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The Navy’s decision to name a ship after former Senator John Murtha is not only obscene but it’s an affront of the most extreme to our nation’s military honor. Which seems to be the objective of the naming, after hearing hateful Democrats effusively attempting reasonable justification for this rotten deed, sinking all hopes of representing decent ethics in and by those attempts.

John Murtha despicably, hatefully and deceitfully claimed that the U.S. Marines had “murdered women and children” in Iraq in Murtha’s disgusting Democrat attempt to reduce the U.S. War in Iraq to sheer criminal barbarism.

John Murtha also, as if nore was necessary to know the rotten core of this man, Murtha also worked as if obsessively determined to reduce funding for deployed U.S. troops. His campaign to reduce, deny, under supply and otherwise weaken deployed troops was despicable, especially while under the guise of somehow “providing” for them as the ranking Democrat on the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee. To compensate that true nature, or try to for public face purposes, Murtha visited wounded troops and conveyed his sympathy, telling them deceitfully that he’d give them what they needed if they’d just let him know what that was. Murtha was the guy who single-handedly worked to ensure they were disabled in the field, then loitered (with press and other publicity) over their wounded numbers afterward. A ghoul is what Murtha was, a ghoul.

Yet the Navy today — as also other Democrats — cheer Murtha as having been “courageous” in “speaking out against the War in Iraq” as if Murtha’s hateful and quite insane slurs against the U.S. Marines (if not the U.S. military entirely) represented anything even tolerably reasonable, much moreso heroic as is being currently attempted to be rewritten about Murtha’s pitiful legacy.

Had the Navy decided to name a ship after Fidel Castro or perhaps after Somali pirates — the U.S.S. John Pirate — it would be equally offensive as this Murtha titling (or, maybe, the U.S.S. Ghoul would be most fitting in reference to John Murtha).

Of all the heroes from our midst who the Navy might honor in perpetuity by titling a ship after an individual, how they settled on John Murtha is quite obvious: to the Left, to today’s Democrats, John Murtha’s disgusting lies and quite possible ethical wasteland are ‘good things’ (Murtha’s ethical character and possible criminal deeds remain ‘unresolved’). As also Murtha’s determined behavior and actions to underfund our deployed military, to, literally, cripple their capabilities while deployed: that, the Democrats and some in the Pentagon today claim represents Murtha being noteworthy and meriting a ship named after him. The world of ethics swirls in a bowl…

This act by the Secretary of the Navy is the Leftwing sticking their finger in the eye of U.S. military credibility and by that, dishonoring the American people (who did support the War in Iraq and continue to). Witness Nancy Pelosi so enjoying this ‘honoring’ of John “Jack” Murtha: Pelosi referring to John Murtha as “our dear Jack” is the speech of devils.

Interject here as reminder that John Murtha referred to Americans as “racists” and “rednecks”. That’s in addition to Murtha’s slurs about the U.S. Marines as “murderers”. Neither slur was ever retracted nor apologized for by Murtha.

Murtha’s murky cowardice represents a poster image to the Democrats, to the Leftwing politically and emotionally, of all things hateful to and about U.S. citizens who engage in honorable service to this nation. To the Left, dishonorably lying about honorable service is a good thing.

The U.S. Marines who John Murtha despicably slurred — all but one have been cleared of Murtha’s disgusting allegations and that one remaining is pending outcome — have been cleared of the disgusting deeds Murtha imagined them having done (“murder” among those disgusting deeds from Murtha’s dark, hateful recesses). Murtha never retracted nor apologized for his barbarous, hideous gossip and carried on with his determination that the U.S. Marines and the War in Iraq were rotten. Murtha’s screwy ethical behaviors during his elected terms in the U.S. Senate (a Democrat) have never been fully aired or investigated despite the current equally dubious White House having recently “cleared” Murtha — just closed the ongoing investigation of his criminal behavior (knock-off the questions, refuse any further inquiry, “clear” the issue).

Earlier today, a shrill creep bearing the screen title of “former Representative Martin Frost” (a Democrat) appeared on Fox News’ Kelly’s Court and barnstormed the broadcast with not only defense of John Murtha’s hideous legacy but also with knifing the American public, claiming numerous times that “(criticism of this act by the Navy of naming a ship after John Murtha) is a far rightwing (effort)” to ruin John Murtha, “because Murtha was first to condemn the War in Iraq”.

Not surprisingly — understating the obvious here — this “former Representative Martin Frost” who blames “the far rightwing” (that means, Americans to Mr. Frost) is a contributor to the Leftwing political propaganda source, Politico and is, also not at all surprisingly, a former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus and former chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The Left runs deeply disturbed throughout this nation: witness Martin Frost.

When reminded by Kelly during todays’ broadcast that many Americans agree that the deed is disgusting, offensive, etc. (naming a Naval ship after Murtha) — “3,000 people signed the facebook page” decrying this deed — the former Representative (Frost, a Democrat) continued his hateful tirade by slurring Americans, saying “three thousand people?! Three thousand people?! You can get three thousand people to vote to move the Capital from D.C. to Boise, Idaho!” Mr. Frost thinks you’re stupid, I’m stupid, Americans are stupid, we’ll vote for anything

Apparently, the Democrats-and-Murtha-hate-America-infection even reviles Boise, Idaho.

