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Have you thanked Obama yet? He’s resentful that he’s not being thanked, so he said yesterday from the Democratic Party fundraiser (under guise of “he’s just coming over for a Marguerita”) at the Miami, Florida home of entertainer Gloria Estefan and husband (so much for the fanfare from the Estefans about their not supporting Marxist regimes – now they’re actively fundraising for he-who-Fidel-Castro endorses).

Have you thanked Obama yet? He’s resentful that he’s not being thanked, says he’s “been a little amused that people’ve been havin’ these rallies…” referring to — obviously — the nationwide Tea Party rallies taking place by Americans fed-up and out of patience with ongoing and growing adverse conditions brought about by an increasingly deaf and super-engourging government.

But have you thanked Obama yet? Why does he harass the American public in this demanding — by resentful reprimand, by ridicule of the public — of a “thank you”. 300wde_Obama-Idol_WantsToBeThanked

Obama needs and wants you to thank him, something one should never ask of others. But Obama’s ego in his largesse of attention, entertainment, life of fandom and all that heavy lifting in being an idol, his ego needs to hear how you thank him, how I thank him, how we — what — how we bow to the Obama…

I’d like to thank Barack Obama for showing his backside all over the world so that we the American people know just where to punt the guy out of the White House in November 2012.

And that nose-picking “live” broadcast all around the world from the “Health Care Summit” in the White House, I’d like to thank Barack Obama for showing everyone what a crass, disrespectful waste of space this man is in the U.S. Presidency: his nose-picking a reflection of his disrespect for us all — as if more ‘works’ by Obama were needed to establish such.

Here’s a more sanitized list of thanks (from Rush Limbaugh from video above) as transcribed by Freedom’s Lighthouse (Rush Limbaugh: “Thank You, Mr. President” – Video 4/16/10):

Limbaugh decided to “oblige” Obama by thanking him for:

-Seizing General Motors and Chrysler
-Appointing a pervert as our safe schools czar
-The generational theft that you have committed
-Insulting and endangering Israel
-Driving up the unemployment rate
-Exploding the annual deposit
-Targeting and destroying private health insurance companies
-Pushing for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to stand trial in New York City
-Helping to destroy the housing market
-Your arrogance, and your divisiveness
-Mocking and disrespecting the American people
-Your never ending support of new Black Panthers and for ACORN
-Embracing our enemies and snubbing our allies

Finally, Limbaugh said, “Most of all Mr. President, thank you for arousing the sleeping silent majority, because we have been asleep for too long. November is coming Mr. President, that is when we will really thank you.”


Fidel Castro Endorses Obama — Again
– By American Thinker, October 2008


Notice the ongoing endorsement by Fidel Castro for Barack Obama, including recent gleeful recognition and support by Castro of Obama’s “health care” mess.

That the Estefans — who have made a great deal of publicity in promoting themselves in the U.S. as “anti-Castro” — would host a fundraiser for Barack Obama ruins the Estefans’ credibility, and well it should.

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