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White House Now Responding to Individual Krauthammer Columns

Dot-Red From blog, Verum Serum, read it all: the allegations and assumptions passed off as smart by the Obama White House — in their attempts to ridicule and dismiss columnist Charles Krauthammer’s opinions about the Obama Healthcare “monstrosity” — are so easily identified as ridiculous by Verum Serum, it calls (again) to question just who it is, exactly, is in the White House.

Dot-Red This post of mine referring readers to the post by Verum Serum, and in doing so, on to the blatantly absurd statements from the White House about Krauthammer’s columns (which absurd statements from the White House Verum Serum easily and clearly identifies), is being included in Category “Strange or Stupid” because I had until recently high expectations for the intellectual credibility of information being published on the White House blog site (linked in the discussion by Verum Serum). That is, until the Obama Administration overtook the writing of the material published there.

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Read Charles Krauthammer’s columns. Barack Obama (and staff/helpers/associates) are intellectual midgets compared to Krauthammer, or, they’re just downright snarly, lying bullies — either way, they lose.

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