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Republican Scott Brown is leading in the Massachusetts Senatorial special electionhe did garner more people in his rally held at the same time in Boston than Obama’s-for-Coakley, which was not enthusiastically attended by comparison.

In that, the comparison’s between Brown and Coakley-Obama end.

Obama put down Brown for driving a pickup truck, which Brown has been doing for a while now (200,000 miles and counting, and it’s his own vehicle); the rest of the Obama-for-Coakley spectacle in Boston yesterday was in worse taste than that: lacking tread, Barack Obama performed his insincere, wan bombast, which was pale in the face of hecklers who were as fed up with the bombast as many of the rest of us.

Oh, wait, they were hecklers FOR Coakley? No, yes? Obama’s game is even more off and well it should be. Rather, it’s just more exposed as being more off, or, rather, again, it’s being more exposed as being off from the get-go. Now he’s heckled by hecklers who agree with him? Or they’re heckling him because they don’t? Either way, Obama’s lost that loving feeling and it shows.

There is just something about this “pickup truck” thing that has Obama unsettled to a point of…well, call it an issue bespeaking of jealousy.

Website, Nice Deb has a post with many updates:

Scenes From Obama’s Massachusetts Stump Speech

Note: Enthusiasm is expressed about the Scott Brown (Probable) Win because it will assist the growing GOP majority — but Brown is still a Liberal and I don’t expect him to vote in any other direction but for and toward the Left, which is where the real problem with Congress exists.

Brown’s Liberalism does point out, however, just how Far Left Obama and those he endorses are.

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