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320_MaryAndJesus_byIlianRachov Merriest of Christmas wishes to everyone — it’s been a beautiful day today as it was also yesterday, was a wonderful Christmas Eve last night.

I’ve discovered on my cable line-up after scanning past that station for a number of years, and, so, found wonderful, truly wonderful gospel and Christmas songs being performed there — and videos of a number of live concerts — so this year’s Christmas at my house has been extra endearing with much uplifting music and a big turkey dinner; my only regret this year, that I didn’t have an opportunity to be of service to others (thus, a plan is forming for next year’s Christmas toward that purpose).

Wishing you all the best of the best day we have, which is Christmas Day.

320_JosephAndJesus_byIlianRachovThe two paintings reproduced here (to which I have added my own captions) are by painter, Ilian Rachov.

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