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200wde_ObamaSnakeOilScratch a fronting operation and there just might be a larger operation underneath, behind or just below that first layer crust. If the scratch opens up a door, what lies beneath may be exposed, along with whatever intensity operates behind that has relied on not being visible in order to continue.

To get past that scratching of the upfront layer, there are various agents or protectors (“workers”) of what lies behind or beneath who have to be worked through or around — the people who protect and make possible the greater operation by most often denying it exists, or, that if it “might” that it’s “doing good” so you’re a bum for trying to scratch it. The excuses vary but the message never does: you’re the bad guy for asking questions, and you’ll be attacked mercilessly if you persist in asking — threats, intimidation, whatever works to discourage ongoing inquiry.

At present, what we have representing ACORN — generally — is a lot of Leftwing rantings on the internet (bloggers and various comments) (expose on such is here) going full-at-it in denigrating other individuals who have pricked the surface of the ACORN organization (such as blogger/publisher Andrew Breitbart has done, as also the two persons who visited the ACORN offices in costume, posing as potential clients of ACORN’s, etc.), so the overall issue of “ACORN corruption” (the greater organization behind the various fronts) is being washed down in strength as argument and concern, which is yet another means the Left deploys to ruin anyone who “dares to question“.

It’s oft-putting to anyone who may stumble upon this story at this date to even try to get up-to-speed on what’s-what, just because the avalanche of nasty gossip launched by the Left has attempted to overwhelm the public to change the perceptions yet again, to protect that corruption that’s in their back.

Many of us citizens are not law enforcement, our duties and responsibilities in life don’t include jobs that are dedicated to scratching into possible crime fronts or disturbing organizations based on our suspicions or calls to duty if there’s smoke regarding probable crime. But as citizens, many of us are also taxpayers and it is a responsibility of both to ask where our taxes go, who receives what, why and in what quantities. Not to mention to complain when laws are not enforced, or, justice is applied crookedly, unequally, badly, wrongly or not at all when required.

Where ACORN is concerned, many taxpayers have been asking those responsible (and fair, if not unusually ordinary) questions for quite a long while now, and the questions have been ignored or dismissed.

The retorts when ACORN has been questioned have mostly included things along these lines: “it helps poor people pay their rent (or buy houses, or, go into business, or…”).

275wde_Obama-AcornRotten-FallingWhat the taxpayers are not told is in what amount of billions of dollars such an organization is (and has been) taking public money and to what extent this “front organization” has branched into and throughout the U.S. to include voter registration (and voter fraud), coercion of others including in government, what can generally be called “strong arm tactics” that aid other strong-arm tactitions, like, say, SEIU and other Democrat-majority organizations, candidates and Democratic political party goals. Enough people elected into government via the ACORN-and-ACORN-behind-the-scenes associated over time accomplishes more and more of that taxpayer money going to feed the larger nut, and less effort aimed at diligently supervising how it’s spent, and by whom for what. No, it’s “just a housing organization…they help poor people…”

Barack Obama’s “community organizing” with and for ACORN, then, was in his day before the Presidency, simply him encouraging others to use taxpayer funds, to work the street to convince people to accept Socialism if not Communism in many cases, to vote Democrat and to use — if not rely on — taxpayer money to fund more of same. That it became a “community” issue was Obama’s and others like him exploiting the old race issues to foment and then cement followers.

“Community,” then, has been manipulated into being synonymous with and only with Democrats and “Black people” (or other racialist and/or gender-defined segregations by the Left) and increasing demand for wealth redistribution (Marxism, in other words, Communism): taxpayer money was “owed” ‘them’ out of ongoing resentments that anyone with enough irritation could soon locate a gripe to rationalize demanding more, and, if anyone was of the “wealthy,” then, if they were not Black, then, they were obligated to release their wealth to those who were (Black, special class, the segregated type, etc. — segregated “types” that the Democratic Party uses and uses intentionally to work Leftwing politics throughout our civilization). And that’s all wealth redistribution is, give or take the racial issues (but the racial issues are most often represented in this process), that’s the essence of Marxism or Communism by another variation of the same theme and the racialist and other segregated groups are added to the process to render increased emotionalism. In other words, things like race, gender, whims and special needs for privilege and provision are applied to the overall Socialist process for purposes of not resolving what’s setting people apart but for purposes of setting people apart, to justify wealth redistribution. Some people just get suckered into this process and once in it, never to rarely ever grow apart from it: hooked, caught in Socialism along with all the anguish and resentment that goes along with that.

