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As Haiti crisis escalates, relief effort begins

Dot-Red I’m suggesting everyone use these tried and tested service organizations to immediately help the people of Haiti:


These organizations are reliable in directing aid to needy recipients and are trustworthy with donations. My feeling about donations is that as long as someone in need receives assistance, even if it’s not within my determination as to what need is aided and who the recipient is, then the deed is well done — though, in this immediate case, helping Haiti specifically is very important.

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And, US AID offers a lot of information.

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Haiti: enslaved by its dark history

The U.S. has sent billions of dollars to Haiti over the years and the people of Haiti are worse off in present day than they were earlier (as to days before this earthquake of January 2010). So asking why these wretched conditions persist and grow worse in Haiti is productive and it is something that has to be asked: why the people of Haiti remain impoverished and unable to create and maintain a productive, self-supporting civilization. Because billions of dollars of ongoing aid to Haiti hasn’t resolved their poverty and disarray.

The apparent overwhelming tragedy that has resulted from the earthquake of this week that struck Haiti, of course — of course — must be immediately and persistently addressed through to alleviation of suffering in Haiti, but, afterward, the problem as to the failure of the Haitian people to become self-sufficient and self-reliant must be addressed. Because, obviously, billions of dollars of aid money hasn’t improved their nation’s standards and the rest of the world has to figure out why, and then resolve the reason and help Haiti to heal and resolve it’s handicaps.

But, right on time, in service to the problem — perpetuating and expanding the problem, not serving the solution to it — the Left is capitalizing upon Haiti’s suffering to promote the Left’s sense-of-victimization: read the twitter hashtag (“#haiti“) for abundant proof of that. At Haiti’s expense, I add, the predictable Leftwing tries to cash-in: it’s all about them and is being used by the Left as another opportunity for the Leftwing politicos to denigrate their political opponents in the U.S.

To the rest of us, it’s about helping alleviate the suffering in Haiti.

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