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Barack Obama never understood — and apparently cannot understand — that he’s taken an Oath of Office for the Presidency of the United States of America. He hasn’t been inaugurated as President of the Solar System, of Indonesia or of the Planet Toofargonetothink. It seems Barack Obama doesn’t know that, he’s confused just what “America” means or where he is, certainly where the United States of America is.

By way of Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama told CNN yesterday, “I’ve restored America’s standing in the world… History will bear me out, or not.”

Here’s the video of the Arrogant One with CNN (see Gateway Pundit to view).

The Swamp posted the transcript from Obama’s CNN interview:

At the close of the president’s current foreign trip, which will take him from China to South Korea, he will have visited 20 nations, CNN’s Henry noted, the most of any president during his first year.

“No. 1, I think that we’ve restored America’s standing in the world,” Obama said, citing polls about public confidence in the United States around the world (continued…)

Dot-Red From me, there is this:

Barack Obama has not “restored America”. His sad delusions and grandiosity aside in the opposite of that (claiming he’s “restored America’s standing in the world”), are cause of serious concern about his mind, how it functions, if it functions adequately well, where, specifically and with what and whom his loyalties lie because his idea of “restoration” appears the opposite of what it means to build, protect and defend a strong United States of America — thus, I question his mind, the functions he has, how they function, and where his political loyalties lie. There’s a lot of room there based upon observable concerns to question just what his operational state actually is.

Because, THIS IS what Barack Obama has done:

— maligned and blasphemied standards, values, beliefs, principles, the U.S. economy, people’s ability to earn their independent way in this world entirely;

— pompously paraded a giant ego that is not based in reality but is entirely offensive to just about anyone with a degree of self-respect — the bow in Japan was even embarrassing if not offensive to the Japanese as it was nonsensical to the rest of the world for any reason except for Obama to perform as a Worm to offend everyone who viewed that dreadful, ridiculous bow of his; when he’s not offending customs and cultures and individuals in other nations (that includes the U.S.A., apparently), he’s making declarations that are utterly contrary to reality (more about that to follow)…

— he’s ignored and threatened the U.S. military (that appearance he made at Fort Hood was for a few minutes in the military hospital and he wouldn’t allow himself to be touched by anyone, standing a distance away from the victims of the Fort Hood murderous shooting spree and refusing handshakes, then he left);

— he’s stolen billions of dollars (with a big ole’ smile) from the United States taxpayers (and their debtors) and redirected that money to persons unknown (though most of us can well imagine where it’s gone, to Obama-handlers such as SEIU, ACORN and a number of racially-defined persons and organizations);

— he’s lied to, cheated upon, embarrassed the U.S.A. and holds this nation in contempt (witness his ongoing denials of pledging fidelity to the U.S. flag when our national anthem is performed, but he shows up in China and Russia and pledges hand to heart when their national anthems are played);

— he’s denigrating the very credibility of our nation’s military, defenses and credibility as to terrorism, especially as to Muslim terrorism, of which, so far 99.99% of terrorism globally of the last decade has been by Muslims but we can’t call them terrorists, as per Obama’s mental contrariness if not unreliability);

— and then there’s this list that follows below that enunciates all the rest (all of which I agree with) as to failures by Obama at “restoring” ANYthing decent, good, respectable or admirable about “America”. In fact, Obama’s only talent, as he’s proven, is that he destructs just about everything except his martini schedule.

In whatever the state of Barack Obama’s mind is, it seems “to restore” means to destruct and destroy, as in, “do away with, ruin, eliminate” and whatever he conjures up as to any definition of “America” is likely the utter opposite of anything good, decent, credible, honorable and acceptable to the actual people who live here.


Dot-Red From Conservative Oasis:

In the last few days, I have asked people to come up with and communicate to me the worst that Obama has done since he took office. It is a very disturbing list to read. In fact, at least as disturbing as I had feared, and it is going to continue to get worse.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the things on the list- some serious, some are more “eye-rollers” than anything else.

