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From the look of things, it’s a very good trailer for a very watchable, interesting film. I make no political nor social commentary here — don’t know more about this film (“EDGE OF DARKNESS“) than what I see in this (very good) trailer and have read in internet discussions during it’s development and production — but it looks like lead actor, Mel Gibson, can again carry a feature very well. Ray Winstone in the supporting role looks to be very well done, too — he’s either reliable for a mesmerizing performance or, if not, I question a film’s director and/or script. Winstone replaced walk-off-the-set actor Robert De Niro early in EDGE OF DARKNESS production, and, from the look of this trailer, the finished film was served well by that De Niro walk-off and Winstone’s replacement of De Niro. The idea of De Niro opposite Gibson (or vice-versa) isn’t appealing, in all due respect to both or either of them: I wonder who would overbear the other and how — it’s not an interesting idea to consider.

Ray Winstone adds just enough vinegar and threatening potential for harm in his performances to compliment the same aspects underlying most of Gibson’s performances. With this Gibson-opposite-Winstone pairing of performances, we’re set up to wonder which one’s going to snag the other: the very difficult context in films that talent uses to make for very good entertainment, comedy or drama, regardless, a pivotal, story-advancing aspect upon which all great movies rely, and which requires an excellent script to move a film toward mesmerizing (what I’d deem “watchable,” generally, certainly “entertaining”).

Directed by Martin Campbell, screenplay by William Monahan and Andrew Bovell, this is one film that will be difficult not to be extremely captivating for us viewers.

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