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200wde_ObamaSnakeOil Beware the snake oil pitch men and women when they tell you you are getting very, very sleepy so just ignore the guy standing in front telling you to stop drinking (and then falling in) the oil:

From American Spectator, “Ryan: Dems Ramming ‘Shell’ HC Bill Through Committee Monday

“Rep. Paul Ryan says that Democrats are ready to ram a ‘shell’ health care bill through the Budget Committee, on which he serves as ranking Republican member, to use as a vehicle to impose national health care…

“Ryan said that the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling that President Obama must sign a health care bill into law before the Senate can change it through reconciliation largely renders moot the attempt by Rep. Louise Slaughter to shield members from a direct vote on the Senate health care bill. He said the idea would also violate Obama’s call for an up-or-down vote. ‘That’s not an up-or-down vote, that’s sweeping it under the rug and into law,’ Ryan said.

“He also warned against focusing too much on the reconciliation process in the Senate. ‘Reconciliation is a distraction,’ he said. ‘Once the House passes the Senate bill we have the massive new entitlement.'”

Dot-Red-SML Many of us as citizens can and do agree that elements of our medical care services and the insurance industry need reforming: greater competition between providers would bring about so many improvements for all involved (more services from more providers results in a competitive market from which consumers can select, as it also, through a competitive market, tends to keep costs and services in-line with consumer preferences compared to no-competitive choices which is when whatever is available is all one can obtain, at any price, or, not).

But what the Democrats are attempting is a monster-under-the-rug method of selling something that’s being marketed as something else: exploiting consumer hopes and desires (“health care reform,” “lowered costs,” “coverage despite pre-existing conditions,” etc.) like a rug over a dungheap and the dungheap is what the Democrats actually have in store for the nation, not the rug (though consumers may get a rug in the process). Meanwhile, consumers who support the Democrats’ “health care bill” THINK they’re getting the rug but not the dungheap, or, they’re keen on getting the dungheap past the rest of us by waving the rug idea instead. 275wde_ObamaBitingAmerica

That’s the snake oil method and that’s what the Democrats are doing: working toward dumping the dungheap on most everyone (everyone else) while waving a fluffy rug to do so.

Dot-Red-SML Remember Nancy Pelosi’s foreboding (and exceptionally nutty) announcement last week, the one wherein she gleefully (too gleefully to be believed) announced that what she has planned is “diet not diabetes” and that we’d have to pass her thing in order to find out what was in it afterward?

220wde_Pelosi_HealthcareBillOneWayOrAnother What is “in it” is worse than a very awful episode of the Twilight Zone: “re-education” under ruse of “mental health” ‘counseling or otherwise, attitudinal adjustments when the ideas in your noggin stray off the Progressive Rug.

Dot-Red-SML Who and when was that version of “health care” practiced and proved not only deleterious (and sometimes fatal) to the individual but paramount to nationalized “health care”? Remember Russia? Remember Communist China? Mao Tse Tsung, that ugly pedophile murderer in numerous sets of big pajamas? Ever discovered just what Fidel Castro’s idea of “health care” is for the local population?

Once political control went the Communist way in those populations, countless individuals were ‘relocated’ due to “health care concerns” and many of them were (and are) never heard from again, even by their close family members, as they underwent “re-education” and when that failed to suit the objective, they were annihilated (and in the case of Cuba, continue to be annihilated as “dissidents” when they disagree with Fidel Castro).

That means, the state takes the lives of individuals because and when individuals exercise thoughts and ideas the state didn’t/doesn’t like: no process of justice, just political operatives exercising “health care” standards that the state authored and monitored. “Health care” is, then, all too often used for political purposes by Leftwing political movements to “re-educate” a population. It’s not about “health” in the medical-science context, as it is about socio-political population management and use toward socio-political goals.

