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I was reading Free Republic and found this post by someone registered/commenting there by the I.D. of “Lady Jag”.

As can be seen there, their comments include a link to a site — not mine — that’s hosting a copy of one of my graphic files (though my credit/sig. “-S-” is not included — sometimes I include my credit/signature mark on my graphics, sometimes I don’t, but the earliest publish date of that image file [by me, my image, just after I rendered it] is on this domain in June 2008). I’m not objecting to my image files being displayed on Free Republic (not at all), just that a file of mine was copied by someone else (not that site but by one of their users) and then redisplayed by that individual/whomever without accreditation.

And though I discontinued hotlinking after I found many instances of hotlinking to my files in, lo, well over 2,000 instances, I don’t mind hotlinking when someone — a site owner, a forum administrator, a single and considerate user — contacts me and asks me if it’s alright to hotlink to my image files (and it’s from a site whose purpose I support).

At present, I allow hotlinking for a few sites of my liking, which is entirely a subjective decision of mine — but it’s a challenge when I see my image files of my original graphics copied by others and then hosted elsewhere (I can’t control that behavior, other than disabling right-clicking but there are several methods to work around that if one wants to copy image files, so I’m not sure I see the point of disabling right-clicking).

Copying my graphics is a means to avoid asking for permission to hotlink to the original files as hosted on this domain, I realize, but in the case of Free Republic, they’re already listed in my .htaccess file as being allowed to hotlink, though they never requested such (I support that site’s purpose, so I allow that site to hotlink to my graphics as their users there wish).

I will simply have to start including my credit-mark on all my digital graphics…’cause I admit it, I do still like (and appreciate) being credited for my work but as to internet access to image files, seems the responsibility for that credit rests with me as to placing my signature mark on my files before I publish them [and before they’re harvested by others]).

Here’s that original image file of mine — of my graphic — that I first published on this site (June 2008), without my credit included:


So, someone’s copied that file of mine, is hosting it elsewhere and is then displaying it on another site (in this specific case, Free Republic). Though I am glad that the graphic has made a big enough impact that others find it worth displaying.

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