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Hey, anyone visiting: I thought I’d resume posting by last week’s end (and wrote as much last week), but, obviously, missed that speculated date. Once I stop writing for any length of time (last break not by laziness but by necessity, hand was injured), it’s difficult to get going again with the posts, though certainly not for lack of something to write about.

I will effort now to meet a this-Wednesday deadline to post again. Hand is better, but twitter is preoccupying time I have available, having formed a twitter-use-habit while limited to few-digit-use typing over the past two weeks.

At least I (finally) managed to view the JERICHO series (both Seasons, 1 and 2) in full, stop to go, without breaks or wait times in between, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for several years now but never had a committed series of days/nights to do so — in that sense, I fulfilled a goal last week, watching that full two-Season Series, start to finish.

About JERICHO, aside from the understandable production shortcuts the Series took (for starters, California filming locations in no way passed believably as Kansas or anywhere else in the Midwest of the U.S.), my chief complaint was the Series’ failure to identify and focus on goodness in what remained of the United States of America after the fictional, nation-wide disaster, except as located in that one town (“Jericho, Kansas”). I realize the story efficiency of such, but, that aspect about the Series — lying, cheating, stealing, overall wretchedly corrupt human beings in position of expected-trust — disappointed me. Leading actors did a great job, though, had me suspending disbelief on many an occasion.

One bit of substantial advice as told me by my father was to always try to bring good out of evil. So I say my prayers that such a scenario as was depicted, fictionally, in JERICHO, will never befall these United States of America. And that I never have to spend a week in bed again. Or both.

It’s a good idea, though, to be informed — and be prepared. Surviving is the big hurdle but surviving the conditions afterward, I suspect, would be equally if not demonstratively as challenging. Hope it never comes to that.

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