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350wde_AxelrodRebrandingIn the latest performance of rebranding — what’s not working (or selling, otherwise) — POLITICO gets a do-over second-act by Theatre of the Marketing Czar, David Axelrod and has taken the stage.

POLITICO, that source of Leftwing message du jour, is delivering it’s lines like a dramatic Blue Hair awaiting a touchup: “halp, target me, target me, fer the love of the Left, do me now!

Anyone who has so much as accessed the website, POLITICO, over the past few years is well aware that they cannot identify a Leftwing handicap unless it’s part of a Democrat strategy to appeal for pity. Their delivery is to service the meme, however slyly, with utter imbalance tipped toward the perception that the Right — or anyone to the Center — is the villain soon to pounce or already pounced upon the hapless Blue Hair, waiting.

It’s the dramatic territory of the villain: play victim, oh woe, “it’s them, it’s them!” And so the audience looks in the direction of the point and fails to note the badness there before them.

So today’s news that POLITICO has somehow gone under the poo-launcher of the Obama White House (read that, David Axelrod rebranding under threat upon one’s reputation) is hardly plausible. More than likely, POLITICO (meaning, Axelrod, et al.) has started to get the message that their performance has been noted by a growing audience as not such a good one and Axelrod’s still in need of increased applause; thus, play the role, POLITICO, be the Blue Beard, or else.

Axelrod’s slipping backstage. The frisson already happened. Over a year ago.

Footnote: above graphic by Author-Unknown.

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