Our nation should, at least, start correcting this dastardly deed by firing the current Secretary of the Navy who brought this abomination about (naming a U.S. Naval ship after John the Pirate Murtha), because, obviously, there’s a conflict of interest present for Mr. Ray Mabus.


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From Sweetness & Light:

“…we hear this today, via the terrorist enablers at Reuters:”

“Murtha Touts Way to Choke Off Iraq War”

“They won’t be able to continue. They won’t be able to do the deployment. They won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work. There’s no question in my mind,” the Pennsylvania Democrat said.

Murtha, an ex-Marine in his 18th term, made his remarks in a webcast on, which hopes to influence Congress to stop the war in Iraq.

John Murtha: “Marines Killed In Cold Blood”

Murtha to MoveOn: “I’ll Force Redeployment”

Sweetness & Light’s archives on Murtha (unfortunately, there is much, much more as to Murtha’s rank character, or lack thereof):

— Barack Obama adopts John Murtha jive talk to jive talk health care



Read more about the dastardly blowhard, Mr. Martin Frost, promoter of John Murtha today on Fox News, from this 2004 article about his massive duplicity and keep in mind that Frost is a contributor to Politico as he is also “former” Chairman of the Democratic Caucus and former chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and he condemns Americans while he defends — and promotes — Jack Murtha:

The Truth Hurts Martin Frost (D.-TX)
– By Joe Guzzardi

For sheer entertainment value, nothing tops watching Congressional open borders advocates go ballistic when they’re publicly confronted with their own outrageous positions.

You’d expect more decorum from men who have been in the national spotlight for most of their adult life.

A month ago, Representative Chris Cannon (R.-Utah) disgraced himself. During a House Judiciary Immigration subcommittee hearing, Cannon carried on a Joe McCarthy-like interrogation of two of the immigration reform movement’s most moderate voices—NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation Executive Director Roy Beck and Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian.

Now Democratic Texas Representative Martin Frost—also being held accountable for his pro-illegal alien agenda—has blown his stack, too.

Like Cannon, Frost has a terrible record on immigration. According to Americans for Better Immigration, Frost’s grade is “F”.

And like Cannon, when Frost was forced to defend himself, he instantly played the race card.

Texas redistricting has created a new 32nd District in Dallas. In what may be one of the closest November Congressional races, Frost—a 13 term Congressman from the current 24th District—will face 32nd District incumbent Republican Congressman Pete Sessions whose immigration record is A+.

What set Frost off is that, in the midst of this tough race that could end his Congressional career, he has been backed into a corner because of his co-sponsorship of H.R. 3271, the laughably-named Earned Legalization and Family Reunification Act.

H.R. 3271 would:

* Give 6.5 million illegal aliens (1.2 million who live in Texas) an immediate blanket amnesty from all current penalties of their immigration law breaking.

* Give those illegal aliens the right to legally work in the U.S., to qualify for permanent residency and to be put on the path to U.S. citizenship.

* Give 250,000 additional aliens an unobstructed path to enter the U.S. to work.

To alert Dallas voters to Frost’s disastrous bill, the Washington-based Coalition for the Future of the American Worker purchased airtime for two weeks on four major Dallas television stations: ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Here are excerpts from the ad:

* “With Dallas unemployment at 6.7% and hundreds of thousands of Texans jobless, his bill will import 250,000 more foreign workers every year to take jobs and drive down wages.”

* “With Parkland Memorial Hospital costing Dallas taxpayers millions in unpaid bills, his bill encourages more abuse of our health care system by illegal aliens.

* With Dallas schools so crowded they violate student teacher ratio laws, his bill will add to the problem.”

* “With your kids struggling to pay for college, he’s even sponsoring a bill that gives in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens.”

Frost’s reaction was to deny that he supports amnesty and immediately charge that Sessions was hiding behind the “white sheets of white supremacy.”

This type of charge — “You’re not a racist but all your supporters are!” — is fashionable now. Instead of intelligent discourse about H.B 3271, Frost attempted to create a new debate about whether the Klu Klux Klan was maneuvering behind the scenes to defeat him.

Frost, apparently aware of the criticism that would be leveled, proclaimed to Dallas Morning News reporter Dave Levinthal that he supports the First Amendment. (“Frost says Sessions Should Denounce Immigration Ads”, April 7, 2004)

Regarding the Coalition ads, Frost said: “I have no idea what they’re talking about, quite frankly. I’m for the freedom of the press. I’m for the First Amendment. But I’m not for people to lie with impunity.”

But no sooner did Frost utter those words than he shelled out big bucks to stifle the free speech he claims to support. Frost hired leading Dallas public relations firms and the Washington D.C.-based law firm of Perkins Coie to pressure the television stations to drop the ads.

Of the four stations, only the NBC affiliate NBC5 (Dallas) pulled out prior to the expiration of the two week contracted period. [Email NBC5 at, or]

Frost’s next step to cover up his pro-illegal immigration bias was to call on Sessions to sign a “Clean Campaign Pledge” to “disavow any television, radio, direct mail, e-mail or telephone calls that are not specifically and publicly authorized by our campaigns and to publicly condemn the sponsors of any such unauthorized effort.”

To date, nothing concrete has been determined regarding the “Clean Campaign Pledge” although the two campaign staffs have tentatively agreed to meet.

Judging by the Dallas dust up, Frost’s commitment to free speech can best be labeled “tentative.” (Read the article in full)


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