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0BAMA HELLCARE FAIL REASON No. 108171571357468154371350854312, “Economics 101: Moral Hazard”

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the lying Democrats Socialists won’t tell you that they are, indeed, working tirelessly to ensure that as many Americans as possible are incentivized to not be healthy, but to fail at life:

“Obamacare” is not about “health” “care,” it is about incentivizing the absence of health and care.

That means, you, me, everyone, loses. Except Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats Socialists in Congress, their proliferation and enjoyments are ensured (they’ve ensured them, and, aren’t paying for about 75% of their pleasures) because, unlike you and me, they actually will continue to receive medical AND care and receive such care above and beyond the reasonable call for maintenance and survival, for the rest of their lives as long as their Ponzi Scheme sticks.

And, you and I will also pay for that. One way or another, we the citizens will pay for that. Even when you, I or any citizen don’t want to or can’t, in which case you’ll be fined substantially, your bank account balance will be sucked away (no one will ask you first for permission to siphon away your money) and if all that fails, then you’ll/he’ll/she’ll be arrested. And then you, anyone so afflicted (not all citizens are going to be held accountable for this Scheme, however, not in their lives, while their descendents will be), then you, him, her, your neighbor gets to go back to work and try to explain to the family on the evening after why they can’t see the dentist or see that physician who is no longer available to treat them, whatever it might be for.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi (with a *smile!*) will have no-to-low copays for all her Botox, false teeth, skin-stretches and artificial saliva, Barack Obama will continue to have physicians who will not be too heavy with him about substance abuse or acknowledge that he wears a giant scar on his head or explain why, the wife will remain as plump as possible while lecturing non-union members about “obesity” (her “just stop eating” campaign), everyone in the Obama Administration will continue to laugh in their showers and over martinis at their bi-weekly parties, Joe Biden and Harry Reid and family will continue to have the best surgeons and quickest surgeries and extended hospital stays their hair transplants, aneurysms and car accidents require…

And, expect Speech number 178,409,398,002,332.666 from Barack Obama soon about his mother’s cancer.

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