Psychiatry in Russia became just such an exercise in political punishment — under guise of it being “medical care” — for those individuals who “didn’t think right” as per what the state deemed they ought to be thinking. Ideas like individual rights, for example, were punished by institutionalization if not death, under guise of that process being “care” for their “health” or well being. In other words, one was deemed mentally not well (“ill”) if one was thinking outside the predetermined political regime’s positions, and not based upon medical science criteria (but upon socio-political criteria); this was also the process deployed by other Communist dictators and/or dictatorships throughout history (by Committee or by individual, case examples of this are the practices established and observed by Fidel Castro, Stalin and Mao).

One was “well” when one was not thinking ideas that threatened or opposed the state (“the state” being an expression for the dictator or regime).

And the state decided what you “should” think and what you were punished for thinking or not thinking, which represents a truly sick process in and of itself, but it was not as if most — if not rarely any — individuals were in any position to argue or differ with a Dictator, “the state” or a military escort to a camp in Siberia from whence they were never heard from again. Cubans floated away when they were still alive, a few Russians smuggled handwritten diaries out of the wastelands to expose what was taking place, some Chinese citizens lived to talk about it afterward but most succumbed to being “re-educated” if but for only to have food every day (which, unfortunately, continues in some areas of our globe today — Pelosi and Obama seem intent on replicating such horrible conditions here in the U.S.A.).

“Abuse has begun to creep back in, and we’re seeing more cases,” said Lyubov Vinogradova, executive director of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia, an advocacy group. “It’s not on a mass scale like in Soviet times, but it’s worrying.”

In those years, tens of thousands of dissidents were wrongfully subjected to forced hospitalization, sometimes for years, based on trumped-up diagnoses of “schizophrenia.” Dissidents were said to exhibit inflexibility of convictions and nervous exhaustion brought on by anti-government activities. “Reformist delusions,” the Soviets called it. If you were against communism, in other words, you were insane.

Note the application of the derogatory term, “dissident,” to those who suffered, so they were also described, “delusions” or their beliefs, ideas, that differed from communism.

And, so, remember this? Not so very long ago — it was last year, not last century as in Russia’s awful case — Obama campaigners were recruiting others to “report dissenters” if and when they — wait for it — didn’t support “Obamacare”. No kid, here it is.

And whoever has not discovered Fidel Castro’s behaviors by now surely needs to look into them because many a Cuban citizen was simply (and continues to be, ‘simply’) put to death by firing squad for so little as speaking out in difference with Castro’s politics, with communism. You either sneak away from your home and willingly disappear from Cuba entirely, or, you stay put and lose your life, when and if you speak out — even conversationally — in promotion or exploration of “ideas” or opinions that Castro deems run contrary to his communist island.

Pelosi’s (and Barack Obama’s, among other Progressives’) ideas and notions of political correctness (more often than not today, that ‘political correctness’ is agreement and alliance with communism as they apply it to the U.S.A. under the political party name of “Democrats”) 220wde_ObamaGlare are the dungheap that they plan on dumping all over the United States: you’ll be “offered” “mental health counseling” if your ideas don’t mesh with theirs, just as Fidel Castro and the likes of Castro’s protege, Hugo Chavez, have used “medical” or “health” “care” to leverage their political demands throughout populations that first weed-out the more independent among them. When a population is largely motivated by sheer survival needs, it’s easier to redirect them toward increased dependence on a government rule over individual lives. The more a population has few to no options, the easier they accept the dungheap even when they suspect it’s under that fluffy rug, because, first, they really need that rug just to sleep at night or wear as bleak cover during the day, and, second, they really need that first thing tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Fidel Castro lives in a castle by the sea, has unlimited access to clothing, food, security, celebrity visits and a bank account worth about a billion dollars U.S. (he calls it his “salary”), Hugo Chavez lives similarly, Stalin certainly did, Mao absolutely did, Nancy Pelosi certainly does, so does Barack Obama…no one doubts for so much as a minute that any of these will ever resort to their own demands for “health care” they place upon others. No, theirs is a realm of private planes (you pay for them), private physicians (plastic surgery galore from the look of Pelosi), Hugo Chavez with his full-time, ’round the clock live-with/live-in psychiatrist companion (Venezuelans pay for that, among other things) and Castro burns his underwear every day rather than wash it: he enjoys, among other things, an unlimited supply of “free” clothing in that castle of the people’s he occupies by the sea…

