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I am strongly opposed to the construction of a mosque at or near Ground Zero (and/or at any other location associated with 9/11).

Every American who is remotely paying attention is aware that a mosque is, indeed, being planned to be built in Manhattan in association with Ground Zero and it is about that that we should all be making our voices heard as loudly as possible in opposing this construction.

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Ground Zero, though a Manhattan, New York plot of land, is not limited in significance to Manhattan nor to New Yorker singularly; to the contrary, it is significant and meaningful to all Americans who value and cherish our fellows and regard with sad memories the events that occurred there on September 11, 2001. The use of that location, that plot of Earth, is of importance to the entire nation as is how our national loss from 9/11 is commemorated and regarded now and in times to come.

I respect the property ownership issues of the Manhattan locale, but as to Ground Zero, it represents a national loss — our national suffering, loss, trauma and shock — and commemorates a national, historical day, memories of those who we lost and a new experience for us as a nation of near unbearable proportion. Leaving the decision as to the use of Ground Zero solely up to Manhattan ignores the American people who also bear the scars and burden of memories of and from that awful day of 9/11/01.

Additionally, the specific building location near Ground Zero that is being targeted for purposes of constructing a mosque is historically relevant to Ground Zero — Pamela Geller addresses this location (“Burlington Coat Factory building”) in her informative post about the Ground Zero mosque controversy.

Those responsible for that awful day and the dreadful additional events of 9/11 were Muslim: their motivations were rooted in — and funded and made possible by — Islam theology, and, their behaviors were inspired, cravenly, by what they believed from that theology. Whether or not the “Nation of Islam” accepts those murderers of 9/11 as their own or not, this is not an aspect that needs be or should be argued out using the significant memorials of 9/11, the murderers from 9/11 declared their motivations to be those from Islam theologically, that’s more than enough any American need remember or consider.

So the construction of a mosque on Ground Zero — to embed the Nation of Islam on the very area that they are responsible for attacking, along with the near-3,000 lives lost there on the day of 9/11 — would be the ultimate insult to our nation as it would be a recurring insult by Islam of wretched proportions upon the United States.

When all is said and done — having heard many Muslims in media claiming their intentions are “peace” and that they need this mosque at Ground Zero for whatever reasons (most explain that it is an attempt at “cultural” methods for “cultural” goals) are dishonest in their statements in rationalizing why want to build a mosque yet don’t explain why the location at Ground Zero is their (ongoing) target. More Americans need to be bold in confronting these Muslims about their dishonesty: IF they’re intent on “peace,” why, then, are they not offering to go elsewhere to build their mosque/s, and why are they attempting to construct a mosque at Ground Zero specifically? The very attempt contradicts their proclamation of “peace.”

This is a repeat experience of saying ‘no’ to people who are not willing to accept the declination.

Where and when has that happened before? On Flight 93, on Flight 11, on Flight 77 on September 11, 2001….it is the “just sit down and be quiet, do not question, we have the plane…” retort to persons making vociferous objections about what they see about to transpire.

And about that proclamation — that Islam “is a religion of peace” — Americans in general find that an unbelievable selling point. It’s as if Islam is taunting the intelligence and sincerity of others by even proclaiming such, which represents ongoing, intolerable insult of all who are not Muslim. To the contrary, what continues to be proven by such a proclamation by Islam is that Islam is a religion of liars.

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Dot-RedThe Mad Rush to Build the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque
— by Pamela Geller, July 09. 2010


(Ed. Note: typos have been corrected in this reprint.)

Iman whose group is building (the) mosque refuses to disclose where the 100 million to build it is coming from. He also claims Muslims condemn 9/11.

But here’s videos of Muslims preaching hatred and violence against the United States right on the streets of NYC.

Here’s a video of them dancing on the American flag at a Muslim rally in NYC.

Here’s the real feelings of Muslim leaders of such things like 9/11 attacks, British subway bombings, and Osama Bin Laden. Basically, “they haven’t been confirmed to have been Muslims” is the excuse, and then goes on to claim “I can’t call Osama Bin Laden a terrorist because I’ve never met him or knew him personally” etc…

Pamela Geller — who is against the Ground Zero mosque gets bushwacked by Joy Behar on her show. Panel includes a HuffPo moron and woman who is one of the organizers of the mosque. They now claim it’s not a mosque, but “a community center with a small prayer area.”

When Pam bring up the point that the Iman of the mosque was recently quoted as saying during Friday sermons, “why are they all hostile, their grandchildren are going to be Muslims anyway.” Behar’s responses sets a new record for stupidity.

Warning, you’ll need a barf bag.

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