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Gabriella Speaks City Council Meeting April 27, 2010 (Video)

The Council of the City of Tucson convened a special meeting and resident, U.S. citizen, Gabriella Cesito (sp?) spoke in support of Arizona’s SB1070 (and against an idea proposed to the Council, that the City of Tucson should sue the State of Arizona regarding SB1070).

Gabriella’s statements reflect a lot of us citizens’ perspectives — though I am not a resident of Arizona nor am I a naturalized U.S. citizen (nor am I Hispanic – and I continue to wonder just why that would make any difference to anyone but I acknowledge that it does), I share her views. And from what I’ve read since this legislation (SB1070) was signed last week, it appears that many Americans nationwide share the views as expressed by Gabrielle.

However, unfortunately, as seems the case in all controversial issues, the media cover the critics if not represents them, and, conjures up tangential issues such as race and ethnicity to create a secondary argument, among other pursuits.

The nation quite likely has far more like Gabrielle than the media and Progressive politicians will ever acknowledge, and certainly the state of Arizona does what with the voters of Arizona in support of SB1070 (and Governor Jan Brewer for signing it) in high percentages.

I note that all — all — the condemnation and ugly gossip in general about SB1070 and the state of Arizona for passing this legislation is entirely by those who use a racial and/or ethnic context to defend themselves. The arguments against SB1070 contain greatly exaggerated — to a point of delusions, ugly fantasies, sick projections upon others — contexts that eventually result in racial and ethnic supremacy condemnations of others: the complaints are BY racial and ethnic supremacists condemning the legislation, an entire state and Arizona citizens from a “superior” or supremacy position based upon the critics’ own negative racial stereotypes and their own racial or ethnic supremacy perspectives.

Headline after headline is found in a simple news search by these sorts, including celebrities and Leftwing politicians who do not reflect that they’ve even read the legislation — their accusations are as if they’ve woken from nightmares and are sure the boogey man of their bad dream is in Arizona and he isn’t the same race or ethnicity as they are…it’s exceptionally sick stuff of the hysteria-kind.

And I’m sure there’ll be far more of it seen tomorrow if not much worse (using the last “May Day protests” from 2008 as examples).

Somewhere, however, there are sane people such as Gabrielle in Tucson.

Dot-Red-ARROW READ THE LEGISLATION, SB1070: nothing in it about “race” or “ethnicity” or “nation of origin” (or gender or even age).

The Arizona State legislature has clarified portions of SB1070 to make it more clear as to the issues of race, ethnicity and national origin (which are being used to condemn the legislation unfairly).




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