Branch that out into general ‘Leftwingism’ in the U.S., out into “Progressives” and their capture of media (broadcast, print and film). The result was and remains a crooked tree with a lot of ‘corns’ dropping to feed the many more who have been grown over time to eat the corns and spread the seeds: more Leftwingism Trees, more seeds, more spread of Leftwing government…Socialism, Marxism, Communism, all of that, wealth-redistribution that also then depletes productivity until the Marxist process fails, along with whatever nation has been fool enough to allow it to proliferate.

Any trees sprouting up that were outside that bunch? Attacked by those feeding on the ‘corns’ if not unearthed, burned, defiled upon.

Enter two visitors to an ACORN front, whose visit was intentionally for purposes of capturing on film (audio and video) the ACORN employees’ responses to their visit, and, such visitors outfitted in costumes to create general, false characters of a “pimp” and his “prostitute.”

The recordings of such a visit were made public — ACORN employees were captured on film offering advice to these two visitors posing as two who were engaged in crimes — and ACORN was eventually tried in Massachusetts for advising the two visitors to break federal laws.

From Patterico’s Pontifications:

Debunking Some Emerging ACORN Liberal Myths

The DA who prosecuted this legal mess in Massachusetts — a Mr. Scott Harshbarger — was the very same guy in Massachusetts who prosecuted one of the most ghastly injustices among our humanity in recent years, the Amirault family

That would be the Scott Harshbarger who launched his career by prosecuting the Amirault family for fake child abuse in 1986. That article focuses on Coakley but Harshberger was the original prosecutor. The case is so old that it is hard to find articles about it but I remember and would never believe anything Harshberger said. — Comment by Mike K — 3/2/2010 @ 5:40 am

And, the Brooklyn, NY, DA (Mr. Hynes) who conducted an investigation of ACORN in that area and concluded that there was nothing actionable to be found, is a member of — guess what — ACORN!

…the Brooklyn DA amazingly happens to be a member of ACORN. — Comment by Dmac — 3/2/2010 @ 3:20 pm

Leftwing site, POLITICO, runs a story declaring no wrongdoing to be found in ACORN, yet omits key statements revealed in a Congressional report it also dares to refer to in it’s article.

(Referring to an earlier commenter linking to) a Politico story that claimed in its headline “CRS report: ACORN didn’t break law”.

And, of course, what Politico says is a bald faced lie. The actual report, which I linked to (and which Politico didn’t…for obvious reasons), contains page after page detailing the illegal activities of ACORN. — Comment by Dave Surls — 3/2/2010 @ 3:42 pm


…The CRS report linked earlier doesn’t even discuss the issue of whether or not any activity in the videos represented violation of federal regulations by ACORN, only whether or not the acts of videotaping and release by O’Keefe/Giles/Briebart violated federal or state laws. Politico apparently pulled the first sentence (A Congressional Research Service report commissioned by the House Judiciary Committee says ACORN hasn’t violated any federal regulations the past five years) out of thin air. On political issues you should never ever trust anyone (including me) who says a report says something, too often they take one small section out of context or just flat out lie. Read the CRS report yourself and see if you can find out where the heck Jake Sherman got his lead sentence in the Politico article.

One might almost say that the “CRS report cleared ACORN of wrongdoing” is an emerging liberal ACORN myth except that it already emergent. — Comment by max — 3/2/2010 @ 8:31 pm

So the two visitors to ACORN (for purposes of exposing possible corruption there, granted) are now being skewered by appeasing, corn-guzzling Leftwing flounderers in media, seeking to — apparently, from what I’ve read — simply lie so abundantly about nonsense and other manufactured props as to compound this issue into some sort of hangman’s fest in print and media: it doesn’t matter what the facts are to irrational people. In fact, it seems in their perceptions facts are to be avoided, and thus, more Leftwing hysteria that accomplishes nothing except the denigration of others based upon nothing except that the Leftwing corn-guzzlers “hate them”.

This culture (and operation) of corruption by and among the Left has likely been churning out various frauds and thefts of public funds (among other resources — particularly, the ethical kind because once an ethic is violated and then repackaged as righteous, the damage to civilization is immense as it also snowballs toward far worse damage) — for quite a long time, perhaps throughout the existence of these various webs that we the public know only as “ACORN”.

This is another opportunity to expose ACORN and the ACORN permutations they’re working to create and maintain for purposes of ongoing concealment of just what they’re up to, not to cower from this degree of corruption. And continue to keep in mind that never can the Left media be trusted to report much of anything reliably, except Leftwing dogma.

More from Patterico’s Pontifications (very complex reading in order to follow along the developing story):

Boehlert Lies Again

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