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Who knew that Muslim was a race? What “new education” is that from? What text book and learned author is that proclamation from? Who knew that “Muslim” is a race among our species, homosapien? Our species is characterised by four racial types: Caucasian, Asian, Negro and Aborigine. So when did “Muslim” become a fifth race?

Note: the internet is fraught with irreverent misstatements about homosapien racial types, of which there are four as defined in science: “Caucasian, Asian, Negro and Aborigine”; that’s what is identified in biological sciences despite what Wikipedia and other internet chatter states.

But returning to the “you’re racist if you oppose the Ground Zero mega-mosque” Leftwing and Muslim slur:

That’s (among) the latest Leftwing screed as to others who do not agree with building an Islam mosque at Ground Zero in New York City: if you oppose that construction, “you’re racist.”

Perhaps what is needed — in the world in general — is a Leftwing Grand Center built to commemorate Leftwing Stupidity and Slurs. They can construct statues making fun of “Americans” and “rightwingers” and they can get together there to kneel and adulate Leftwing screed with chiseled blocks up ahead of them that list all the nasty names they use about the rest of us.

Because that seems to be the point of all of this: continued assault, effrontery — upon anyone who is not Leftwing and/or Muslim — by the Leftwing and/or Islam, with particular ridicule directed toward “Americans” who are neither.

Out of the entire planet’s geography, the Nation of Islam focusing on Ground Zero in New York as the location for a mosque remains inexplicably inconsiderate as to the suffering of others. There’s no basis to explain the plan except as an intentional act to subjugate the exceptionally profound feelings, experiences and suffering of others to force a formal, even non-consensual, support of Islam. Meaning, the ‘mega mosque at Ground Zero” effort is political in nature.

There are already Muslim mosques in Manhattan. Many of them. Some of them near to Ground Zero’s location. So why target (again) Ground Zero specifically for another mosque? “Again” is stated here because Muslims acting on inspiration by Islam are responsible for the wretched destruction that occured on 9/11/01, including that inflicted upon Ground Zero in New York’s Manhattan.

The only explanations (as to now wanting to construct a “mega mosque” at Ground Zero) from Islam about that (so far) is that OTHER PEOPLE are (name the screed here). They have not defended or explained their motives by any other terms except by blaming others for opposing it — this despite the continued, patient explanations by the rest of us about why their plan is utterly offensive.

If Islam seeks to actually prove it’s claims that it is, indeed, “a religion of peace” (little evidence of that exists so many human beings are still waiting for substantiation of that claim by Islam), then they are not proving that they are. Instead, Islam continues to prove that it is entirely indifferent to the suffering and existence of others, and that they feel emboldened in being so.

That’s not respectable religious theology, it’s cruel and unusual behavior.


Former Alaska governor jumps into heated debate over whether Mosque should be erected near where WTC stood
— Megyn Kelly on Fox News report, July 19, 2010

And, following is found one of many predictable “Slime Palin” posts by another Leftwing site that entirely omits the nasty attacks against Palin that ensued on twitter following Palin’s typo or malopropism (“refudiate” she typed instead of “repudiate”). The Left (again, predictably) railed against Palin as “racist” for her views while Leftwing media (including the following source) completely avoids discussing that and instead, just rips Palin for the, perhaps, error-typing or probable error/typo.

The Left: “the world is falling apart, but focus on bad typing — just focus on typos!”.

What an insipid, twisted, partisan — that means, PREJUDICED — article (though it does provide a good history of Palin’s tweets, it omits entirely the Left’s avalanche of nasty pejoratives directed at Palin and “rightwingers” for what she expressed):

Sarah Palin Calls On ‘Peaceful Muslims’ To ‘Refudiate’ Ground Zero Mosque
— by Megan Carpentier, July 18, 2010

NOTE this article from CBS entirely avoids discussing the negativity if not irrationality by the Left in response to Sarah Palin’s message — instead, Palin’s twitter-typing is ridiculed (she wrote “repudiate” instead of “refudiate”). That Leftwing Grand Center built to commemorate Leftwing Stupidity and Slurs should also include a Chapel to Typos wherein the Left could laugh and laugh and laugh at misspellings on the internet while the world falls apart (“focus on the typos, forget the world-falling-apart part”).

And here’s the ad about this issue that CBS and other Leftwing media won’t run:

— by at Big Peace, July 07, 2010


— by Pamela Geller, July 9th 2010


The following article with statements points out what is obvious to the rest of us — not limited to Christians, but including Jews and even those of no or few religious beliefs or associations. The fact that Ground Zero is being perpetuated in use by Islam as a political statement (“conquering” others, subjugating other religions and the U.S.A. specifically) replicates and extends the very wretched harms committed by Muslims on 9/11/01.

— by Michelle A. Vu, Christian Post Reporter, July 19, 2010

Several experts on Islam, including the Son of Hamas author, are opposed to the idea of building a “mega mosque” near Ground Zero because they say the motivation is political not reconciliation.

“Why was this particular site selected? Because the need for a $100 million mosque is so great? Because 45-47 Park Place is the only place left in Manhattan to put a mosque?” posed Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of the bestselling book Son of Hamas, on his blog Friday.

“No. Because it will make a powerful political and religious statement.”

Yousef, like several other Christian scholars with expertise on Islamic strategies, warns that despite appealing reasons given for the mosque – such as improving interfaith relations and promoting tolerance – it will stand as a “bold affirmation” of the same Quran cited by the Muslim extremists who brought down the World Trade Center and killed thousands of American civilians in 2001.

“If Cordoba and other Muslim organizations in America would like to ‘do a huge amount of good,’ let them build a hospital instead of a mosque,” proposed Yousef, whose father is one of the founding leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. “Build something that will help the families of the 9/11 victims. Do something productive for humanity in general, instead of challenging liberty and confusing people about the realities of Islam” (Continued).