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The predictable, rank groups showed up in Boston earlier today to try their whackadooie worst to make fools of themselves. It’s become so routine, these silly people, even for Boston, this “organized labor against the people of the United States of America” (including the organized laborious destructiveness from unhappiness-activists with keyboards and !masks!).

Doing the Stupid Grind amidst the American public attending a Tea Party Rally today in Boston, Massachusetts (Partiers who were peacefully assembled and respectfully behaved, listening to — among others — Sarah Palin deliver a high-pitched but heroic speech), grinding stupidly were the predictable, rank groups:

SEIU/union thug/ACORN type outfit(s)” while limpy activists with raging fingers did their boy-oh nasty on the internet, organizing their predictable bad attitudes from sites such as “bailoutpeople DOT org” — though, apparently, as Left Coast Rebel has discovered, a site named “International Action Center” is Whackadooie Central:

Also, I googled USW + Boston Tea Party and found that the International Action Center organized this bunch (see screenshot, scroll to bottom of page).

Website Left Coast Rebel has much more: screenshots of the event, including captures of the predictably masked Whackadooies and others unmasked making efforts to turn awaaaay from any camera when they weren’t running people over from the Whackadooies among the United Steelworkers of America, Local 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers.

And here many of us assumed our children, elderly, handicapped and other public transported were reasonably safe riding buses…

Here’s a bit from Left Coast Rebel:

UPDATED x7: Now here is some (in) civility for you. I was going through Youtube user GarretQuinn3000’s videos of the Boston Tea Party and found his taping of a radical leftist group disrupting the peaceful event:

I screen shot one of the signs:

(Pictured) leftist group boston (please see this and more at Left Coast Rebel).

Not so subtle, eh? “You’re Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay! Tea Party Bigots, Go Away!” If this is the left’s idea of infiltrating the Tea Party movement then I don’t think we have anything to worry about. The group has a site – Readers – are you familiar with this group? After perussing the site it looks like an SEIU/union thug/ACORN type outfit.

I did some more screen shots. First the Asian girl with the audio device at the beginning of the video that is screaming about Sarah Palin. Ironically she screams about ‘someone pushing her’ while her USW union thugs push through the crowd. The guy in the jean jacket is bouncing around so violently that he even looks like he is throwing punches. (Editor’s correction – the guy in the jean jacket is actually a Palin supporter and is agitating the group by yelling, “I love Sarah!”) I couldn’t tell what her sign says other than “Abortion is Health Care &….”:

(Pictured) USW thugs asian girl (please see this and more at Left Coast Rebel).

She is flanked by USW (updated via Gateway Pundit, United Steelworkers of America, Local 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers, nice!) union thugs. You can clearly see “USW Taskforce” on their yellow shirts (see the photos and read the full story at Left Coast Rebel)…


April 14, 2010 Boston Tea Party Express Rally at Boston Common Updated with Pictures; Updated Again – VIDEO Screenshots Leftist USW Activists
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— By Michelle Malkin

(*) Ed. Note: “Crash the Tea Party founder” is “Jason Levin“, a public school teacher in Oregon. Anti Americanism is for the children, apparently, in Levin’s creepy world:

Crash course: Your illustrated guide to the Tea Party saboteurs
– By Michelle Malkin

…but it’s the Democratic Party (scroll, mid-way on page) who are behind the saboteurs, to no one’s surprise:

Information War:
— From Lance Fairchok at American Thinker

Anti-Tea Party website linked to union funds
— By Rick Moran at American Thinker

375wde_ZombieDemocrat-ProtestsTeaParty More about this Jason Levin Whackadooie: he wants heroin and polygamy (among other things — seems he is keen on promoting the wearing of Nazi uniforms) legalized and is too chicken to go skinhead so he just mows his scalp a bit more than most. It’s amusing that Levin promotes himself (or is promoted) by a photochop of himself as a Jedi Knight, what with Levin being keen on just about everything that a Jedi Knight, Stage Age Four, would recognize, innately, as the realm of the loser.

Jason Levin needs to go home and rethink his life.

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