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Many thanks to ATLAS SHRUGS for posting this portion of Newt Gingrich’s awesome, entirely awesome speech at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, FL on November 21, 2009.

To view the speech in it’s entirety (Parts I through V), go here.

What reservations and criticisms were aimed (accurately, appropriately) at Newt Gingrich over his endorsement of the Dede Scozzafava candidacy in upstate New York this past Fall is now righted by Gingrich’s superlative message as captured in this speech — I’ll allow Gingrich his Scozzafava-weirdness, so to speak, after reading his latest book (a novel, see link at foot of this post) and hearing this incredible speech Gingrich delivered at Restoration Weekend.

While I understand Gingrich’s political strategy involved in endorsing Scozzafava (win the election with a Liberal as a Republican in a Liberal environment [which I paraphrase here]), and while I disagreed with that strategy (as the public outcry proved me and others right in criticizing this Gingrich strategy, though, of course, the GOP did lose the election which proved Gingrich’s forecast in that regard to be correct, while it lost due nearly completely due to Gingrich’s irregular strategy, which was, the support of Scozzafava as the GOP candidate), if both political parties — and especially the GOP — will get the message that We the People don’t agree with Leftwing political goals nor want Leftwing persons in government, then these dilemmas of “drifting/drifted Left” political candidates won’t be an ongoing issue for most voters. As in George Washington’s heroic years and as witnessed by his remarkable career, We the People continue to want the courage and republic that was so bravely fought for and represented by Washington and his Constitutional peers, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson (among others). Gingrich *gets that* in his speech; it’d be nation-saving if the GOP would also do likewise in all future elections.

Highly recommended by me: Newt Gingrich’s latest book, “To Try Men’s Souls: A Novel of George Washington and the Fight for American Freedom“.

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