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150wde_Obama-Propaganda-Logo-2“…Obama is sent by God.” So says singer, songwriter, bass-guitar player, “Sting”. He confesses that, while he does not believe in God, he thinks Barack Obama is “sent by God” at this special time of our world’s suffering to — uhhh, bass-guitar riff here, hips swinging forward and backward, lips pouted forth — to, uhh (repeat the riff here ) — to, well, wouldn’t you think this was “sent by God” if your belief in yourself and world-celebrity hinged upon the theme, too?

Well, I wouldn’t, most I know wouldn’t, either, but in the case of a “world celebrity” who “doesn’t believe in God,” and who perceives all of us non-world-celebrities as mired in impossible chaos (we aren’t among the world-celebrities), then, Barack Obama’s artificiality and merging with world-celebrity (since fallen like a rock, which is reality setting in, world-wide) indicates one from among the millions having been popped up just enough to peek into the special ether that is Sting. Someone entered the realm, they must, then, be sent by God, even if there is no God — bass riff here, with intensity.

After all, Sting adds, the world — that’s us who do not dwell in the suspended realm of Sting’s super-terrestrial celebrity — the world is “medieval” and he thinks we should “merge” and abandon our human and insipid ways. That means don’t crowd the band and don’t you dare even think about coming ’round the house, not unless, of course, you have that special invitation first that advises the special-people-handlers who you’ll encounter along the path to allow you past the barricades, but only for an hour or until the band leaves the big room.

210_ObamaPresssureDropSo, of course, this ether-hugging, twilight-dwelling, vapor-laden world-celebrity concludes that, when another “entity” manages to peek into the realm, that, then, they must be Divine or sent by the Divinity even if it doesn’t exist.

In fact, if God does not exist, then, this special, new addition to the world-celebrity means he’s even more super-celebrity! He’s sent by God, God doesn’t exist, it’s, like, it’s like a new riff! A really new riff!

After all, this world-celebrity, it’s the place of the Divine-that-isn’t-Divine because world-celebrity exists instead, so, bass-guitar riff here, hips again, back and forth, lips pouting,King of Pain!

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