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Can you identify in your life experiences others who refuse to listen to reason, who “do it anyway” even when they are aware whatever it is is against rules, requirements, contrary to reason, defies self preservation or the safety of others…and in Barack Obama’s case, is defiant of the U.S. Constitution.

I can think of a few behavioral types: substance abusers, psychotics, sociopaths and unfortunate people suffering brain damage such that there’s no organic ability to recognize right from wrong (which is usually the problem but on a temporary basis when it’s due to mere behavior such as it being from substance abuse, at least before the structural damage sets in).

Barack Obama has a big problem. Whether it’s due to chemical issues or organic, structural damage the guy has suffered at some key developmental stage (or at birth), he has a big problem.

This doesn’t mean he isn’t talented — many people suffering some form of disorder or damage or another (including behavioral that leads them to substance abuse, further compounding whatever their original complications may be), many people with observable talent are noticeably also mentally ill-affected. A number of persons afflicted with various psychotic conditions persist in substance abuse because they fear the loss of their “specialness” if they otherwise regulate or ameliorate their psychotic symptoms by dropping the abuse and accepting a maintenance regiment: treatment for their problems is undesirable to them because they experience benefit from their adverse condition/s.

But society rewards some of those as long as they have observable talent, if and when they produce results that reflect unusual accomplishment, and society overlooks or in many cases intentionally manages to suppress awareness of problems that affect those individuals otherwise. If they’re producing something observable that is unusually entertaining (books, performances, visuals, other media, surprises in Congress), society overlooks or strives to silence observations about ‘other problems’: we see them, we know they’re there, but just enough enablers work to accommodate the liabilities. Effective action, then, to contend with the liabilities is up to society in general and, unfortunately, it is almost always once these liabilities are way beyond acceptable.

Every individual experiences periods of rocky times, the brain — and person — taking what time is necessary to rearrange to accommodate stress and unusual pressures, conditions that can often require exceptional concentration over a prolonged period of time in which an individual needs to rework the essentials, work to understand and stay afloat mentally, emotionally, and materially as a result.

But in Barack Obama’s case, he has a problem or problems that run beyond those I can understand as a citizen of the U.S.A. and as a human being in general, as a member of our society overall. There’s something steely-focused he displays that intentionally disregards consideration of very big things that can and do negatively affect the very lives of others while he demands alternatives that are contrary to reason be set in motion.

That means, he’s the guy behind the wheel who disregards the established facts that if you drive off the road and into an oak tree, damage is done. Or doesn’t disregard those facts and that damage because he has ‘plans’ that require that damage be done. Both of these options are terrible.

That damage from those options is a smell all too familiar to people who are trying to stay within our lanes. Obama has grabbed a wheel that collectively affects the lives of every American citizen and taxpayer and he appears dedicated to driving the vehicle into that specific plot of earth by the side of the road where that big oak tree has been thriving since 1787. And he doesn’t like the oak tree. In fact, he appears to want to replace the oak tree which means he must first smash the one that’s thriving there by the side of the road.

Sensible, reasonable people can see the failure involved in that plan. By Obama’s actions, he’s proving that he also disregards the collective passengers riding along with him and anyone else who may be trying to motivate on down the road.

Notice the cheerleader by the roadside, Nancy Pelosi, who has lost whatever shred of conscience and reason God ever bestowed upon her at some distant past time. She’s the enabler we should all continue to contain from the scene of this developing crime.

The crime is that Barack Obama displays particular jealousy of the tree right there up ahead. So he appears to want it’s destruction. Whether by lack of control of ugly impulses, by mental and psychological limitations or negative affectations, by and for whatever the reason, the obvious observable about Barack Obama is that he really does want to destroy that oak tree, our U.S. Constitution.

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