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Did everyone *feel* that? Or so we are told it has occured: Obama’s first *miracle*, the world rotated for five complete days — five times at twenty-four hours each — since Sunday night, March 21, 2010, until early yesterday, Tuesday, March 23, 2010. Obama moved the Earth for five calendar days in what to us mere mortals in our puny Republic otherwise perceived as being about thirty-two hours.

If you didn’t *feel* that, then you are not among the Super Special OMarxist OMovers who perceive time and calendar dates in but a split-second of our “ordinary” time.

On the other hand, if you noted the passing days (it was about thirty hours of time passed, not “five days” and nary has the “pbulic” had a moment to observe anything), you are among those of us who do know what time it is and are not among those who claim their ether is not odorous.

And, lo, though we the Republic not be sorry, we remain dedicated to restoring our Republic such that it no longer bears any resemblance to the SS OM OM Super Special Camp that has sprung-up of late despite our best efforts to prevent it’s build.

Obama made this promise before he floated through the ether to perform his *miracle* — he repeated this promise numerous times as to make this a hyper-documented promise he would fulfill:

— all legislation would be made available to t he public *for five days* before it was signed into law by him, as President.

So did you *feel* it? Five days passed from Sunday night, March 21, 2010 when Nancy Pelosi stabbed her giant fist into the U.S. Constitution, through to yesterday, Tuesday, midday March 34, 2010, when Barack Obama and “F-g Big Deal” Junior Super OM OM Joe Biden (from his Special OM OM Church of F-U) stood ever-by to ram it on through, numerous pens stabbing more holes just to make sure. It was an epic, “historic” moment of “Die, Constitution, Die” by the “I Lie, I Lie” Super Special OM OM Miracle Worker, Barack Obama.

If you didn’t *feel* that, count yourself lucky: you do, indeed, know what day it is.

Dot-Red-SML Footnote

Other vows upon which Barack Obama has waged (and continues to wage) his war on America, are these as to that “health care” he vowed to deliver: 250wde_Obama_OakTreeYoureInMyWay_ThatSmell

– No individual mandate;
– No special backroom deals with the “evil” insurance companies or Big Pharma (Obama would conquer that evil “status quo”);
– ALL negotiations on C-SPAN, five full days after legislation cleared Congress for public review and discussion before it was signed by him as President;
– NOBODY would lose their health coverage or their doctor if they are satisfied with them;
– No cuts in Medicare;
– All legislation would be the result of Democrats AND Republicans.

That last declaration has proven to be the actual First Miracle, in retrospect. The Democrats barricaded themselves behind closed doors for months, huddled in meetings with other Democrats in Specialness with Barack Obama — Andy Stern, head of SEIU, other union heads with daily contributions that only Democrats were privy to — and the American voters to a great majority utterly ignored by these ensconced, Special Democrats and any suggestions by Republicans were “discarded” from the Super Special legislation that resulted, and yet the Super Special OMarxist OMovers *call that* “working with Democrats AND Republicans.”

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