The absurdity — evil, it’s evil — of these banal, deceitful, gluttonous individuals is beyond the understanding of most individuals. Yet they are maintained by the lack of understanding by many individuals, eager for a “quick fix” and immediate celebrity thrill. It’s a case of giving one’s reason over for a moment of adulating monsters.

Dot-Red-SML And here are more of the gruesome details about what Pelosi, Obama and the rest are actually working to heap upon you, me, this nation — I found these links/comments while reading FreeRepublic, by others who organized a lot of helpful links, but the following title is mine:


Summary Version.

Long Version.

Toll free numbers to contact Congress:
1-800-828-0498, 1-866-220-0044, 1-866-338-1015, 1-877-851-6437, 1-877-210-5351

…detailed posts of the Obama-care Document Dump, both posts are focused on this:


Here, and


From forbes:

“The combined unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security — the federal health care and the pension programs for the elderly — are $107 trillion, seven times the current GDP. Meanwhile, Medicaid, the joint federal-state health insurance program, is consuming on average 21% of state budgets, their single biggest ticket item even before ObamaCare dumps another 16 million people into the program, expanding the Medicaid population by 25%. Beyond that, state and local government have promised their employees a trillion dollars more in pension and other benefits than they have funds to deliver.” — added by…

“On a positive note, I only found 25 instances of the word ‘Diversity’.” — writes ComputerGuy

…some particularly detailed reposting (is here).

Wordsearch: “family planning” = 18 times.” — writes TexasNative2000


Wordsearch: “tax” and/or “taxes” = 183 times.” — TexasNative2000

Page 2084:

(3) BEHAVIORAL CHANGE COMPONENT. — A behavioral change component which provides for altering employee lifestyles to encourage healthy living through counseling, seminars, on-line programs, or self-help materials which provide technical assistance
2084•J. 55–345
1 and problem solving skills. such component may include programs relating to —
3 (A) tobacco use;
4 (B) obesity;
5 (C) stress management;
6 (D) physical fitness;
7 (E) nutrition;
8 (F) substance abuse;
9 (G) depression; and
10 (H) mental health promotion (including
11 anxiety).

— wrote RandallFlagg

Preview of the student loan component by Michelle Malkin.

This is actually the “shell” bill that Paul Ryan warned about (above noted here).


From page 1011: (SBHC= School based health clinic)

The term ‘comprehensive primary health services’ means the core services offered by SBHCs, which shall include the following:

PHYSICAL. — Comprehensive health assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of minor, acute, and chronic medical conditions and referrals to, and follow-up for, specialty care.

MENTAL HEALTH. — Mental health assessments, crisis intervention, counseling, treatment, and referral to a continuum of services including emergency psychiatric care, community support programs, inpatient care, and outpatient programs.

OPTIONAL SERVICES. — Additional services, which may include oral health, social, and age-appropriate health education services, including nutritional counseling.

“Looks like Planned Parenthood and Kevin Jennings-type “age-appropriate health education services” are coming to a school near all of us if this passes. Oh yeah…and it looks like they will be screening kids for ‘mental illness’ too.” wrote Brugmansian

Buried in the techno-babble here: “public health insurance option” writes “combat_boots


Health workforce includes veterinarians,” adds combat_boots

End of Life Languagecombat_boots.


Student Loan [bs] starts @ page 2098
page 2110, on College Loans:


“Oh, and what is the Health Service Trust mentioned pp 1986ff?” writes combat_boots.

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