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Sending Hillary Clinton — an avowed Marxist — to speak in Berlin today (the Democrats sent her, the United States of America did not) — was one of those fingers-in-the-eyes moments that history will soon be (1.) appalled by and (2.) laughing about…if history remains as do the rest of us in decades to come.

But I doubt there was any permission issued for Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Berlin earlier today, I assume it was another one of Hillary Clinton’s insistences upon others – in this case, the world — of herself and her Marxist/Communist demands: “don’t cry for me, Berlin.”

The message, embedded, however: “…cry for yourselves.” Followed by, cheers and lauds, here’s a pre-recorded tape of another Communist.

Directly screeched was Hillary Clinton’s cryptic memorial to conquering Capitalism and the Republic: “freedom is ours, and we take it with our own hands!

In other words, “workers of the world, unite,” to further embrace the ghosts of Lenin and Karl Marx, as Hillary Clinton tries her best to be the PTA World President of Marxists-in-Cloaks: underneath the poised and prepared speeches, the cloak removed, Communism stands there, claiming supremacy. Worse, claiming righteousness. Lenin engaged in this, Hillary Clinton embraces, “studies” and rallies this, and Barack Obama certainly does “surround himself” with such, and thus, is defined by such whether he’s man enough to admit who he is or not (so far, he claims he isn’t a Communist while he “surrounds himself” with Communists, Marxists and organizations so affiliated or directly associated, while advising others to define him by who he “surrounds himself with,” so, O.K., judging him, he’s a Communist).

I hope that individuals — in Berlin, in the rest of the world — can reasonably remember that Communists built the wall to forcefully contain populations, and, among other despicable acts, took the lives of countless millions the world over, brutally, awfully (and continue to do so), by force, coercion and oftentimes by intentional neglect: Mao and Stalin starved millions of human beings with nary so much as a pre-recorded tape to issue them off to the hereafter. Their chief method is to remain embedded as long as possible and then to strike by force in use of government, against the existing government. How many more times does the world need to learn this same lesson, that, Communism — in all it’s various permutations and adaptations (Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Socialism, Communism) — is not a goodly-intended philosophy nor a method by which government can be relied upon to act reasonably in and about the lives of individuals, with the exception of the “party” or “rulers” who the rest of us recognize as dictators or part of a dictatorship, as Hillary Clinton and Obama are so entwined in their love-hate competitive relationship toward similar goals: Marxism, Communism, the destruction of Capitalism and the United States of America as a Republic defined by our existing Constitution.

But sending the avowed Marxist, Hillary Clinton, to shuttle-in the pre-recorded video of the avowed and quite embittered, sneaky self-avowed Communist, Barack Obama, was more than the finger-in-the-eye moment in Germany as to Communism (Marxism included), it was a taking of the glory for Communism: Communists (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama) glowering live and in video, about “the beacon” “to the rest of the world” that they’re laying claim to the “change” that occurred in Berlin so many years ago. These were Communists — Hillary and Obama — beating their chests and again lying about how important they assume their chests are in comparison with others.

I don’t know if it was noticeable the world over or was limited to some local event, but the pre-recorded tape of Barack Obama “speaking” was delivered with a double-acoustic soundtrack: that ghost-in-the-man, possession-apparent “two voices” thing, one overlapping the other, reciting the same message in double-voice-speak, slightly out of sync so that both voices are clearly noticeable.


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