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275wde_Obama_Clearing-His-Head_Wth-Frame Rallied from his latest golf game, Barack Obama makes a phone call to Afghanistan and summons General McChrystal to a face-to-face meeting (so to speak) in the White House. There’s a need today for Obama to pay attention, to be present and not ethereal in that “I’m the smartest guy in the room” sort of way that is oft’ observed about Obama as he strives to be the smartest guy in the room. General McChrystal, after all, is a man well-trained in the gravity of moments.

McChrystal eats one meal a day, Obama consumes everything that is edible in his apparent understanding of his daily job requirements — and if it’s not present, Obama commands it become present or he flies away to be present with it, paid for by whomever is handy. McChrystal runs five to seven miles daily, Obama bounces balls and some of them he bounces very badly. McChrystal is exceptionally talented in matters of military strategy and group leadership, Obama is exceptional at reading from a teleprompter and feels comfortable only when he maintains the distance from others that certain attitudes create, such that he has established himself as a man who hides — in excessive parties and theatrical appearances, in grandiosity, in flowery, unnecessarily elaborate-or-crude language, in overall posturing that generally reveals an anti-social individual.

And yet General McChrystal welcomed a writer (Michael Hastings) from a Leftwing, generally anti-military publication (Rolling Stone) known for it’s enjoyment of being discourteous toward non-Liberal people, places and positions. McChrystal allowed this writer to embed with him and deployed U.S. military personnel, McChrystal either welcomed the opportunity to let it rip via a media expecting to rip-off and otherwise, pawned the game at play, or, he was uncannily conned himself. Whatever McChrystal had in mind strategically, the access McChrystal allowed to the writer is peculiar, to say the least.

The publication source, Rolling Stone, is owned and published by a Democrat with decades of Democratic Party contributions and activism, and the publication has consistently revealed that dedicated Leftwing activism throughout it’s history. That it uses the music industry — or once did — as fare is but the method because it’s not the message: the Leftwing advocacy is the message and always has been. But the publication does maintain a good degree of journalistic talent, give or take some losses, and what is well-written, well-researched and well-documented is sometimes also well coverted toward “change”: what the destination is, use your imagination because the publisher has most certainly considered if not done it.

So I am mystified as to why a General in the U.S. Army — McChrystal, specifically — would even consider allowing a writer from that publication to embed with deployed troops, and particularly to troops deployed to the war in Afghanistan (or any war).

But, as I’ve already written, it just might be that McChrystal needed the outlet and so complied with the request to allow Hastings access as he did. Perhaps the plan is bigger than “just” compromising General McChrystal, perhaps the plan involved compromising the U.S. military, a plan that McChrystal foiled because he stepped up and apologized for the compromises in that Rolling Stone article while the compromises were not, even, McChrystal’s but the magazine’s with Pentagon and Obama Administration guidance.

Whatever the plan, today we go to results: McChrystal meets Obama and Obama gets the fallout. However this is spun later by those scrambling to rally for Obama, it is Obama who is once again outed as incompetent in the Office of the Presidency, a man with a mission to petulently ruin the United States of America and jealous of anyone who gets in his way. In this case, it’s General McChrystal.


Dot-Red How ‘Rolling Stone ‘ Got Into McChrystal’s Inner Circle
Reporter Michael Hastings explains the backstory to the piece that upended a general—and maybe even a war.

(NOTE: I have grave criticisms of Hastings’ many statements to pass-the-buck of responsibility as quoted in that Newsweek article [link, above] — Hastings claims he does his work and the work, then, sorta’ floats on the mist of civilization and whatever happens, Hastings has no control over it after releasing it to do whatever; there is that among many other exceptionally irresponsible statements made by Hastings in that article.)

Dot-Red General Stanley McChrystal has been stitched up by Rolling Stone

An excerpt:

There isn’t very much in the Rolling Stone article requiring an apology from General McChrystal, the man in charge in Afghanistan who has been summoned to the White House. If he does resign, it should not be because of perceived slurs against the White House. They’re not there.

There was a copy of the article available online until recently, which I’ve read, and some excerpts and a news report about it here and here. Basically, the general – or “THE RUNAWAY GENERAL” as he is hysterically referred to – has been the victim of journalist hype. It is the magazine’s editors that call the White House “wimps”, and it is the author that uses almost every f-word in the piece, gratuitously, gratingly, and not while quoting anyone. The only f-word used by someone else is a Brit saying how much some people love McChrystal’s habit of showing up on patrol. (Continued).

And, the reality of the “statements” accredited to General McChrystal despite him not having made them, is that he didn’t make most of what’s of issue:

Dot-Red Robert Gates statement: General Stanley McChrystal survives for now

The tide could be turning on this issue. Reading the full article, it is clear that most of the worst comments are by McChrystal aides and not the general himself. The piece is written with a clear anti-war animus and agenda – it is extremely surprising that neither the Pentagon nor McChrystal’s staff are pushing back against Rolling Stone (though Team McChrystal is doubtless in disarray – his top civilian press aide Duncan Boothby has already resigned). (– Continued as to Gates’ statement).

Dot-Red The article in Rolling Stone with ribald if not enemy-empowering title:


Dot-Red Breaking: General Stanley McChrystal tenders his resignation

A responsible thing for McChrystal to do — submit his resignation — but it’s a shame that Barack Obama won’t.

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  1. Kini says:

    Picking the fly out of his nose.

    Obama couldn’t give McChrystal the troops he needed.
    Now, Obama fires McChrystal, and then sets Pretreaus up for failure.

  2. -S- says:

    Opinions of mine are:

    Obama needed to (try to) save face. General McChrystal (and troops) were but the toss-away for Obama to try to prop himself and his fragile ego ‘up’. Fly-picking from his nose, indeed, the military tossed away.

    I liked (and respected) that General McChrystal resigned (was a brave and heroic thing for him to have done) but the ongoing problem is who in the Pentagon, specifically, set this “gig” up for this particular writer from this particular publication — because obviously the Obama Administration wanted a “get” of McChrystal.

    I’m going to listen to General Mullen’s speech today as also Secretary Gates’ but it looks to me like they are the guilty party, along with ole fragile-ego Barry Obama. I can’t imagine him or anyone in the Left doing so much as to reprimand the writer and Rolling Stone due to the DNC-political support in that regard, which only makes Obama look even more like a wuss in this situation.