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ObamaAtSummitDuringBarassoSpeaking For a starting overview from an exceptionally tedious but necessary perspective — rendered so tedious because of the glaring abnormality evidenced by the ever-ongoing, intrusive, oft-nonsensical droning and weak self-propping-up by Barack Obama — there’s this glaring abnormality about the sheer opportunity to speak at today’s “Health Care Summit”:

FACT CHECK: President Talks For More Time Than Either The Republican Or Democrat Delegation
February 25, 2010

Democrats Collectively Talked For More Than Twice As Long As Republicans

DEMOCRATS (Including President Obama): 233 MINUTES OR NEARLY 4 HOURS



Allow me to just cut through all the tedium and toss-offs for a moment: I declare the glaring, obvious function of today’s BARACK OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE SUMMIT FIZZLE BODIZZLE SHOISTAN (“BOHCSSBS” -or- “BO’s BS” for sizzle-short), that the overall and glaring purpose of the event was, by Obama and other Democrats (Pelosi, Reid, for starters), to declare by this evening (if not already working this angle) that “there was agreement made” or some such declaration announcing that, well, they’ve met with Republicans and had a discussion and are now “moving forward” with BO’s BS accordingly.

That means BO’s BS of today was for purposes by BO and other Democrats for advancing Reconciliation on this disasterous, ugly “Senate Health Care legislation” by tomorrow if not sooner.

Everything else said by Obama during his BS production today (“Summit” as in, ‘Gaze Upon the Dictator and Listen to His Numbing Words‘) was show-and-don’t-tell because no one can bombast as intensely as Barack Obama did today and then hope to even begin to understand what anyone else has to say or thinks. No, Obama hoisted this event for purposes of utility upon which he will now rationalize his inflexible ripoff of the American economy, if not ruination of it.

Square-Red-Drk-Med The following video captures about all that anyone should need know about Barack Obama and the BO BS of today:

Obama At Health Care Summit: “I Don’t Count My Time Because I’m The President”

And from the comments section that accompanies that video, I reprint the following word-illustration of just how he — and the other Democrats — are realistically represented (in this Summit, in general on just about all their efforts to Socialize America and numb Capitalism) — the irresponsible, immature “son” in the following illustration is Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Democrats, while the responding “Dad” is the Right/Republicans:

Posted by: Deer In Headlights
Feb 25, 11:52 AM

“Dad, I want a car.”

“Fine, go to your room and create a budget for how you’ll pay for it.”

“All done? Let’s hear it.”

“It’s really cool.”

“OK, how will we pay for it?”

“It’s fire engine red with airbrushed flames.”

“How much is the down payment?”

“All my friends have one.”

“What are the monthly payments?”

“Can we go to the lot right now, we HAVE to get this today.”

“Where’s the money son?”

“You don’t love me.”

Square-Red-Drk-Med What we have at present in this nation is a bunch of exceptionally spoiled — as in, over indulged, out of touch with reality, greedy, uncaring, cruel to a point of self-absorption at the denigration of nearly everyone else — spoiled individuals as Democrats, bent on taking whatever they can: they want it, so give it to them, the liabilities are yours, not theirs. Barack Obama, among those Democrats, is likely the most spoiled among them, though Nancy Pelosi gives him a good running-up for that title.

Admittedly, the RINO element — Progressives and other Liberals calling themselves Republicans — come in as third place, though at BO’S BS of today, that spoiled-RINO contingency was not petting the goat.

Square-Red-Drk-Med More than a few Republicans, to the contrary, made a very good presentation for what and who thinking, conscientious people actually are, in contrast to Barack Obama’s exceptionally awful, self-indulgent usery of the American public’s time, including his many threats upon our nation’s future.

Senators Paul Ryan (R/WI) and John Barasso (R/Wyoming) provided adult questions and commentary, particularly, and in the case of Barasso’s being “allowed” by Barack Obama “to speak”, Barasso drew a glare-of-hatred from Obama while Obama then proceeded to pick his nose (see above photo).


…unfortunately for our nation, Barack Obama (and Pelosi, et al.) don’t understand that. I hold no hope that they ever will.

Square-Red-Drk-Med Footnote:

What does it mean to be spoiled? Being spoiled means having a lot of things go your way emotionally and materially. When you have people too often doing things for you and buying things for you, there’s a good chance that you start expecting these favors instead of appreciating them. It’s not a requirement for your boyfriend and parents to get you gifts. It is a show of love, appreciate it and don’t let it get to your head.

If someone is too spoiled, their quality of life becomes too indulgent on unimportant things and they risk forgetting the importance of things that really matter. If you become too demanding of material things that you want or feel you deserve, you lose sight of the truly beautiful things that cannot be bought. It becomes a vicious cycle of buying things to feel better and to fill the void where love, trust and commitment should be, only to feel empty after the shopping “high.”


Square-Red-Drk-Med Hot Update:

Robert Stacy McCain (“The Other McCain“) is on this booger!

Eeeewwww! President Obama Picked His Nose During Health Care Summit

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