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But this is Leftwing political farce. Bestowing a Nobel Peace Prize (or any Nobel Prize) upon a recipient under one context for obvious subtextual reasons — a Peace Prize to Barack Obama for no accomplishments in that regard, while an actual Political Prize to encourage political behaviors and goals (which, even those, remain clouded — is the Farce. It’s Leftwing Farce that feigns at being that which it is obviously not to anyone except those engaged in the Farce.

Politically, then, this is Political Farce by a group of persons that characterizes them — and their prizes, and their recipients, including Barack Obama — as so much over-plumage as to be the giant hat, worn to a sporting event (or other event nonsensical in relationship with some overdone appearance — diamonds to a yard sale, high heels, leather and driving a motorcylce into a court proceeding, wearing one’s pet python around one’s naked body to the birth of one’s child, etc.) and means nothing except as a poor-to-ridiculous statement about he or she wearing such a hat to such an event. Everyone else just wonders “why” or points at the hat and it’s wearer and easily recognizes the foolish or irrational in both.

So we have a Prize by a Nobel Committee awarded to a man — Barack Obama — based upon a nomination that shall remain unrevealed for the next fifty years (can’t expose the nature of the Farce — it’s pitiful what’s being protected here and to what extent) to a man who was in the Office of the President of the United States of America for all of eleven days before his nomination for such a Farce Prize. Nominations for the Nobel Prizes were completed by January 12, 2009 and Obama was sworn into the Office on January 3, 2009. Additionally, nominees for Nobel Prizes were notified by January 20, 2009 of their nominations.

That means that Barack Obama was nominated not only any accomplishments or reasons relative to the U.S. Presidency — though as the current U.S. President he’s been awarded such Prize on this date (October 2009), making it even more Farcicle: a man who has accomplished nothing as to the “Peace” nature of this award, either in Office now or before he landed there.

So the Prize is Farce, the Committee’s engaged in some measure of obvious Political Farce by way of puffing up an award to bestow meaninglessly on a man with meaningless relativity to the award itself, and they’re attempting to do so seriously, like wearing a gaint hat to a sports event while attempting to be taken seriously. No one does take them seriously except among those engaged in supporting such Farce. The rest of the world gets it (clearly) that it is Farce and the Nobel Committee is engaged in Farce.

But let’s look at what Barack Obama “accomplished” to try to indulge the Farce Crowd a bit, let’s take a closer look at that giant hat and try not to laugh at them for their attempts to maintain a serious appearance: Obama’s most highly publicized heads-up moment was his notorious speech delivered in Cairo, Egypt after assuming the U.S. Presidency, in which he decidedly undermined any presence or process of “peace” anywhere but, rather, acknowledged and even attempted to excuse non-peaceful methodology the world over: he justified terrorism and indulged terroristic behavior based upon his desire (“feelings”) that terorrists are misunderstood (more indulgence of “feelings”) and should be allowed to opine at will (“terrorists have feelings, too, so let’s allow them to terrorize because it’s them expressing themselves and the only problem is people objecting to being terrorized“).

I of course paraphrase Obama’s Cairo speech but as I have paraphrased his speech, so that is the essence of Obama’s hoist upon the world’s stage, as it is also, then, his betrayal of U.S. military security, policy, goals and those of our Allies: Obama’s declared intent to indulge a dark, covert process in our world today because he “empathizes” with “feelings” that otherwise seek the destruction of many of us the world over and the only issue he criticises are those in the world who object to terrorism, fight against terrorism and worse, those who do are deemed to be the problem (it’s “negative stereotyping” to even discuss who the terrorists are and what they’re doing, so he says along those lines).

That’s not “peace” that’s insanity. So, O.K., I just called Barack Obama’s Cairo speech insane. Because it was. And it represents an insane as also a corrupt absence of responsibility by anyone in any office anywhere except, say, King of the Terrorists.

I have a difficult time accepting that a Committee in Norway or anywhere else would take itself seriously and so misrepresent to the world what “peace” actually is. It’s not standing aside in observance while wrongs are done that threaten human life, or, worse, take human life. Obama may be entertaining in Norway and Cairo and San Francisco and Manhattan and similar places, but he’s been awarded the Antithesis of Peace Award: it’s Farce.

This insertion by a foreign group into the U.S. Presidency — flattery is always an effective means to encourage others to drop many reservations or formalities, for starters — also represents a potential for undue influence to be waged upon a U.S. President, as also Barack Obama’s already-announced acceptance of such influence.

If Barack Obama had any moral core, the man would decline this Nobel Peace Prize (to the contrary, Obama already accepted it).

At least decline such a Prize — deserved or not — until after he’s departed the Presidency in January 2013. The U.S. Constitution denies any President (and V.P.) from accepting such gratuities and certainly from accepting as personal property, while in office, such gratuities (Obama says he’ll “donate [the prize] money to an unnamed charity”).

It’s not any President’s (that includes Obama at present) ability to even accept as personal property such money, so it’s not his to donate or redirect. So much for the Constitution Obama took an oath to protect and defend, that same document he credits himself as being an “expert” about: apparently, that’s Farce, too.


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