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I relocated the blog contents from this site’s sub-directory (“” — /BIRD is that sub-directory) to the parent or home directory: all site contents now republishing under (so long to BIRD). BIRD-grey-fromleft

Reasons why, as to this change, are both technical and literary:

(1.) site statistics have continued by majority to read-off the home directory or domain name ( while ignoring the 99.9% of traffic and relationship with the site contents as located on the sub-directory; and

(2.) misperception by some as to the blog contents title (“BIRD”) IN the sub-directory of ““.

About reason (2.), the title, “BIRD,” is NOT in reference to any hand-gesture or sign of disdain (some persons misperceive the title to reference a gesture); the title IS (or now, was) in reference to a favored pet-name as also various methods of flight (flying, as, in-the-air, traveling by flight through an atmosphere). Sometimes a bird is just a bird, it’s not a hand-sign, and in my use of the word on this site, it’s been in reference to a bird as a bird and not as a hand-gesture. Unfortunately, some people are stuck in the graffiti-and-hand-sign realm without expanded imaginations.

All of this considered, thus, this site’s content is now to be found from the home page jumping-off location:

Everything and anything that has been published up to this date still exists on the sub-directory (, but all is now being permanently redirected to the home directory ( — so if you’re landing on the sub-directory (“/BIRD”), you’ll be redirected to land on the home page instead at

EXCEPT FOR the image files, unfortunately.: what’s resulted is that all the image files uploaded to the subdirectory (…/BIRD) are not republishing in the home directory due to hard-written linkage from previous to current publishing locations, so I’ll now be going about modifying each and every published entry — all six+ years of them — by hand to include all my image files in the newly-publishing home directory at .

However, if anyone reading this can suggest any other, less laborious, method of resolving this image-file-includes issue that has resulted from this recent publishing update (a solution other than individual post edits with freshly-newly-uploaded image files included to those relocated/redirected posts), please advise.

Modifying these links-per-each-post is a huge task — one I am beginning but if there’s a more efficient method to accomplish this that any reader is aware of, please let me know.

Please update any links you may have to my site and/or files, if and as you can.

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