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320wde_ObamaReturnsFromHawaii-MeetsBidenNot so long ago, it was Christmas Holiday for most Americans and Chanukah for some others, or, otherwise, a season or “holiday” period of the year for annual, relatively if not expressly religious celebrations and memorials. That the holiday, Christmas, even exists is due to a profound religious event. Whether one believes or not in Jesus Christ as son of God and savior, born into human life: it’s the effects of that profound Love that are what celebrating Christmas is all about, even for those who don’t believe in the religious context in the specifically Christian context.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and family pressured the nation if not the world to get Obama’s goals fulfilled in early December so Obama and his could take off for his “vacation” in Hawaii. And then he and family did so, for many tens of thousands of dollars daily in costs that few of us Americans will ever — or would ever — be so wasteful and self indulgent, but there he was, Obama spending other people’s money. Because he won, I suppose: the extent of the justification. And he golfed. Because he won. And terrorism occurred directed at the United States of America. Because it could. Again. But don’t disturb Obama. Or Nancy Pelosi in her luxury ensconce in a Hawaiian Big Island resort ($10,000 a day “Presidential Suite” so media reported, where she “was not to be disturbed“).

The rest of us Americans — most of us, I’m guessing — spent at least some of our holiday thanking God, embracing family and friends, taking care of ourselves to some degree that we could so we could carry on in contending with the Obama and Pelosi mendacity among daily life requirements.

As did also the terrorists, including “Panty Bomber” (or, “Undybomber”) Nigerian-whose-name-no-one-wants-to-pronounce-or-can Guy whose failed exploding underwear saved many lives and whose capture afterward was the save by other passengers on Flight 253 into Detroit. Because Barack Obama won and he was golfing and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be disturbed (many of us would argue about that, however, given Pelosi’s state of mind and moral corruption). But we’re told “the system worked” because, well, the Panty Bomber’s explosives failed — after he boarded with cash, no luggage, no passport and a visa that allowed him to come and go “at will” — as many times as he wanted — to and from the U.S.A. Just don’t bother him, don’t ask any questions. He’s a Muslim, leave him alone, help him out, onto a plane, he doesn’t have to show a passport.

Moreover, let no one forget the “Hasan situation” nor the mysteriously subdued, even “empathetic” relationship by the Obama Administration with Hasan’s wretched acts (and beliefs). Muslim Nidal Hasan’s murderous escapade while yelling “allah akhbar” at Fort Hood, Texas was not the isolated act of an isolated crazy man but the calm, preplanned terrorist murders by a member of “the Nation of Islam”.

Not heard anything? Why not? It seems that there’s an unusual effort led by Barack Obama and associates to both appease and enable, at least as to terrorists from that Nation of Islam who don’t much like the U.S. — not the U.S. as it is, at least. The U.S.A., on the other hand, expects to be protected and defended against such behaviors and individuals.

It can be alleged, even realistically, that all acts of murder and other intentional, wanton savagery are somehow “isolated” and due to “crazy, lone people” acting-out, but, when there are many such “people” acting in similar fashion who all share participation in the same beliefs, who are counseled, advised and encouraged by those beliefs to act savagely, then, their acts are not “isolated” nor are they “lone individuals”, but members in an association: they’re associated with a set of beliefs or otherwise, in terms of current terrorism, they each are revealed to be “members of the Nation of Islam,” so it’s that “Nation” that needs to be more closely held to task.

The Hasan situation as with the Panty Bomber are but a few of the many among this ongoing terrorism advancing upon and in the United States of America. Meanwhile, Obama was golfing, on the beach or in the gym or eating various delights (or on the court, or at the party, or having a meeting, summit or whatever else) so he can’t be disturbed. Just do what he wants done, leave him alone. Don’t ask questions. You don’t get to see his documents. Nancy has vouched for him, so leave him alone, stop asking.

I’m not sure what specific parts of “health care” and “national security” that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the other associated-Democrats don’t understand but it’s clear that they don’t understand the overall parts of both or either. And they are not asking me as an American citizen and voter what I think, and what opinions I and most Americans have in these regards, they are ignoring.

