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The grim reality about illegal immigration is that illegal aliens in the U.S. and those attempting illegal entry know they’re engaged in crime against and in the U.S. — the grim reality is they just don’t care.

The crimes against our nation do represent war by a mixed-nationality (but “nation” nonetheless) invading the United States. The intentional carelessness at the harms they engage in against our nation represents the gritty desperation that characterizes war: one group pits themselves aggressively in abandon of all social, cultural and legal restraints against another.

Warfare has rules but the illegal immigration “nation” (or general population of those responsible for the acts) have long since disregarded any rules of combat and have resorted to utter contempt for the boundaries of a civilization — characteristic of a population who has invested everything in destroying themselves by destroying others.

Because drug cartels and other barbaric groups (who then characterize the community or ‘population’) in many areas of Central and South America have not originated out of thin air: the people in those areas are directly responsible for the rotten conditions and groups they’ve created and which they work quite seriously to protect and maintain. Illegal immigration from those areas — from whence the majority of illegal immigration originates, second only to that from Asia — is but a product of what’s rotting in those areas, culturally, socially, economically, communally. They are not attempting to “escape” their own dismal conditions, they, these populations, are attempting to proliferate them elsewhere. In our context, then, that means the U.S.A.

So there are no limitations by this invading group as with previous ones making similar attempts (upon the U.S. and upon other civilizations): bomb Pearl Harbor to smithereens, starve and abuse captives and hostages, abandon any semblance to civilization, go wanton.

Individuals acting wantonly in destructive acts against another are held responsible if captured, but once this lack of behavioral standards is communal — millions of people, entire nations, entire ethnicities, races, all engaging in these shared destructive behaviors — war is present.

I can’t say that Mexico as a nation is at war with the United States of America but it does appear that the majority of it’s people — culturally, by majority engaged in a “Mexican” cultural identity — are, indeed, at war with the U.S. Certainly there are other nations by political definition engaged in this warfare against the U.S. (it’s not too difficult to identify who they most likely are, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and the drug cartels that are nations unto themselves according to their crime structure from among all of those and more), but the identity of those waging this war against the U.S. are, by and large, a shared ethnicity group or a “nation” identifying by ethnicity and communal desire to harm us.

Harm can be as subtle as petty theft exploitation but exploitation is rarely limited to the subtle, and particularly isn’t subtle when it’s on a communal level inflicted upon another nation or civilization. So others intent on inflicting harm upon the U.S. are, indeed, at war and are, indeed, not at war in a subtle fashion nor in an accidental one — no, the war that is being waged upon us is intentional.

Criticizing the state of Arizona — for something as minor as empowering their law enforcement to inquire about immigration status — is plain old cowardice, it’s the language of people who seek to ridicule those who defend themselves against assault, against exploitation, against war. In other words, it’s the language and act of treachery by those in our nation who take a state to task for common defense positions. Noted is that most of the criticism about Arizona’s SB1070 is also based upon hateful fantasies about “possibilities” from the minds of those attacking the legislation as also the state for passing the law: the attacks on SB1070 are extensions of the war that’s taking place upon the nation.

When property is destroyed, when goods and services are stolen, abused and exploited, when citizens’ lives are threatened on a daily basis — and for years, ongoing, becoming a permanent condition created and perpetuated by a foreign or invading group upon a state of the U.S.A. — when these conditions exist in the U.S.A. as caused by a foreign, intrusive (uninvited, not legal, illegitimate, criminal) group (or “nation”, organized crime, organized communal effort to attack another), then it is, indeed, war.

Having expensive, pretty dinners — at U.S. taxpayer expense — and making speeches about nonsense that denies that these conditions exist — as Barack Obama is doing today with Mexico’s President Calderon as he visits the U.S.A. capital — represents servicing the adversarial, not addressing it. Obama declines to so much as read Arizona’s new legislation, as has been revealed through his hapless, incompetent representatives, Attorney General, Eric Holder and head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, yet they threaten the state of Arizona with federal retaliation for Arizona’s SB1070, they threaten U.S. citizens for responding in self-defense to desperate times…

…this unreliable response by this Administration and others in our federal governments — as also those in the U.S. who are engaged on an ethnic level against our nation in loyalty to the damages being done from outside our borders — this reveals people who are engaged in and responsible for this war, this war against the United States of America.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Reference:

Immigrant Population Costs Arizona Taxpayers $2.7 Billion
— note the inaccurate use of the word, “immigrant” rather than the correct term of “illegal immigrant”.

Immigrant crossings into Arizona on the rise
— Note Mr. Altamirano who could not care less that he inflicts harms on others, that what he is engaging in is criminal behavior, which is the same retort heard so many times over and over again from others like him, they don’t care that what they do is criminal, illicit, damaging to others, whatever, no standards, no semblance to the rules of civilization, Mr. Altamirano, who is not a U.S. citizen, who is a product of another population that is determined to violate and continue to violate the U.S.A.:

Gonzalo Altamirano, a 19-year-old mechanic from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, jumped over a fence into Arizona from Agua Prieta. He surrendered to authorities after waiting two days for a van that never arrived.

It was Altamirano’s second time crossing illegally into the United States — he lived and worked in Oklahoma for nine months in 2007 before getting so homesick he returned to Mexico. He intends to try again.

“I’m poor and will always look for a way to cross,” he said. “Even if they add more security or whatever.”

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— Janet Napolitano, Head of Homeland Security, admits she hasn’t read Arizona’s SB 1070 but she’s sure, under testimony, that “it’s not a bill (she) would have signed” and other outrageous — and misguided as in, blind and drunk on arrogant lies — deceitful statements at home and abroad by the current Administration.

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