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Why mince words when the future of our nation is at stake? That’d be the United States of America as to that nation of ours, the one that was written into history by our Constitution that established a land defined as a Republic, as it also names Capitalism as the economic machination upon and by which our nation is defined.

Why mince words when the future existence of our Republic is at stake, is being advanced upon for purposes of being “fundamentally transformed” by a Socialist with Socialist peers chewing away to help him gnaw through the nation’s knees?

Why mince words when the nation is in the water and the crocodiles are closing in? I can’t mince words under our current circumstances and efforting to be “moderate” and make-nice and write modulated expressions make as little sense to me today as it would to pause to pet those crocodiles in that water under those circumstances: not going to happen, would not assist me (as nation, as representative of our nation, from my individual perspective as a citizen of this nation, in that hypothetical body of water).

Today, the very survival of citizens and of the nation itself is at stake, the stake being that it continues as who and what it’s created to be — safe on the shore of that water — or it’s “fundamentally changed” to be something else then posing with the same name but another thing altogether: digested by crocodiles, their meal already consumed, refuse rearranged.

Many people — citizens, our nation in many individuals expressing itself — are asking (as we’ve been asking for a while now), “what’s the rush, what’s the emergency, why does this ‘health care’ thing ‘have to happen now‘”. We’ve been asking, no answers have been forthcoming: it’s just all about doing it now because, so the Obama Administration and the rest of the Socialists among the Democratic majority in Congress at present proclaim, “we just have to do this, it has to happen now, it has to be done.”

Yet those making such “emergency” proclamations have explained (or offered to explain at all) why that is so, so, their demands come off as, first, political staging and over time have reduced into, second, a puddle of mysterious, likely if not probable infectious goo: we know they’re lying, nothing of such “transformational” proportions as changing a very large portion of our economy — if not modifying how our nation is defined, by what economy and economic process, by dubious infringements and assaults upon our Constitution — nothing of such gargantuon proportions cannot be allowed without exceptional, verifiable, well-discussed explanations.

Not so much as discussions by Barack Obama and the Socialists in the Democratic Congressional majority have been held with the Congressional Republicans (Barack Obama’s miserable grandstanding of his one-time, one-day “health care summit” was failed theatre and everyone who watched that production was aware that it was). Obama makes speeches, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House — both, exceptionally skewered Socialists in mind, heart and certainly politics (“collective redistribution” and “government owned and controlled” which are both their goals and operative perspectives cinches them in the Karl Marx-addled range) — yet none of their speeches offers credible information that begins to effect anyone else as evidence, or, reasonable explanations as to why the “emergency” exists.

Their speeches, grandiose redundancies of insipid emotional proclamations to a point of psychic disturbance (theirs), none of these are foundational explanations that even begin to justify their ongoing hot-headed madness toward wrecking (“fundamentally transforming”) the U.S. economy if not our nation itself.

After a year of this now, I am left with the conclusion that what I am witnessing as a citizen — and what the nation is being affronted with at this time in history — is a political coup. What else would you call it? And do we speak politely to it or do we plow it down? The answer to these questions is clearly obvious.

…the whites of their eyes…

Dot-Red-SML Scott Brown Delivers GOP Weekly Address: Accuses Obama & Dems of “Bitter, Destructive & Endless” Drive to Pass Health Care (Video)

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