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200wde_Obama-Pie_Hitler-BreadHere we go again: you’d think human beings would *get it* once and for all that following leap-duds (though they may be pretty and speak with a booming voice) over a cliff amounts to little more than self-destruction.

Millions of Americans (so it was reported – at this point, I, honestly, have little confidence that anything I’ve read from the Leftwing Media over the last decade has been credible) voted for Barack Obama; in my online experience with the last Presidential election (McCain [R] vs. Obama [D]), the only thing going for Obama was emotional hysteria on the Left and the inability by many on the Right to generate much confidence in a McCain Presidency (so the hysteria — and vanity — on the Left trumped the reason — and hesitation — on the Right).

I’m not a newly-interested voter, paying attention for the first time (2008 or now) to Presidential elections (among other things political); but, last Presidential election was unique to my previous experiences because there was so many hysterical Leftwing promotion of Obama and harassment of the Right based on so little as figurehead-fervor that could not and did not substantiate the reality that was eeking-out about their object of lust (Barack Obama). In fact, who he is was there to be recognized for any of us who were not affected by that Leftwing hysteria and it was, indeed, recognized (by me, by others I’ve heard from) as the information about an all-round exceptionally unreliable if not socio-politically intentionally destructive individual.

When the man was examined more closely than the hyperbole, the man came up so short if not contradictory to the hyperbole as to be promising of a lethal injection of poison into our nation by sheer volume of dishonesty or misrepresentation, but, that didn’t matter to the hysteria and the hysterical who just had to have the man in the White House and today we see the reasons why: he appealed to those in our society who — whether intentional in some cases (Ayers, etc.) or irresponsible to a point of being destructive to themselves and others (how I’d describe most who are enthralled with Socialism and who found Obama most appealing) — liked the idea of a destroyed U.S.A., they found Obama’s boasts about “change” appealing because it contained the vow of destruction of who and what the U.S.A. is.

And Obama in office has continued on in that direction and those who voted for him continue on in dank belief that his complaints about “the status quo” don’t equate with deconstruction of a nation. Obama represents a disease process being injected into our nation and the fears some of us had in those regards during the last election are now proven substantially well-placed since he’s taken the Presidency, along with the dreadful helpers he has in the Democrat Congressional majority.

About that last election (2008), McCain did not help matters any what with his embarrassment if not chastisements about Conservatives, thus wrecking any lingering momentum the Right maintained by November 2008, and depleting the energy and enthusiasm that his V.P. candidate, Sarah Palin, brought to the GOP ticket (and began a possible save of the election, to no avail, unfortunately and again, it’s McCain’s fault for that).

So today here we are: poison’s been injected into the nation (the deed is already done) and now we’re trying to apply the anti-venom to the paralysis if not mortality that will ensue should no anti-venom be effective: the Obama “Health Care” Monstrosity, the wrecking of the nation under ruse by Obama as “historical” — to which those followers of his who have not yet come to their senses — applaud. I guess the idea of being “historical” (another theatrical method, boombah for the big move — it’s “historical, rawr” but refusing examination of the acts associated with that) is another one of those poison injections that they think will correct their wrinkles.

“It’s historical,” and the audience goes “rawr.” Fidel Castro called his implosion of Cuba “historical” and deemed any opposition to be “worms” and “parasites” yet Castro was, indeed, the actual parasite and history has abundantly proven him to be so. I have no doubts that if or when history will eventually catch-up in exposing Barack Obama and today’s Democratic Congressional majority, that they will, indeed, be written-up as sucking monsters of nearly all that is (or was) lively born of our Republic.

Why — oh, why — are just enough members of human populations so easily taken away by flashy things as to create ongoing liabilities by their irresponsibility for the rest of us? What IS it about fervor from a stage that sends just enough human beings into a frenzy as to pose liabilities for the rest of us? Where do their intellects actually go when the shiny object before them whirls and twirls even when it contains bad plans, unreliable promises, bad objectives? Get a loaf of bread, lose your life? Is that really a bargain?

The hissing misstatements are running wild, foaming with that poison injected by hysterical Leftwingers numbed by whatever mysterious effects cults and dictators of cults inspire. The rest of us, we are running through the jungle, trying to save the jungle, away from the Monster.

Never witnessed this before in all my years, just never witnessed such threats of life and limb and ability to survive before. I’ve seen a great deal of history in my lifetime and most of it, “live” right there before me:

I watched “live” as our nation declared an imminent nuclear war and do, indeed, recall the dreadful reality of walking alone home from grade school with the understanding that this awful thing called fallout would soon ruin me and most everyone else — I cried at the realization that all the birds would perish, no shelters for them — but where to go, there was no where…so I walked home from school and watched television, alone, at home, a child anticipating doom to come soon.

I was a young child present a few seats away from an arriving then-President Kennedy at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida, the man having flown in by helicopter on the fifty-yard line just there in front of me (my dad, an Army Chaplain at that time who, by that time, had already completed a good deal of combat duty), was assigned some super-secret security orders, and thus, I was there with him, my brother and sister while he performed his duties during that Presidential visit)…

And I watched “live” as former President Kennedy perished as also the many, many weeks that followed of the grim, dark and dreadful times that followed; I watched “live” as Oswald was attacked, and, later, I watched “live” as his brother, Robert Kennedy, perished, too. I remember the President Johnson address viewed “live” from the D.C. airport landing strip as clear as a bell, his depression clearly visible, his weariness, despair.

I watched “live” as men walked on the moon. Space ventures seem nearly ordinary to most today what with so much development of missions and technology since the 1960’s and 1970’s, but at that time, at the first human moon landing, the “live” broadcast of the event as it occurred, it was quite truly a remarkable event.

I watched “live” (though replays hours later) of the Kent State National Guard firings on protesters.

And I watched “live” as former President Nixon resigned and took that helicopter lift-off from the White House lawn, while earlier, just before that, Nixon’s farewell speech “live” while at work…

I was certainly “live” while sitting in an office building sealed-off by the FBI when Patty Hearst was on the lamb (two fellow employees — writers at the publication where I worked who were writing the story — were communicating with her and captors, so all the rest of us surrendered our liberties for about 48-hours until the crises — Hearst and captors — was contained: phone lines all but the writers’ off, elevator locked, no entries, no exits, meals delivered after careful screening of their contents and once the arrests were made of the culprits, life and work returned to “normal” for that work environment, which on a good day was hardly normal by most standards).

I watched “live” as Chicago police confronted rioting Communists (“SDS”) during the Democratic National Convention, I saw “live” the loss of life in Vietnam during the evening news — the nightly news for years’ of days was “live” footage of the Vietnam War — and I watched “live” as the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded and I had a terrible intuition on it’s lift-off that such was sure to occur (can’t explain my intuitions but such has happened on many an impending disasterous occasion in my lifetime, can’t explain it)…

So I’ve seen a lot of history in my years but 190wde_2013-EndOfAnErrorI’ve never seen or witnessed a mass disaster such as Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Democrat Monster that is continuing to occur as I write this.

These shall not pass. If my history proves anything, it is that the man, Barack Obama, waving the threats as he jabs his finger at this nation — and seeks the surrender of reason by most — is up to no good. Historical, yes, but very, very bad history. Filled with poison. Drink it at your peril, there might not be an effective antidote.

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