by high numbers of European ancestry).

Since the Tea Party generally opposes both illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens (due to concerns for national security, defense and enforcement of our Constitution and tax burden), then “the Tea Partiers are racist” as per La Raza, and since the Tea Partiers generally oppose much of the political doings by Barack Obama and Administration, that means the Tea Partiers are “racist” according to the NAACP — Obama has a race, so if we oppose him, then we’re “racist” or so the NAACP irrationally alleges. This does not make any lucid sense and the clearly disturbed and irrational emotional range of such a conclusion — by members of these organizations about the Tea Partiers — is outrageous to all who are reasonable.

How it ever came to be that to differ in political opinion with anyone who may be “Black” represents “racism” I do not know but that’s the primary basis for NAACP’s ugly accusations that also ignore their own racist purposes and behaviors.

Moreover, how it ever became a belief by Hispanic ethnic supremacists that “immigration equals Hispanics/Latinos” (or that the two terms are synonymous as per how they exploit those two terms as synonymous), I have no idea, but that’s the (wrongful) assumption used to run wild in media and in Leftwing politics to browbeat American citizens who don’t agree, and, who object to the unreasonable ongoing demand that citizens bear the outrageous costs created by illegal immigration. It’s simply compounded and horrific outrage imposed upon American citizens by illegal immigration. Illegal aliens represent a real and present danger to our nation’s security, costs included.

Illegal immigration represents crime. It’s behavioral. Unless, of course, there is something IN the DNA of Hispanic ethnic-supremacists that “makes them” engage in illegal behaviors about which they have no control, that they are somehow “driven” to engage in illegal behaviors by their physiology — an absurd thought — but this can be the only logical premise to support the Leftwing, going assumption just identified, that “immigration equals Hispanic/Latino,” that the two are interchangeable or mutually defining, are synonymous — which, of course, they are not but that’s the premise maintained by La Raza and other Hispanic/Latino ethnic supremacy organizations.

In science, the four races of homosapiens are: Caucasian, Negro, Asian and Aborigine. Everything else is an ethnicity. There is nothing offensive or outrageous about the term, “Negro” any more than there is offensive about the other three, yet somehow humanity is expected to be extra-sensitive about using “Negro” while the plethora of often denigrating terms for Caucasians are tossed about freely, if even laughed at: “White people” or “Anglos” or “Crackers” or the loathesome “Honkey”.

Another example of that: in Hawaii, it is commonplace to hear people of Polynesian (that’s an ethnicity) ethnicities or of the Asian race refer to White people as “Haolies” (pronounced, “Howl-eees”) (or to an individual as a Haolie [“Howl-eee”]), which isn’t the nicest of expressions around, as it is also a racialist term.

It means “newcomer” in the Hawaiian language — obviously, to Native Hawaiians, they named people they saw newly arriving on ships to the Islands as “newcomers” since they had no earlier awareness of or words for Europeans — but in recent times the word, “Haolie,” has become a pejorative for purposes of denigrating “White people” in the Islands, to set Whites apart from the basic population, indicating an effort to marginalize and demean. That, again, is an indication of racism.

Unfortunately, gains and good changes made in our U.S. society over the years to overcome these very sort of racial and ethnic generalizations have, of late, been eradicated by racism and ethnic-supremacy originating among Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos, respectively. These racialist, ethnic-supremacy organizations should be strongly discouraged in our nation; and, since taxpayer funding is the primary method these groups rely on to exist, they should never again receive taxpayer funds. As also private industry who provides them funding ought to reconsider just who and what they are encouraging, or, contend with the scorn from American consumers that funding such groups should receive.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Reference:

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