So what we have is two renditions or versions of “terrorism”: people afflicting the rest of us with threats that are often of the mortal kind. If you have the misfortune to sit on a plane or in a building targeted by an explosive man or women or a number of them, or, your hopes of receiving medical care for what threatens your life (or otherwise impairs it) is prevented, you’re still faced with similar, dreadful conclusions: suffering and then demise.

The American public disagrees with Barack Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, the Democrat Party’s and various Democrats’ goals of “healthcare reform” that reforms little and destroys much while limiting nearly everything; and, it sure does not feel safer nor more secure in this time of terrorism upon our nation, terrorism committed and planned by mostly (so far) members of the Nation of Islam. If we as citizens have to increasingly experience our basic moves being clamped down upon because there are murderous Muslims acting out among us and upon us, we’re not engaged in a relatively free society as a nation. And that’s the goal of terrorism, especially of the “Muslim-kind”: the continued denigration of this nation to such an extent (eventual projected goal) that we’re replaceable (and replaced) by “change” they represent and implement.

I mention “murderous Muslims” in the context of the current terrorist events afflicting the U.S. because so far, with one exception, each and all involved in such terrorism have been, indeed, Muslims. So I’m not mincing words or ridiculing any one “kind” or type of human being, I’m being realistic. It’s malproductive and dishonest to try to avoid naming the culprits and that, again, is yet another radical and awful failure by Barack Obama, today’s Democrats and the general Administration of unreliable individuals he’s “surrounded” himself with.

It’s not limited to Democrats, however, I realize that, these failings. Some among the GOP and other political parties also engage in similar unreliability — hardly a surprise — but it’s a party characterization of Democrats as it is a personality characterization of Barack Obama in the Presidency that these failings are occurring. Obama’s not reliable in the area of national security, to be specific, nor are his evasive perspectives that suggest — continue to suggest — that he won’t address an issue head on or directly, but indeed, services terrorism — by the Nation of Islam upon the U.S.A. — if not encourages it just as he does so with this “healthcare” disaster he’s pushing. Both result in him advancing his “change” methodology upon this nation and us as citizens of it, but the change he’s advancing is not for our benefit but for our possible destruction.

And the insecurity that that has created in this nation is part of the overall suffering that’s being intentionally launched upon our nation, in both areas. If we don’t know what, when, who, why, we can’t plan, and our daily experiences become increasingly anxiety-ridden, frustrating, less productive (less “healthy”) and far more limited in enjoyments. Obama can and does golf all he wants, fly about wherever and whenever he wants and eat as much as he gluttonly can with service of a five-star level by financial means he can disregard — someone will pay for it, so the extents of consumption and presumption bear little personal consequence, so it appears is Obama’s method — and what has resulted is the denigration of our nation and of our individual lives as citizens of this nation.

And like the selfish, reckless individuals that they are, Obama, his Administration — certainly Pelosi as Majority Leader of the House and Harry Reid as Majority Leader of the Senate — and all who are supporting this crew of ne’er-do-wells, they don’t care, they won’t listen, but they are happy as a party can be to ignore the threats upon this nation otherwise and implement untoward ideas: because it harms those who disagree with them. That’d be, us, the citizens of the United States of America.


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  2. Kini says:

    I had a huge laugh after seeing Obama in a Hawaiian (crashers) Mu’umu’u. Actually, more Indian than Indian. I’m lifting that pic, if you don’t mind.

    Indifferent disconnected arrogance. How else can you describe it.

    Great post! Aloha,


    1. -S- says:

      That’s the sari (Indian, or, imitation Indian) that the White House Party Crasher (“Mrs. Salahi”) wore infamously to the State Dinner that was supposed to be for purposes of honoring the Prime Minister of India. I just applied it to Barack, what with his haughty returned-from-Hawaii-I’m-so-tired-and-didn’t-want-to-come-back photo with Biden was crying out for the Party Crashing statement.

      Glad you enjoyed the graphic, feel free to use (tho’ I didn’t include my credit on it, please feel free to use it at will).

  3. Kini says:

    O’Biden, bring me a Shirley Temple, shaken, not stirred.