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“The United Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists”

Mark Steyn again identifies — and does so so very well — the brazenly stupid among us, the two major “types” of human beings who exist in these days of Whine and Poses:

Crying Lone Wolf [Mark Steyn]

Whenever something goofy happens — bomb in Times Square, mass shootings at a US military base, etc. — there seem to be two kinds of reactions:

a) Some people go, “Hmm. I wonder if this involves some guy with a name like Mohammed who has e-mails from Yemen.”

b) Other people go, “Don’t worry, there’s no connection to terrorism, and anyway, even if there is, it’s all very amateurish, and besides he’s most likely an isolated extremist or lone wolf.”

Unfortunately, everyone in category (b) seems to work for the government.

…By the way, there are so many of these isolated extremists and lone wolves, they surely belong to the United Amalgamated Union of Lone Wolves and Isolated Extremists.

In a conversation I had just a few days ago with someone online, I remarked that it was irresponsible to avoid identifying terrorists who are Muslim with the Nation of Islam-as-it-promotes-terrorism (and some of it’s theology does promote terrorism and other acts of depravity be upon others by members of that “religion”).

It’s wrong and irrational not to identify the source and the origination of certain problems that manifest upon our nation as originating in and being perpetrated upon us by Muslims. I am not suggesting — never have — that we target or identify anyone who is Muslim as a potential or actual terrorist, but the beliefs they “all” hold do work their way toward terrorism and other acts of violence upon others: it is an aspect of what their theology espouses.

To avoid and/or deny that point is just stupid as it is also dishonest and misleading to a point of placing oneself, others and this nation at increased, ongoing risk.

Politically, I can understand why politicians maintain — or try to — their sort of disenfected, impersonal, imprecise language when asked to address issues: they don’t want to lose votes, they want to encourage financial and resource donations, they can’t be straightforward especially in a “multi-cultural” environment such as we have become because someone will inevitably take offense on a subjective level to something said or suggested by any politician.

This isn’t necessarily or inherently “bad” that the offenses are taken (and can reliably be said to be taken regardless of what is said and how) by someone, but that politicians in this mixed-messaging get by and into office (and stay there) by never saying what they actually mean and intend to do. So what they mean and intend is later revealed after they’re in office and acting out toward what they had in mind all along but never admitted to having planned. We’re cheated oftentimes as voters by these “practical” minded politicians avoiding truths and candor because they’ve figured out how to gain office by avoiding both, and, the nation suffers from it.

As to national security, however, immigration, border security, aspects that affect our nation — the entire population, individuals and overall — by threat of violence (destructive deeds, violent acts by others upon our nation and/or individuals of our nation, our infrastructure and the people associated with it), when the issues affect our very lives physically, then, it seems it’s ‘only’ responsible for politicians to speak candidly, to be frank when significant information is required by the public to simply survive.

Instead, we get this “don’t talk about it, don’t name it, you can’t possibly identify the threat by name, type, who, what…” thing.

Where Muslims are concerned, the theology they identify may and does — so it’s said — contain certain “beautiful” aspects but the theology overall works it’s way eventually toward destroying others who aren’t insiders. By merely labeling human beings “infidels” and “dhimmis” and our nation as “the great satan” as Islam does (among other labels), Islam negatively stereotypes many millions of human beings as being “sub-human” or less than decently, acceptably human as equals. It establishes the idea that to be Muslim is to be blessed and human and not to be Muslim is to be sub-standard and in many cases, in need of being eradicated, especially as to certain ethnicities and beliefs.

The Nation of Islam has proven — if you’re paying even a modicum of attention to even so much as some of their theology — that they will not coexist with others, that their end goal is not to coexist but to either convert or eradicate (by various methods).

I read about the state of Hawaii having created “Islam Day” as a state holiday while they decline to do likewise for, say, Judaism, Christianity or other religions. For some quirky but terminally-naive, foolish reason, the state now observes Islam in paid holiday for government employees and the predictable ceremonies. It’s hardly coincidental that the state has also taken up the promotions of Barack Obama in the same breath that they’ve created their Islam Day. Unfortunately for Hawaii, it’s not about their preservation that this has occurred: Hawaii’s “Islam Day” is observed there on September 11.

So far, Muslims have been and continue to be responsible for many of the international terrorist attacks upon other nations and our own. Calling them “radicalized Muslims” is inaccurate because it’s “Muslim” that is “radical”. It’s not “radicalized,” it’s “typical” as and when one embraces and believes the very theology espoused.

After the nabbing of the latest of those — a Muslim, Faisal Shahzad — after his bombing attempt in New York City, I anticipate that the standard, predictably misleading politicians from among the appeasers will offer speeches about the ‘finer things’ they believe about Muslims, there will be articles — in the Left’s magazines, vanity spouts on their television shows and in the Washington Post and New York Times and the ever incompetent HuffPo and icky, sickly DailyKos — about how it is that Muslims are being “unfairly targeted” and that what’s wrong with the world really, really is the White man (with or without guns), Tea Partier Grandmas and Grandpas with the Grandkids and the ever-handy slur about anyone who identifies as a Christian. And they will, of course, not forget to include Sarah Palin.

It’s the Left who shares a fascist view of humanity, not the Right. Fascism compliments and cohabitates quite nicely with Islam — they fit together like two weights on a lifevest: to sink to the bottom whoever puts the thing on. Lucky for the rest of us we can still identify the bad weight from the good, even if it’s not “politically correct” to name the liabilities.

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