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275wde_Elena-Kagan_Activist The Left has had their pleasures while the nation’s attention has been required on other things, but the information about who Elena Kagan is has been available for a while now despite the focus being off her insipid lack of grace in qualifying for the Supreme Court.

However, as with the last Presidential election, “all the information” (or more than enough to inform individuals well) about who Kagan is has been available and yet also been dampened: as with Barack Obama in the last election, the information is there and has been — about the measurable deficits and liabilities, if not outright disturbing associations and beliefs — but those determined to be misled (or support those who mislead) cast the information aside or diminish it’s import. Obama was elected by what can reasonably be described as “mass delusion” and despite growing numbers who voted for him in late 2008 are today expressing concerns about that, it wasn’t as if they didn’t have access to all the information about his troublesome character and goals that the rest of us did. So they voted for him and today are attempting to rationalize why they did but the fact remains, they were willing to be deceived or they were eager to support deception.

The same process is occurring today with the Elena Kagan hearings, her nomination by Barack Obama, amidst his measurable loss of confidence by voters, even those easily swayed, having been made several months ago: time to forget the facts about her and move on, I suppose the plan is.

Who she is and what her goals are — she’s a political lawyer who was appointed to the Dean of Harvard Law by a former Leftwinger, Larry Summers, who (both) have deep association with Goldman-Sachs and the Democratic Party. That’s just for starters, because the extent of Kagan’s character that appears entirely limited to (and by) her political activism career is demonstrative in several key areas that should be red lights to any voter.

Instead, today we the nation suffered through an entirely insipid — was this an intentional strategy by Kagan and the Obama Administration and other Democrats, because I think it was — hearing process: Kagan gave it her most sincere attempts to sound or appear credible with these statements delivered from as if on-high:

Elena Kagan said today:

I will work hard and do my best to do a good job,” and, “I will listen hard.”

The intelligence (or lack thereof) behind such a belligerent (yes, it was belligerent because it was demonstratively condescending) set of statements as that boggles the mind of most sentient beings, certainly does of this voter. If Kagan’s objective is to belittle the intelligence of others to such an extent that they fall asleep just to escape her banalities, then she’s making a dent in that regard.

This site has created a dedicated page for developing information about Elena Kagan — and what is revealed in these links is not a profile of someone balanced in judicial philosophy but, rather, one immersed in political activism.

Political activism has no place on the Supreme Court, which exists to apply our U.S. Constitution. The Court does not exist to create laws or manufacture “creative” or new information, but to apply information that pre-exists any consideration of a challenge, as stated in the Constitution.

Political activists such as Elena Kagan don’t apply Constitutional content to challenges, they impose political opinions to challenges and Kagan’s bizarre condescension by way of a dedication to the insipid today before Congress proves that she is both a crafty politico and an unreliable source for legal inquiries as to the Constitution.

And, political activists of Kagan’s beliefs maintain that the Constitution is an inconvenience as it exists, that it “should be modified” at will to accommodate cultural (read, socio-political) desires by whoever can manage a rewrite. Obama maintains this view so it’s no surprise that he continues to nominate to the Court others who believe likewise (as Kagan does, as, earlier, Sotomayor did despite her being since confirmed).

Rather, the Constitution exists and requires only one thing: to be applied. It creates our nation, it forms and directs our nation, it’s contents are sacrosanct in that regard and the only possible means to alter the Constitution (per the Constitution) is by Amendment process — and that requires not the Supreme Court (nor any Court, not a duty of the Justice Department) but the American voters to determine what is an Amendment and what isn’t (by citizen vote).

Instead, Kagan and other political activists like her (many on the Left, particularly, who deem the Constitution subservient to Leftwing opinion) view our Constitution as an encumberance and view the Judiciary as the source of enforcing Leftwing opinion, not not as the venue by which the Constitution is to be applied but one by which laws are to be created. The Supreme Court is the “ultimate” or last voice on Constitutional content in relationship with legal challenges, and, an activist creating content on the Supreme Court would be, literally, a non-Constitutional entity.

So let Kagan exercise her political activism as an attorney or administrator or both to her political party of association (the DNC), let her rein with subservient social worship of the forced, coerced kind on any college or university campus, let her fund-raise and manipulate monies for her peers, whatever, but keep her off the Supreme Court.

But, as with the election of Barack Obama, we see today and hear (and read) the drunkards among the easily-swayed and party loyalists and other socio-activists with their causes and primes, all predetermining that it’s a foregone confirmation of Kagan to the Court. That is, I hear and read Liberals today opining that the Republic no longer exists, that doom is inevitable, Kagan’s in, opposition is futile, don’t try, relent, give up, you lost…

Indeed, that summarizes Barack Obama’s primary goal for this nation, certainly his disrespect for it’s citizens. That he has nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court proves how little he regards who we are: our Constitution.

Dot-Red-SML Reference/Reading (dedicated page on Elena Kagan with developing links.)

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