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100wde_Obama-Columns-Pie Never let it be said that Barack Obama does not “talk a good game.” He does and that’s our nation’s problem. He talks a mind-game of his own fantasy with Big-Talk that would make sense if there was an actual game — if there was a beginning on a court with team members, sports action to follow and a competitive win after which everyone went to showers, out to dinner, and then home to rest for another day of reality — but what Obama Big-Talks (and Talks, and Talks and Talks and…) is something like a drug or drugged rendition, a thing of vapors loitering that only exists in his Big-Talk. Because it’s going on in his head and there isn’t any competitive playing field, not really: the realm of his Big-Talk-Game is, literally, misty vapors in the windmills of his mind and vocabulary that rushes from that ethereality.

Barack Obama’s sticky-wicket and our nation’s problem is that he talks a fantasy game to fantastical dimensions on a fantasy playground of words-beat-reality: he solicits some sort of “game action” as if he’s beating a very big ball on the sidelines of a very imaginary board or court or field of complaints (forget the dreams — Obama’s court-field-board cancels out dreamtime, condemns the dreaming, so just you don’t try that, no “ideology” allowed, at least to be admitted to). Obama is Word-Big-Talking a fantasy in some game he’s engaged in in his mind, he’s telling us that dreams don’t work (claiming he’s “not an ideologue” before the GOP Congress the other night) (moreso, in his diminishing any absoluteness of the U.S. Constitution) but his Big-Word-Talk is there to stick you down with him: “end game,” “red zone,” “final hour” and so many more of these bat-bounce-boombah terms that Barack Obama is so fond of using with the public are a depiction of a little guy on a corner who really needs a team who teams and perhaps coaches have passed by but the little guy is still going on and on and on with Big-Word-Talk posed as the game itself, without realizing that that very Big-Word-Talk is why he’s on the corner and not in the games o’ real.

Obama’s Big-Word-Fantasy-Sports-Talk exudes neediness that’s unbecoming a President (or anyone else but it’s particularly streaky when this is a President acting and speaking such as does Obama): he’s eliciting team-join-ups, others of his similar neediness think melding with this Big-Word-Talk is romance, it’s relationship, it’s being a member in the Big-Word-Talk.

Thus, we get Barack Obama’s fantasy plans for a nation that he deems is as fantastical and non-ideological bound as a board game can be: scrambled, the money isn’t “real” but to be played-with, the properties are plastic, everyone can really get out of jail free and there’s a guaranteed uniform so as to include everyone on the team

And we get the Barack Obama Fantasy Big-Word-Talk Budget, cobwebs galore, nonsense abounding, preposterous Big-Talk evasions while stealing the ball or fouling with the belief that no referee can view the deed, or, perhaps, no referee has authority enough to object or resurrect the ball to any rightful terms afterward.

Laws only exist in reality when they are enforced, rules of play only exist when they are observed and games only function when there’s balance of competition. In the steamy mist that is Barack Obama’s mind, apparently, none of that applies to his Big-Game-Talk because he can close it down any time he wishes, or, he can arrange or rearrange any of the players, terms, rules and dimensions with so little as another Big-Word, a party, another smoke, a martini, a Czar, another read Big-Talk performance among the zillionth we’ve already witnessed, all of that, the state of mind of one who is not at all altogether there.

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