* Diplomatic overtures to Iran and the rest of the world, cruising the Capitol’s of the world on bended knee and with bended waist, apologizing for our past transgressions.
* The stimulus- It’s a “must do” item, you know, and must be passed post-haste. Then he took three days to sign it (after a quick vacation) and to this point only a fraction of it has been spent.
* Repealing DOMA
* Repealing the executive order banning the use of US dollars to aid other countries with abortion programs.
* Sonya Sotomayor, SCOTUS… you get it.
* Hey- He can kill Pirates. Woo Hoo!
* Attacking media elements which spend their time pointing out his shortcomings…
* Stating the Cambridge Police acted “stupidly”, then asking us not to “jump to conclusions” after that ass Hasan kills 12, screaming “Allahu Akbar!”
* Pass the stimulus IMMEDIATELY so we can keep the unemployment rate under 8%. Wait, it’s at 10.2%? Shhh!!! Don’t tell everyone it really is at about 16%, if you consider those who have stopped claiming benefits or looking for jobs…
* Olympics for Chicago? “D’OH!”
* Fire a General, hire a General (McChrystal), then ignore the General for months. Then, rush to talk to him on the tarmac for 30 minutes. Then, ignore his recommendation, and stall support for US troops in Afghanistan. Wow. “Mr. Decisive”, do you need a teleprompter to tell you what the answer is? Glad he doesn’t have MY life in his hands… wait… maybe he does… health care…
* Attempting to Pass a takeover of 1/6th of the US economy with a trillion dollar (that’s just to get started) socialist, redistribute-the-wealth-and-prop-up-the-unions health care plan…
* “No earmarks”… oh really? How about a stimulus littered with them?
* “Five days for the public to read/review a bill” Really?
* How many Czar’s? Are those Czar’s a broadening of presidential power, strictly prohibited without congressional oversight and approval?
* How many tax cheats were asked to join his cabinet? Does he know what the word “vetted” means?
* Appointed the biggest tax cheat to the Fed, with the name “Geithner”…
* Promise to close GITMO without having first done the homework on what it would entail.
* Bringing terrorists to New York (or other parts of the US) for trial, offering “habeus corpus”.
* Buckled on Eastern Europe Missile defense, which was directed at Iran. Russia didn’t blink. Barry did.
* Didn’t he promise ‘no lobbyists in cabinet positions’? Hmmm.
* Promising a healing of partisan rifts, but then exacerbates them by talking like a flippant child in an adult body, much like the Maddow’s and Olberman’s of the world, when he thinks most or all of the cameras are ‘off’.
* Appointing Eric Holder, who, among his many mistakes, called the U.S. “essentially a nation of cowards.”
* Van Jones- nuff said.
* Picking Joe Biden
* Slapping England in the face by sending back Winston Churchill bust back.
* iPod for the Queen, as a gift… reeeeealllllly…?
* After Brown presented Obama with a pen holder crafted from the timbers of the 19th century British warship HMS President (whose sister ship, HMS Resolute, provided the wood for the Oval Office’s desk), Obama offered up … 25 DVDs of American movie classics.
* Promised that health care reform would be discussed and debated on Cspan- but everything has been mostly behind closed doors.
* Silence or impotence regarding political/social unrest in other countries.
* Repealing ban on embryonic stem cell research.
* Reversal of offshore drilling and Utaj oil exploration.
* Promised a tax cut for 95% of the American people… Oh yeah, that increase in health care premiums that is coming if health care reform passes, and the cost of energy going up under cap and trade? Well, we don’t ‘call’ that a tax…
* In the future- Cap and Trade, Card Check, Health Care reform, etc…

And that’s just 10 months…

Dot-Red A fool and reality don’t mix: Obama’s the fool and reality is what it is, not what the fool declares he foolishly thinks it is:

Dot-Red “Obama’s Ratings Dive Bomb……Down -14 and sinking like a stone”





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